Tuesday, 30 August 2016

New Blog Ready

My daughter has finished helping me create a new blog.  Thanks very much for all your time Andrea, you have repaid a small amount of the love and affection I have showered on you for the last 22 years.  It is available to view you can find it by searching google by entering ilovemcfc blog.  It will be the second result.  There are four posts on, which are test posts and will be deleted once we're up and running.  Anyone can comment on any post, however to create a new one, you need the admin password, which I will give everyone when needed.  I or rather my daughter has left it quite open for posting at present because I'm only anticipating those users of this blog to use it.  It is in no way is intended to compete with KK and is really to allow those of us who have got used to coming on here and airing our views every few days to continue to do so.   I'd be grateful if you'd all take a look and familiarise yourselves with posting comments on the posts that are on there.  If and when anyone wants to post their own post, I will let you have the password.  The only drawback is that as the blog is free, we are limited with what we can do.  You can't post video clips for example and there may be the odd advert popping up and one user name and password is all we get so everyone in effect who wants to post becomes admin.  Let's see how we go and if we get invaded by United fans posting nasty comments, I can tighten security, but for now, I just want to make it easy for everyone.

It's not coming up on google, so for the time being here's the homepage url


Tony P

Sunday, 28 August 2016

City 3 West Ham 1

Arguably the best performance under Pep to date.  Had we taken the chances we had, their goal would have been irrelevant.  I can't say that I can see what Caballero brings to the table that Hart doesn't and I think Hart would have got much closer to the cross that led to their goal, at least punching out, whereas Willie was in no man's land.  MotD were unusually unbiased tonight, the commentator gushing over our performance and the pundits in agreement that the Aguero incident deserved a yellow, but no more.  I'm trying to put together a blog myself for the few of us who regularly use this one to post on, but am having to wait until my daughter has the time as she has set up several blogs for her job.  I'll keep everyone informed when it's up and running.  That is assuming anyone's left to read this post.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Stoke 1 CITY 4

A much better performance particularly the first half where we dominated. Had the referee not decided to give them a joke penalty (to make up for the one he missed in the first half?) it may not have been so nerve racking in the second half. Their goal coming so quickly galvanised them, but fair do's we defended OK and rarely looked in danger. Can anyone explain why, when I think it was Silva was bundled off the ball, he was not only not given the free kick but was also booked?  Great play again from Sterling, although he wasn't as busy in the second half.  Stones looked immense, let's hope he can keep it up.  Aguero seems to be doing little, yet still scores twice.  Regarding Joe Hart, I was told today by a City fan I know that Hart is going nowhere and was actually told by Guardiola that he will rotate the keepers this year and that he (Hart) wouldn't be playing for the first five games to allow him to work on one or two weaknesses that Pep has spotted and to let Joe get to peak fitness.  Could be rubbish, but then so could all the stories them press have written  

Sunday, 24 July 2016


Catching up, it was a 1-0 loss in Munich. Young team, pressed well, but Willy made 3 great saves to keep it at 0-0. Not much penetration from the Blues. Senior players came on in the second half which we dominated, but went behind to a fluke deflected goal.
Season card pack arrived on Friday, and quite impressive to those of us who like that sort of thing. We’re now all Cityzens, except on page 39 of the Ultimate City Squad we become just ordinary Citizens again, for one page.
Watched ‘Grimsby’ on DVD (£10 from Tescos) to relieve the summer boredom. Hilarious if a bit crude, Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius. There’s one bit in it where there are riot police outside the pub and he tells his young mob they’re manchester united fans, go get ‘em. Classic. Rags tomorrow, hope we convert some Chinese fans to our cause.
KK234 coming along nicely, 34 pages so far, deadline is tomorrow.


Saturday, 16 July 2016


Euros are over and Portugal, who finished 3rd in their group won it. Fergie, you just can’t get rid of him, was on hand to congratulate Ronaldo and Nani, wonder what he said to Evra and Martial?
Last week the manumirror had united’s £100M bid for Pogba as a statement of intent. Surely it should’ve been a double page spread on how they’re continuing to ruin football. Andy Dunn said that Mourinho wouldn’t be signing the likes of Falcau. Funny that as it was Maureen who signed him for Chelsea from the rags.
So it looks like there’ll be no let up this season.
Another blank Saturday today whilst everyone else are playing friendlies, so we’ll be a bit rusty for the Bayern friendly on Wednesday. No news of a GMex do this year and nothing planned for the 30th July. Boring


Saturday, 9 July 2016


Just a little catch up. We had a few days down in S Wales and enjoyed watching Wales beat Belgium, but disappointing for Kevin.
Ramsay was a big loss for them against Portugal and they finally succumbed. On reflection I think that the MP who reckons that England should have our own anthem, GSTQueen being for Great Britain has a point. Scotland and Wales have stirring songs and so should we, but Billy Connolly’s suggestion of the theme from The Archers is going a bit far.
Watched Pep’s news conference yesterday, but to be honest it was a bit underwhelming, with long pauses. Who was that prick who welcomed him to Manchester Unit sorry City?
KK234 is coming along nicely, and the final deadline is Monday July 25th, ish.
Sunderland home is now at 5.30pm, the worst possible time, doh.
France v Portugal in the final, C’mon France with Sagna and maybe Mangala.
Barthez had a pop at Joe, remember The Goat's goal in the last Maine Road derby, beat him at the near post. Banks (Ex Stoke) also had a pop, thinks Butlan (Stoke) is a better keeper, remember his gift to Germany, was it? I think he might be right but let's see.


Monday, 27 June 2016

Joke week

Got a bit of catching up to do. England beat Wales. Early chance for Raheem, too early would’ve been the verdict on any other player. Dreadful foul by Rooney for the free kick, not mentioned. Joe beaten yet again down to his left. How many times have we seen that?
Went to see Graham Nash’s exhibition at the Salford museum. It was also the Salford photo exhibition, but none of my old school – Salford Tech High.
So we had a pleasant morning until we arrived back at the car to find a bloody parking ticket. We’d missed the signs due to coaches being parked in front of them (we’ve never had to pay there before) and there were no reminders of ‘have you paid and dIsplayed’? So that completes the Salford Crescent fuck up.
England went out to Iceland tonight, Raheem getting the pen, Joe not getting down to his left again. I hate to say it but Rashford when he came on did at least go past players.
We’re a joke. Not to mention Boris and Farage.
Unbelievable and depressing week.


Tuesday, 14 June 2016


What’s been going on? Attended the Former Players ‘do,’ organised to recognise Denis Law and Franny Lee being honoured with CBE ‘s and Steph Haughton's MBE which followed Alex Williams MBE. Fred said that  Steph couldn't attend as she had to stay at home to do the ironing. C'mon guys, it was virtually an all male do, see the funny side.
Buzzer said that Franny rang him up and said “I’ve got the CBE” Mike replied saying “I’m the Ambassador to Sheikh Mansour of Abu Dhabi. Fuck Off!!”
Fred Eyre announced that next year’s ‘do’ had already been organised and it would not be on a Thursday so that United ex players could attend. Comedian Mick Miller told us that his wife fancied being on the Jeremy Kyle show, so he told her he’d just shagged her sister so they could go on the show!
I got Franny to autograph my Bolton v City programme from 1960 when he made his debut for Bolton, at 16, and Denis autographed my Luton v City programme from 1961 when he scored 6 goals that didn’t count in the end. He also signed the Charlton v Huddersfield programme from 1956, a game in which he is named in the programme but missed the game through injury. Charlton, 5-1 down with ten men and twenty minutes to go won that game 7-6. Incredible.
It was a lucky night for brother Frank who won a pair of cuff links, and I won 4 tickets for a Lancashire cricket match of my choice, in the raffle.

Had a letter printed in the MEN re Maureen joining in with United’s legendary selective memory syndrome, which was responded to by some pillock called Jim Dunn who confirmed ULSMS by failing to mention that City were in the Chimps League and not United. In fairness they did print my response, but edited bits out.
Sue and I met up with Vicky Kloss at the media centre to discuss the anti-City bias, more of that later.

Then it was AC/DC at the Etihad with Ellie, my 15 year old granddaughter. Parked up in Funboy’s parking spot opposite the East stand car park and strolled across to entrance C and up to our level 2 seats. Brilliant gig, I wrote to the MEN postbag and they printed it in today’s edition. No quick getaway after the gig though as some prick decided to close the road onto Alan Turing Way and we had to drive all round the houses to get back to Ashton New Road.
On the same night Sue and Marnie went to see Gary James’ film at the Dancehouse. Maybe they’ll do a write up on it!

As for the Euros. Marseille has a reputation and any England and City fans who’ve been to Russia know what they’re like. I’ve always said that Football hooliganism should be treated like nuclear disarmament ie we’ll sort ours  out if you sort yours. We’ve pretty well done our bit but the Ruskies haven’t. So you get an imbalance. Russian Ultras v our nice supporters. Not quite as simple as that but you get my drift. As for the segregation in the ground, no further comment required. World Cup in Russia? Farcical. England were unlucky to draw the game and Raheem didn’t do himself any favours. I thought David Silva was back to his best for Spain.
So England v Wales up next. Welsh fans usually scrap between themselves, Swansea and Cardiff plus the Russians will be hovering so let’s see if lessons have been learnt. Any bets?

Thursday, 9 June 2016


I'm getting excited now, as it's nearly time for AC/DC at The Etihad. I'll be parking up at Funboy's flat opposite the East stand, I knew he'd come in handy one day.
Like I've said I hope Axl Rose is on time and I don't mind if he does a couple of G and R numbers - I've just come down to Manchester City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...also it would be nice if the boys do 'Friday on my Mind' as a tribute to Malcolm.
So, we've got tickets near to our usual spot in the East stand level 2, and I'm taking my 15 year old grandaughter, Ellie, so looking forward to it immensely.

Thursday, 2 June 2016


England beat Australia at The SOL. Raheem laid on two then was booed off.
It’s all been, Mourinho this week, apart from Rooney and Rashford, plus even the ads have got Cantona doing em, though I have to admit that I quite like em.
Got my letter printed in the MEN re Mourinho falling into the legendary manu selective memory syndrome so was quite pleased about that.
Sadly Real beat Atletico on pens Ronaldo notching the final one then going into preen mode. In the play offs Hull beat Wednesday, so 3 Northern clubs up this year, and well done to Barnsley and AFC Wimbledon with their promotions.
England v Portugal tonight but I’m off to the pub to have another go on the karaoke at Disturbed’s Sound of Silence, powerful stuff.
Looks like mid July deadline for KK234, but I will confirm after the fixtures come out on June 15th. So far we’ve got HWIFY, Class of 15/16, and City world part one in the can, so a promising start.
Vicky Kloss is supposed to be meeting up with me by the end of the week to have an informal chat about the anti City bias in the media and how the club view it and what KOTK can continue to due to combat.
Date, time, and place still awaited. I'm free. Any questions let me know please.


Friday, 27 May 2016


Brian Reade in the Lpool/manumirror reckons that Pep only came to City for the Sheikh’s petro dollars. Couldn’t have had anything to do with it being too easy in Germany to win things with Bayern creaming off all the best players plus there was the pull of his buddies Soriano and Begristain? Can we have some sensible journalism instead of this scouse mafia type crap?
Mourinho is now the greatest manager in the world, so why didn’t the rags appoint him 3 years ago? Still waiting to read an article which tells us why.


Monday, 23 May 2016

Points of Blue

Points of Blue, 17th May, 2016, Lass o’ Gowrie.

Acknowledgement but no response from club to previous minutes (22nd March 2016)

Points of Blue

Following the report of the government’s Expert Working Group on Football Supporter Ownership and Engagement, is the recommendation on supporter liaison precisely the role Points of Blue was fulfilling, viz. “meeting a representative group of supporters at least twice a year to discuss strategic / major issues”?  City led the way on this but other clubs now have better liaison (Liverpool and Chelsea were cited as examples). Online surveys / forums (City Voice) are not adequate alternatives.

“The Leagues will recommend that this representative group of supporters includes the club's Supporters Trust. The Leagues will advise clubs that no individuals should be excluded from the meetings without good reason, and, if attendances at these meetings is restricted to a small group of supporters – which is the preference of SD / FSF – a significant proportion of this representative group of supporters should be elected, selected or invited to these meetings in line with basic democratic principles.

“The Group recognises that there is not a 'one size fits all' approach to either clubs or Leagues and that the fans’ appetite for specific information, and to discuss specific issues will vary from club to club. Whilst SD and FSF believe these meetings would be most productive with a tighter, democratically elected representative group of supporters with an interest in strategic and governance issues, the PL and FL support clubs having the flexibility to invite a broad and open group of supporters.

“Senior representatives from the clubs - either club owners, directors and/or senior executive management - should represent the club at these meetings.”

Ticketing issues

Ticket office: general appreciation of improvements but some self-inflicted wounds (one technical, one policy, one a mistake): For Real Madrid at home the site crashing; offering seasoncard holders extra seats for Real Madrid home leg was silly (and those on Cup Scheme didn’t know); mistakenly offering a starting point of 10,000 points for Swansea away should have been picked up. 

Seasoncard renewal: some uncertainty among continuous direct debit users as to whether renewal was automatic – wording of information may need greater clarity, and more speedy confirmation of auto-renewal would assist.

Away ticket supply.  This has been a source of discontent, especially with the small allocation at Bournemouth. Fears that tickets to “partners” /”sponsors” may go straight to touts – do players return unwanted allocations? Official travel partners seem to offer tickets at an immediate mark-up. Supporters club allocations still an issue, especially if branches are getting tickets but have not been holding meetings.

Ticket pricing.  It was felt the PSG home leg prices were too high, and the club got lucky with the first leg result.

Away fans pricing. The Etihad has not been cheap for away fans (one of the dearest), so £30 maximum next season will help fill away end. At the Etihad and elsewhere, would home fans try to buy in away sections to save money? Will concessions still be available? (Swansea away was £45 but half price for concessions.)


External catering wagons.  Are safety concerns in wet/windy conditions really a problem when they haven’t been before?

93:20 and other corporate sections. Empty seats even at the derby. Were we right about the expected take-up?

Wider issues:

Real Madrid away.  Has the club taken up with UEFA on fans’ behalf the behaviour of Spanish police?

Club for long-time supporters: has that idea died?

Last home match: not much to celebrate with CL qualification uncertain, not even the League Cup on display, youth teams no-one really wanted to see – no wonder the ground emptied before the team and manager finally re-appeared.

Public relations: assumed that the club’s policy is not to respond to opinion pieces but seek retractions for untruths. This may not be enough for hostile journalists like Mark Ogden. If it was thought that banning people would only increase the hostility, the hostility seems unabated anyway, so why not ban individuals “pour encourager les autres”?


I see de Gea’s bellyflop won save of the season. Fix. Joe’s at West Ham was miles better. At least he didn’t get the Golden glove thanks to Bournemouth’s late goal.
The rag farce continued at the swamp further to the bomb scare. Utter bollocks. Ground half full, 74,000 posted.
On the Tuesday night a few of us met at The Lass O’ Gowrie in town for a POB meeting. Minutes will be on the blog. The lack of response from the club is becoming alarming and insulting.
Wednesday it was the formality of Liverpool beating Sevilla in the Europa Cup Final, to gain entry to the Chimps league, and Milner, in particular being justified for leaving City plus Sterling being vilified for joining City, as even though he won the Capital One Cup he could have won the Europa league.
Ooops as it happens Yankeedoodledandydollarrich Liverpool failed to beat the team that City beat twice. Imagine if that had been the other way round, what would the likes of David Maddock in the Lpool/manumirror have made of it?
Watched the Scottish Cup Final, great stuff, and was pleased to see Hibs after all this time winning it. The looks on their fans faces at 2-1 down reminded me of us v QPR. No surprise that their fans ran on the pitch at the end. But the ensuing violence was disappointing to say the least. Surely those in charge should’ve anticipated the situation?
Rags won the Cup courtesy of Clattenburg, so back to normal.
Then it was England v Turkey at the Etihad. No publicity, no mention in the City programme. BBC announced it as being at Old Trafford, and ITV at Wembley.
It’s becoming even more  tedious now.
Why didn’t Kane do that with his penalty against us?
Over at ragland LVG is sacked and Jose is taking over. Why wasn't he appointed 3 seasons ago? That's one in the eye for all those who didn't want him then. "All for himself etc!!!!!"


Friday, 20 May 2016

Anti City bias


Most fans think referees are biased against their team. Some think they don’t get a fair deal from TV coverage, but it’s rare for that bias to be openly admitted.
            When BT Sport covered Manchester City’s Champions League quarter-final victory over Paris Saint-Germain, Jake Humphrey told his summarisers that, having often been critical of City, “We should quite rightly praise City – hard as it is”. His after-the-event excuse was that he was inviting comment from Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes.
            That just points up how stupid it was to have “co-commentators” or “pundits” on the game who were naturally hostile to the only English team left in the competition. It’s not as if they are either articulate speakers or otherwise talented pundits able to put their own prejudice apart (Gary Neville managed it).
As Paul Scholes seemed keen to do as much damage to City as he tried to do to City players during Manchester derbies, it’s hard to argue that there is no anti-City bias.
Steve McManaman was on the BT team too. He played briefly for City, remembered mostly for being very good at pointing where the ball should go, but being useless when he got it. He spent a lot of the match looking for empty seats in a sell-out stadium (and found some in the corporate section). Missing from the line-up was Danny Mills, who for some reason is bitter about being paid by City for not playing during long injury breaks, and being useless when he did play. It seems to be a theme that the only ex-City players they can find have some sort of grudge against the club.
            All this may reflect the media generally where some of the coverage is barely disguised racism about the owners but most stems from the allegiances of reporters, noses put out by City’s “oil-fuelled” disruption of a cosy cartel. Even the FA tweeted congratulations to Liverpool on reaching the Europa League semis, but nothing the night before for City.
            But more worrying is the ubiquitous presence of David Gill at the FA and UEFA and FIFA. How can someone so connected with Manchester United, and still a director, not have a conflict of interest? Why does financial fair play deal with wealth but not debt, or football clubs incorporated in offshore tax havens, e.g. Manchester United in the Cayman Islands?
The European Assembly report a few years ago that supported FFP was gleefully picked up by the English press – but not the bit that said members of football’s ruling authorities should not also hold senior posts in a club.
Of course, this sort of paranoia about an “agenda” against one club, extending to refereeing decisions (hello, Mark Clattenburg) and hostility from the game’s governing bodies, may be a common experience – but that revelatory moment on BT Sport confirmed that indeed they are out to get us.