Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Media Madness

Anyone who has picked up the bilge infested toilet paper we call newspapers in the last few weeks will have no doubt seen a whole host of bullshit stories all about City.

I know it's a strange and slightly controvertial stance for a journalism student to take, but there are very, very few newspapers that I actually like. I can't abide the Star or the Mirror because of their lack of news, the Sun has too much celebrity nonsense for my liking, the Mail and the Express have too much crap about immigrants and the real meaning of being British, the Times is too difficult to unfold, and that leaves me with the Guardian and the Independant (the latter is my favourite, since I can unfold it on the train without removing anyone else's nose with my watch).

Now, I'm going to lay down a challenge. For every bullshit story that is printed by the Sun, the Star or the Mirror about City is going to earn them an offensive baubel on their Christmas Tree charts (each of which are linked to later on).

It's an idea I completely stole from BBC Four's The Late Edition, so if you've seen it before you'll know how it works. If you haven't, you can pretend you didn't read this paragraph and that I invented it.

We're going to start on Tuesday 16 October 2007 and whoever has the most baubels by sometime around Christmas will be declared the winner.

The Daily Mirror have gone with this today:

Angry Blues to quit Sven's set-up
Rolando Bianchi and Andreas Isaksson are ready to quit Manchester City in January if they cannot win back their places.

Which gets them off the mark with their first offensive baubel: An angel with the face of Roy Keane.

The Daily Star and The Sun (that's the one with all the titties in it) didn't run anything about City today, so they're still yet to score. So, at the moment, The Daily Mirror is in the lead with one point!

For a more close up version of these trees, you can see them fully at the following links:

The Mirror:
The Star:
The Sun:

David Mooney

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