Saturday, 6 October 2007


Haven’t bothered too much with the reserves since we left Maine Road but we popped along to the Athletics stadium to watch the 2-2 against Newcastle. It was also another chance to give out the postcards for the Century City book which you can pre-order from the KK address. If you want to subscribe you can still get your names in it but as there’s a postal strike you can give us a ring on 01942 515739, before Tuesday if possible, and settle later.....
Not much improvement I’m afraid at the venue for reserve games (the athletics/training facility). Floodlighting still poor, and still two running tracks away from the pitch. Good point though was that you can now park in the COMS car parks. This idea was pooh-poohed when put to the club by POB a couple of years ago, so good to see they’ve finally used a bit of common sense.
Joey played the first half. He was also back in the press again saying it was down to himself, Dunney and Micah that we stayed in the Prem last season, and Sven said “thank you” though he didn’t follow City last year!
Joey’s trial is imminent.

David McDonnell in the man-u-mirror pens a piece on City’s foreigners – no other club has them of course(!?) - quoting a team selection which excluded Michael Johnson and claiming Kasper as Danish, although he's understood to be of dual nationaality and was certainly raised within the Greater Manchester area, and has the accent to prove it. Then there's Joe Hart, and Ched Evans etc. McDonnel follows up with a Micah piece saying he’s stalling on a new contract as united are going to sign him next summer.......

European week and united scrape a win over Roma with a Rooney fluke or 'fantastic goal' if you believe Fergie, and Ronaldo got a crack, but he’ll be beautiful again soon (he says) - ugh!
Rangers won in Lyon, Arsenal won in Bucharest, Liverpool lost at home to Marseille, Chelsea won in Valencia, Celtic beat AC Milan when a Celtic fan ran on the pitch and their goalie took a dive, Bolton beat Rabotnicki with an Anelka goal, Blackburn went out to Larissa, Everton beat Metalist, and Spurs and Aberdeen are also through.

This week’s Munich story is all about a plaque, rescued from the wreckage, being auctioned by Mullock’s, so a big outcry. Perhaps there’ll be an outcry for Cantona and his entourage creaming off all the dosh from the memorial game a couple of years ago. First time united did anything for the victims and their families, but it raised hardly anything, and not enough eyebrows.

Tomorrow it’s ‘Boro as we hope to continue our fine form. The Media anti Sven story is Gareth Southgate having a pop for Sven’s dull half time team talk in the World Cup game v ten man Brazil. Water under the bridge.


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