Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Birmingham home – 3pm on a Saturday, surely that time had something to do with the increased crowd, 45, 688 not to mention a few more Brummie fans than the paltry 864 who turned up last time. Did I say ‘fans’? Well I met a few decent ones before the game but it was the 25 year Zulu reunion and I believe it went off outside Mary D’s, and also, sadly, inside the ground at the end of the game in the South stand. Reports awaited from KK observers,.
As for the game, one nil, Elano again, will do for me. Bruce reckons it was a foul by Johnson, who was actually fouled himself, prior to getting the ball, so shut your mouth Brucie, and prepare for the sack, then off to Bolton. OK?
Now here’s a strange thing. Birmingham played in their first choice colours of Blue, and we in our sky blue, so it can be done. North stand seemed to be having fun with their paper planes, shades of Chelsea home a couple of seasons ago, and once again a fine sunny day and enjoyable result. Gary James informed me that it was our best start at home since…1957, when we won our first six games, including a 5-2 v Chelsea, 4-3 v Leicester, and a 5-1 v Spurs and fans (fuelled by the MEN) claimed they weren’t being entertained! All in the new book ‘Century City’. We drew the seventh game, against Luton, by the way, 2-2 scoring two goals in the last minute to draw level (after I’d gone home!).
I wandered round the New Kippax (East) stand concourse at half time and spotted the newly named Roy Clarke bar. Trouble is the dosy fuckers spelt it without an ‘e’. Gimme an ‘e’. Does anyone in this club understand the history of City and our players? Good job Thaksin didn’t spot it, heads could have rolled, if it’s good enough for drug dealers…..!
Elsewhere the rags won at Villa against nine men and were given a penalty which they missed. Didn’t see the game on telly but the script looks the same as normal. Liverpool won 2-1 against a nine man Everton and got two penalties, and no-one sent off, though Kurt should’ve walked, whilst the Toffees had two penalty appeals turned down. Arsenal and Chelsea didn’t need any refereeing help against Bolton and at ‘Boro, so no change at the top. And we’re still up there.
The media was fairly generous, considering - apart from a little dig in the MUMirror/AIG newsletter, from Anthony Clavane who reckoned Joe Hart was a snip at £800K compared to some of our big money buys. Who are they then? Have we spent £30M on a single player like certain other clubs, or £20M, or £15M, or £10M even? No. Cut it out you imbecile.
Didi Hamann got off with a fine and driving ban.
Nice one in the ‘Control’ film - excellent pic by the way. Ian Curtis, asked what his favourite colour was “Blue, Man City blue”, he replied. Ian’s and thousands of others, including all those teams who’ve nicked it as their away colours recently.

Mr and Mrs Ed were generously invited to be the guests of Mrs Brobyn and Emily (Magnum Furniture Store, Leigh and Atherton) at the Sponsor a Player 'do' at Eastlands last night. A very special evening it was too, with a great atmosphere, as you can imagine in the present circumstances "so very different from last year" many were heard to comment. Our table was graced with the presence of Vedran Corluka and Darius Vassell - both were delightful company. Most of the first team players were there, as were Sven and his sidekick Hans Backe - thus quashing the rumour we'd related in the recent issue of KOTK that Backe had gone back to Sweden and was unlikely to return! Apologies there - it was from a reliable source, but must have been some mistake or misunderstanding.
Many thanks to Emily and her Mum for their lovely hospitality, and further appreciation to John Wardle who was gracious enough to come over for a chat, despite the criticisms he'd endured through the pages of KOTK last season. We in turn told him how glad we are that our worst fears re the appointment of Sven had not been realised and this is one occasion when we are delighted to be wrong.

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