Friday, 11 May 2007


Response of the day to the rag fans' “We’re going to Wemberlee” chant, (how original) was “ you all come from Wemberlee”!
The Sunday Mirror then, and second ‘prick of the month’ Michael Calvin devoted a whole column to ‘the stamp’ claiming that “sometimes justice is so perfect, so poetic, that you can only smile” he then refers to Ronaldo ‘tumbling theatrically’ so surely the stamp was poetic justice for Ron’s earlier tumble, was it not? He then refers to Ron’s ‘ugly red weal’, which, call me cynical, but it was probably 'cosmetically enhanced' at half time, so he could con everyone at the end of the game that he’d been injured when he took his shirt off (hardly noticeable actually). Then, this excuse of a ‘journo’ lambasts the FA for not allowing the rags to put the game back 24 hours. Now I’ve got the rag programme from December and it quite clearly identifies the date of the Euro Cup semi second leg. The 12.45 kick off was announced around January time, so, as the rags were obviously going to stroll it to the final, why didn’t they ask for the date to be put back then, before travel arrangements etc were made for the derby game. Doh.
Third ‘prick of the month’ inevitably goes to Stuart Brennan (Fergie out in July!) in the MEN, who referred to City as ‘Blue Kung Fu assassins’. No condemnation of Ronaldo’s dives, or Heinz's writhing about on the floor for nothing, and if he really wants to quote ‘assassins’ he should check the history of this fixture and compare any of the tackles to those of Keane, Best, Buchan and Burns. Or what about the Kung Fu daddy of them all – Cantona, continuing the tradition of ‘united riding roughshod over laws and opponents’ (Burnley Express March 1958)
I haven’t read any other papers but no doubt they all followed similar patterns, which is, of course why everyone hates the rags. Jealousy my arse, no need.
Today, incredibly, Ball gets a 3 match ban, and apologises to Ronaldo, we’re led to believe. How about some video evidence to red card Scholes for his 3 first half fouls, and Ronaldo for his dives. C’mon Pearcy stick up for your club for once.
Hey, congratulations to the reserves for winning the Manchester senior cup at Old Trafford against the dark side.

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