Saturday, 20 October 2007

Xpert Eleven

Hello everyone.

There's an online version of Football Manager (not as good, but it's quite decent and addictive) and I'm looking for players to join into a league I've created.

A few details:
- It's free: All you have to do is register a username and you can join a league.
- Players are completely made up, but the system does tell you their form/skill/special qualities.
- The game is real time. This means that matches are played by the system at designated times (it's on GMT+1, so they're an hour ahead of us). You don't need to be online when the game is played, but you do need to log in inbetween each game to select a team and set tactics.
- Since the game isn't located in one country, there is a fictional currency (called econ).
- You can't change tactics (etc) during games since they are processed by the system at certain times. However, substitutions are automatic with injuries.

If you'd like to join, all you have to do is sign up to: and either search for the league with the ID 126114.

The only requirement for joining the league is that your team name is International (for example, England or Italy). It also makes sense to set your players' nationality to the same country, but this isn't necessary, since transfers can take place!

Any questions will be answered in comments (if I spot them!!).

David Mooney

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