Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Summertime Blues - from the Algarve

Saturday, it was off to Portugal for us (the KK editors). Plane 5 hours late, and the pilot gave out the cup final score when it was 0-0, then all quiet. Landed after the final whistle and got a text from Burfield. Held my breath opening it – “tragic, sniff, sniff” so told the whole plane, and it was a biggie, that the rags had probably won, to much chagrin on my part, and much joy elsewhere. Then I had second thoughts, surely he’d have texted “b*stards” if they’d won? So by the time we got down to the baggage carousel it was confirmed Chelsea 1-0. Yesss!!!! So to the transfer bus, the driver having a fairly thick Midlands accent, declaring “I missed the end of the cup final”. “Chelsea won 1-0, Drogba” we informed him. “Horrible fella” he said. “Wonderful fella!" we said, "We’re City, coming from Manchester.” Predictably, he then responded “Oh I’m United, but only because my dad was the secretary of the United Shrewsbury supporters club”..... eh? That, obviously makes it alright then?!!
So catching up on the week, Samaras named in the Greek squad; Michael Johnson played for England under 19’s, who lost to Holland 2-1 to go out of the competition. Nothing much happening on the takeover front. Schmeichel, reckoned the Falkirk players were the most hardworking he’s worked with. Bet they didn’t twat each other in training though!?
Ian Woan, 6 weeks at City, thought Pearce did well to keep us up again. Forest lost to Yeovil in the 3rd div play offs, and could want Pearce as manager. Sven tells BBC Inside Sport he wants to manage a good football team (that’s interpreted as letting City out!). Distin signs for Pompey telling us that they’re more ambitious than us. Ho, ho - enjoy their training ground and ‘stadium’ Sylvain. Everything’s in limbo at City re contracts etc., with the takeover and new manager situation not yet sorted. A few more managers' names are bandied around, Gullit being in the frame now apparently, but it’s all conjecture at present. Otherwise all quiet on the Eastlands front!?
European cup won by Milan after being battered by Liverpool, more than the rags did in the semi. Usual stories about chaos at the ground, fans getting in without tickets, and those with tickets not getting in, completely baffling the pundits who just do not understand footy fans.
Blackpool beat Yeovil in the 3rd div play off game, 2-0. Good to see them get back to div 2, and then Derby beat West Brom 1-0, to clinch the last Premiership spot, with Tyrone Mears playing, Jon Macken on the bench, and Poll’s last game. It was a sell out, and the empty seats were 'because of segregation problems' we were told. Utter bollocks, the Corporates were not interested in a play off game.
So, what will this week bring? New chairman? New manager. Big signings? Don’t hold your breath, this is MCFC Cups for Cock Ups after all…..

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