Friday, 19 October 2007

Editor's UPDATE

A blank weekend - well England were playing, stepping out at Wembley against Estonia, and a comfortable 3-0 win. Micah laying on the pass for SWP to score the first. The M.U.M. devoted it’s whole column to the wonders of Rooney – hey what a goal. Wonder what the ‘dubious goals ‘ panel will make of that one ?
Here at KK towers, having flirted out the Century City book via publisher Andy, to the printers, we were back to the ‘bread and butter’ of KK154, having brought it forward a couple of weeks for various reasons and having to get it to the printers early doors (like 6 am) on Monday morning.
As usual the regular contributors put in a stirling effort, and only some clever editing (or jiggery pokery) kept it down to 40 pages
The postal strike didn’t help – Alan Menzies' stuff arriving yesterday, so a double helping next issue.
The M.U.M./AIG (Man U Mirror), as David Mooney spotted, excelled itself with it’s ‘Angry Blues to quit Sven’s set –up’ headline opposite David McDonnell’s arselicking ‘Van Der Star’ one.
Jeff Powell in the Daily Mail on Wednesday managed to forecast England’s danger in Russia by suggesting that it was Sven’s fault that England had played on the Saturday (a morale boosting match and result surely) and Russia hadn’t, so would be fresher. Figure that one out. Bauble on the tree please DM!
Anyway yesterday England went down 2-1 in Russia. Rooney did score a cracker, although marginally offside, and then the red mist came down with fouls and the penalty give away (whilst Platt was talking crap about ‘commitment’ – stop it). When he went from Everton to O/T we were fed a load of bollocks about how his new club would look after him, protect him, nurture him, in a way that Everton couldn’t. Unfortunately what’s happened is that the club which expects, and usually gets, every decision going for them, has just made excuse after excuse for him and they’ve ratified his indulgencies instead of controlling them. Result being that at the highest level he’s a liability.
McClaren’s under pressure now, and looking at Sven with City it makes you wonder if ANYONE could do the England job justice.
This week's Munich story appeared in the MEN. Apparently Patrick Evra - how long has he been at O/T - a year, two years, 18 months? Well he now wants to learn all about united’s history including the air crash. Well, well, how appropriate, in the 50th anniversary year too, fancy that. Now I would have thought that every new signing, at any club would be sat down and shown a video of that club's history, wouldn’t you? I certainly hope it happens at City, not to mention some of the staff as well. Contrived? You bet.
Elsewhere Willie Donachie’s been sacked at Millwall, it was only a matter of time, and so has Sammy Lee at Bolton. You’d have thought they’d have hung on until we’d knocked them out of the Carling Cup. Now with a new man in charge they might click into new manager mode.
Talking of Bolton, if you get chance to see the play at the Octagon ‘And Did Those Feet’ get yourself along there, it’s brilliant. All about their cup run in1923 and the life and times of that era. An emotional drama. City fan Jeff Hordley (ex Emmerdale) stars and has to endure a couple of light hearted City jibes. Blimey here was I thinking that going back to 57/58 season with the Century City book, was nostalgic and Boltonians (though they might well have done a play on that season) have taken it a step further going back to the twenties. Good job they didn’t do it on 1926 eh!
So, we now look forward to Saturday, and hope that our boys return from International duty fit and raring to go, ‘cos we all are. C’mon City, three points and a fine performance against the Brummies please, and give their new owners the easy option to fire Bruce, not that I like to see a man lose his job, normally.

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