Thursday, 4 October 2007

Fenebahce vs CITY 1968

No doubt everyone has already seen it as I tend to usually be five years out of date, I am only just considering ditching my flared trousers. I found (by accident) on YouTube, a clip that seems to be dedicated to Fenebahce and on it is a report about what was, until recently their greatest football achievement. Knocking the English champions out of the European Cup. There are highlights of the game in Turkey (but not the Maine Road leg) including the goals and a couple of goals that the Turks scored, but were given as offside. The clip is five minutes long and the quality is reasonable. It is all in Turkish of course, but if enough people are interested, I will see if I can get the comments translated from Turkish and provide sub titles. I am amazed because I really didn't think any filmed evidence existed of our one and only European Cup appearance, I have certainly never seen it on any City video. The link is

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