Saturday, 29 September 2007


The latest King of the Kippax (number 153) is now on sale. The last two issues sold out (but we have a few returns of issue 152 from outlets - so if you missed out please phone, or ask Dave) - so buy your copy early to 'avoid disappointment', as they say.
Also near completion, and due in the shops by November, is the latest KOTK publication CENTURY CITY - a hardback book about the 1957/58 season when we achieved the unique record of 100 goals for and against. It is more than a dry record of events as it covers that season from all angles and views it within the context of that era. Dave's ground diagrams, a feature of 'It's a Fix', are adjusted to reveal the stadia at that time; fans famous, not so famous, or even infamous, tell their own stories, as do some of the players. The book is packed with visual references which, just by flicking the pages, provide the flavour of the late fifties in football terms.
If you wish to pre order a copy before mid October for the discounted price of £12.95 inc p&p in UK (RRP £14.95) please write to the KOTK address with a cheque for that amount (payable to King of the Kippax). If you contact us before October 6th you can also have your name printed in the book.

As you can imagine, life has been hectic at KK Towers recently as we've worked hard to reach the deadlines for the book, whilst still maintaining regular production of the fanzine, so if we seem a bit distracted when we meet, or if we haven't been as attentive to this blogsite as we should have been (and we haven't) please accept our apologies. Family issues have also been paramount recently, which have added further complications. So many thanks to David Mooney who has kept this blogspot going with his postings, and Emily Brobyn who has given KOTK a mention on Facebook.
To everyone who's e-mailed or written to us recently and hasn't had a satisfactory response, please bear with us, we're trying to catch up.
Meanwhile, we're actually enjoying going to City again - even at stupid kick-off times like today's. So many thanks to Svenny for that - but PLEASE, Sven, take the cup competitions seriously.

Cheers, Sue

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