Wednesday, 4 July 2007


On 25th June Parliament debated the foreign ownership of clubs. Our new man was branded ‘unsavoury’ by Labour MP David Taylor, Leicestershire North West, who asked “Will you say what protections, for instance, the Manchester City supporters have against the attentions of the unsavoury Thaksin Shinawatra or is it forever the fate of football fans to be fleeced by flaky foreign financiers?” (a fellow member of the alliteratives alliance – allegedly).
As far as I’m aware, no input from the supposed City supporting MP’s. Ivan Lewis, Paul Goggins, where are you? Let’s be having you!.... Give us your views. Should we be concerned, should we be welcoming, or is it a case of shades of grey? Your silence is deafening.
But not so the many City fans who are going happy clappy, as epitomised by this quote on the Bluemoon website “We can start laughing at other people as we rise up the Premiership”.
In reality this money is first an foremost to keep us afloat, and principally to reduce the risk of relegation. No sudden upward trajectory. Success will be defined as another year in the Premiership.
In case some Blues haven’t noticed, other ‘sleeping’ clubs are gearing up as well, and not one is going to stand aside just to let the Blue maestros of underachievement come powering past. Body piercing parlours in and around Manchester must be doing brisk business, as so many blinkered Blues will be going for nose rings, so eager are they to be led by the proboscis, thai-ed with no questions asked, to a string of fairy dust delusion. ROB DUNFORD

[Almost a done deal now, so we will have little choice, if we are to remain faithful to the Blue cause, but to support the new regime. Personally I wish I hadn't already bought my season ticket, or enrolled my grandson into 'Live4City'. I once heard of a disgruntled workforce opting for 'working without enthusiasm' rather than taking strike action. That's what my support will feel like from now on - supporting without enthusiasm. Maybe Mr Shinwatra (can't call him 'Frank' - it gives him a friendly aura I can't comply with) will be proved to be a generous benefactor, wrongly maligned by his critics, and maybe Mr Eriksson will prove to be a man of honour, enlightenment and a football genius. Maybe not. - Sue
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  1. I'm just glad I did not renew. Can't say I'll never go again but I'll take some persuading.....and it will have to be Saturday at 3. :-)