Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Saturday’s Guardian gave a big spread to Didi Hamann, and included a piece on City/Sven which made good reading. So all set then? Well we got that one a bit wrong in KOTK didn’t we? Even letting Shevchenko get one!
We gave the Bridge a miss – £48 x 2 plus everything else was just too expensive, so watched it in a pub in Warrington with the Blue Vic and Warrington Blues. Chelsea v City the main match on one screen and the rags v ‘Boro (who we beat convincingly recently) on the other with no sound (apart from shrieking women etc) You can imagine. We lose to the tune of 6, they win, not good. So plenty of aggressive gloating bordering on hatred from those who don’t know where Old Trafford is. Twats.
Awful wasn’t it? We’re still 3rd though, but Chelsea were irresistible and highlighted all our weaknesses. When we appoint a new manager I usually write in KOTK how long before he has to say “that’s the worst display of any team I’ve ever played in or managed!” today was that day. First sixer against since Liverpool did it to us in 1995 when we headed for relegation under Bally.

This week's Munich story in the MEN was on Bobby Charlton’s book, which he later talked about on the Parkinson show when he reckoned that ‘the babes’ would have won the Euro cup before they did in 1968. So a bit different than saying they would have won it that season, 1958. I don’t really have a problem with Charlton, to be honest, the crash must have had a devastating effect on him, so fair do’s. Wonder if the book includes the so called ticket touting episode though?

It’s Bolton tomorrow night (Wednesday) K.O. 8pm. Let’s see what we’re made off by bouncing back from Saturday’s mauling which now seems a long time ago.


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