Saturday, 19 May 2007


So to Spurs, and a rainy trip down to where football grounds should not be sited – Landan, but at least this is Norf Landan, what a dump. Turn again Whittington… and did it rain. Last time we parked up and it rained like this, it was called off, much to John Burridge’s annoyance.
We took up our sheltered position, at the away end, with our own police protection -“have you got Red Issue, or United We Stand, ha, ha…” Funny men. Spurs fans were going past shouting “Yid Army”, which was amusing considering the Blues' large Jewish support we encountered. We were tipped off that “something was going to happen tomorrow” at City HQ.
Anyway, we were soon two (offside) goals down, and it was looking bleak, especially when Distin limped off, for maybe the last time. We pulled one back though, Mpenza, again, and passed the ball nicely, Ireland and Hamann catching the eye in particular. The ref gave them a ridiculous penalty which Andreas saved easily (just like VDS last week) and in the end the Spurs fans were whistling for the game to be ended. 1-2 then, and unlucky, just like Pearce’s first game in charge a couple of years ago.
Sold out of fanzines at the end, so if you need a copy try Needbest, corner of Cross Street and Market Street, or the shop at URBIS. Good run home, despite the weather, after a short stop at Herongate, a purpose built village based on socialist principles at the end of the 19th century, I think - now a haven for wealthy - ish dudes. How can it rain on the last day of the season, for the second year running? Missed Match Of The Day though, so can’t comment on Pearce’s body language.
Round and about, Wigan won 2-1 at Sheffield United, and predictably the rags lay down and died at home to West Ham (just like they did to Derby that time to confirm our relegation) losing 1-0, the ‘ammers staying up by one single goal. Tevez, who was their best player when he came on against us, (then Curbishly astoundingly wouldn’t play him hardly), at Christmas getting the clincher. So a big row ensues further to the £5.5M fine, which, when you consider the points deductions, dropping down the leagues etc. for other clubs with similar discretions, is not surprising.
Turns out the rags ‘leaned’ on Everton not to play Howard in the recent game, and the Toffees duly obliged; rookie goalie dropping the ball for rags first then ex-rag Neville booting it in his own net for 2-2. Fishy? Extra payment to Rooney when rags win title? Double fishy, if you ask me.

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