Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Summertime Blues - from the Algarve

Saturday, it was off to Portugal for us (the KK editors). Plane 5 hours late, and the pilot gave out the cup final score when it was 0-0, then all quiet. Landed after the final whistle and got a text from Burfield. Held my breath opening it – “tragic, sniff, sniff” so told the whole plane, and it was a biggie, that the rags had probably won, to much chagrin on my part, and much joy elsewhere. Then I had second thoughts, surely he’d have texted “b*stards” if they’d won? So by the time we got down to the baggage carousel it was confirmed Chelsea 1-0. Yesss!!!! So to the transfer bus, the driver having a fairly thick Midlands accent, declaring “I missed the end of the cup final”. “Chelsea won 1-0, Drogba” we informed him. “Horrible fella” he said. “Wonderful fella!" we said, "We’re City, coming from Manchester.” Predictably, he then responded “Oh I’m United, but only because my dad was the secretary of the United Shrewsbury supporters club”..... eh? That, obviously makes it alright then?!!
So catching up on the week, Samaras named in the Greek squad; Michael Johnson played for England under 19’s, who lost to Holland 2-1 to go out of the competition. Nothing much happening on the takeover front. Schmeichel, reckoned the Falkirk players were the most hardworking he’s worked with. Bet they didn’t twat each other in training though!?
Ian Woan, 6 weeks at City, thought Pearce did well to keep us up again. Forest lost to Yeovil in the 3rd div play offs, and could want Pearce as manager. Sven tells BBC Inside Sport he wants to manage a good football team (that’s interpreted as letting City out!). Distin signs for Pompey telling us that they’re more ambitious than us. Ho, ho - enjoy their training ground and ‘stadium’ Sylvain. Everything’s in limbo at City re contracts etc., with the takeover and new manager situation not yet sorted. A few more managers' names are bandied around, Gullit being in the frame now apparently, but it’s all conjecture at present. Otherwise all quiet on the Eastlands front!?
European cup won by Milan after being battered by Liverpool, more than the rags did in the semi. Usual stories about chaos at the ground, fans getting in without tickets, and those with tickets not getting in, completely baffling the pundits who just do not understand footy fans.
Blackpool beat Yeovil in the 3rd div play off game, 2-0. Good to see them get back to div 2, and then Derby beat West Brom 1-0, to clinch the last Premiership spot, with Tyrone Mears playing, Jon Macken on the bench, and Poll’s last game. It was a sell out, and the empty seats were 'because of segregation problems' we were told. Utter bollocks, the Corporates were not interested in a play off game.
So, what will this week bring? New chairman? New manager. Big signings? Don’t hold your breath, this is MCFC Cups for Cock Ups after all…..

Saturday, 19 May 2007

SUMMERTIME BLUES - end of season, end of Pearce

Monday saw the firing of Pearce, in true City tradition, by phone. Well at least it wasn’t by text, or by getting Bernard Halford to do it.
Allardyce has gone to Newcastle, so the hot tip is Ranieri, the ‘tinkerman’, so it could be worse? Ali Mac is selecting so look out for a full dossier being published on the ex – Chelsea (and didn’t they do well after he left?) manager’s credentials for the job and his vision for City. Or not.
The new City kit is announced, and is a record deal of £10M (compared to what?) Looks OK to me, but my favourite, for colour and style has always been the ’55 shirt. So this one having no collar is a problem (call me old fashioned!)
On the takeover front, ex Thai Prime Minister and so called Liverpool supporter (so plenty in common with Paul Tyrell!) Thaksin Shinawatra is at the forefront, for heaven sake. Have we gone completely mad? Will he be in jail soon? Can he get his dosh out of Thailand? Will he be offering Thai brides for shares or season ticket incentives? I’m worried.
Tuesday Pearce confirms he was sacked on the phone! More speculation on the manager's job. Derby beat Saints (no BWP) in last night's play off semi.
Wednesday, and today Sven’s in the frame, plus Koeman, Souness etc. etc. It goes from bad to worse. Thaksin is getting closer to the takeover. We’re after another Liverpool old boy Cisse, on Pearce’s recommendation, will we ever learn? The police are interviewing Joey regarding the Dabo incident. Jewell and Warnock have now resigned.
Thursday, Wigley follows Pearce, so does Woan, and Steele could exit too. Jackett may stay, Fazackerley may go, so might Carr the scout, and Nicky Weaver doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going!
Albert Riera scored for Espanyol last night in the UEFA final but Sevilla won on pens. Mick McCarthy’s Wolves lost in the play off semi v West Brom.
Friday, Ranieri remains the hot tip. Joey is countersuing Dabo! What next? Wait and see......


So to Spurs, and a rainy trip down to where football grounds should not be sited – Landan, but at least this is Norf Landan, what a dump. Turn again Whittington… and did it rain. Last time we parked up and it rained like this, it was called off, much to John Burridge’s annoyance.
We took up our sheltered position, at the away end, with our own police protection -“have you got Red Issue, or United We Stand, ha, ha…” Funny men. Spurs fans were going past shouting “Yid Army”, which was amusing considering the Blues' large Jewish support we encountered. We were tipped off that “something was going to happen tomorrow” at City HQ.
Anyway, we were soon two (offside) goals down, and it was looking bleak, especially when Distin limped off, for maybe the last time. We pulled one back though, Mpenza, again, and passed the ball nicely, Ireland and Hamann catching the eye in particular. The ref gave them a ridiculous penalty which Andreas saved easily (just like VDS last week) and in the end the Spurs fans were whistling for the game to be ended. 1-2 then, and unlucky, just like Pearce’s first game in charge a couple of years ago.
Sold out of fanzines at the end, so if you need a copy try Needbest, corner of Cross Street and Market Street, or the shop at URBIS. Good run home, despite the weather, after a short stop at Herongate, a purpose built village based on socialist principles at the end of the 19th century, I think - now a haven for wealthy - ish dudes. How can it rain on the last day of the season, for the second year running? Missed Match Of The Day though, so can’t comment on Pearce’s body language.
Round and about, Wigan won 2-1 at Sheffield United, and predictably the rags lay down and died at home to West Ham (just like they did to Derby that time to confirm our relegation) losing 1-0, the ‘ammers staying up by one single goal. Tevez, who was their best player when he came on against us, (then Curbishly astoundingly wouldn’t play him hardly), at Christmas getting the clincher. So a big row ensues further to the £5.5M fine, which, when you consider the points deductions, dropping down the leagues etc. for other clubs with similar discretions, is not surprising.
Turns out the rags ‘leaned’ on Everton not to play Howard in the recent game, and the Toffees duly obliged; rookie goalie dropping the ball for rags first then ex-rag Neville booting it in his own net for 2-2. Fishy? Extra payment to Rooney when rags win title? Double fishy, if you ask me.

Friday, 18 May 2007

End of the Season Odds and Ends

Well, would you look at that! From being in second place on the last day of the season, I nipped in and grabbed the Fantasy League table. I'll be seeing you all next season.

"But, what about Match of the Day?", I hear you ask... As you can see, we received a total of 194 minutes over the season - I make that 5.1 minutes per match, which, I'm sure you're all aware is not between 7-10 minutes on average per week.

I can see the same question swirling around in all your heads now: "What's that done to the graph?"

Well, here it is - and if you're interested, we're 72 minutes outside the yellow zone.

David Mooney


A letter to KOTK Editor:-

On Saturday May 5th 2007, after the derby game, Chris Faulkner, a lifelong City fan, was attacked and viciously assaulted, apparently for no other reason than he is a City fan. He suffered horrific injuries including a blood clot on the brain, his skull was crushed and his lungs collapsed.
Only through the dedicated skill of the hospital staff did Chris manage to survive this cowardly attack. After 4 days in intensive care Chris is slowly recovering in the high dependency unit at Hope Hospital. An injury of this kind will lead to a long time off work for Chris, plus the added expense for his family incurred during visiting and aftercare. For this reason we aim to raise some funds to cover any bills and mortgage commitments, so Chris's family can concentrate on his recovery without the added stress of worrying about finances.
To help Chris and his family overcome the trauma his friends and family are organising a Charity Race Night at Our Lady of Grace Church Hall, Prestwich on 19th May.
If you would consider making a donation, or can supply a raffle prize, it would be greatly appreciated.
For further info please contact me.
Don Price, Chairman of N.W. Manchester City Fans Charity Fundraising Committee. 0161 798 9994

Monday, 14 May 2007

Pearce Sacked

Stuart Pearce has had his contract terminated at City.

The city website published the following brief info today...

"Manchester City can confirm that the Club has terminated the contract of Manager Stuart Pearce with immediate effect.
Chief Executive Alistair Mackintosh said: “The Board of Directors would like to thank Stuart for his hard work and service during his six years here at Manchester City and wish him well for the future.”

The MUEN believes that "Directors, concerned over poor season ticket sales and a record of just 10 home goals scored all season, felt forced to act. Pearce's transfer record, particularly the purchases of £5m Georgios Samaras and Bernardo Corradi, were also believed to be factors in the decision."

How do you feel about this decision? Leave your comments below...

Manchester City new Kit

Have a look at the new kit. This is from the official City site.

Let us know what you think by clicking "comments" below....

Friday, 11 May 2007



Formed 1882, joined league in 1908/09, various promotions/relegations but ever present in the top flight since 1950 except for one season in 1977/78.
Twice division 1 champs, 8 times F.A. Cup winners, doing the double in ’61, 3 times league cup winners, Euro C W Cup winners 1963, UEFA cup winners (’72,’84)
Some names/connections : Chas’n’Dave, Dixon of Dock Green, Peter Cook, Warren Mitchell….Chris Jones, Bert Sproston, Paul Walsh, Michael Brown…
Martin Jol’s Squad includes: Robinson, Dawson, King, Ifil, Chimbonda, Jenas, Zokora, Lennon, Malbranque, Berbatov, Defoe’, Cerny, Mido, Tainio, Ghaly, Rocha, Tarrabt, Murphy, Huddlestone, Stalteri,
We could have picked up Robbie Keane from Leeds instead of Robbie Fowler, and probably Robinson and lennon. It still rankles.
This season so far: It was a 2-1 December defeat at COMS, Davenport and Huddlestone notching for them and Barton for us as we rallied a bit in the second half, but not much. 39,825 (2,292 Spuds).
Currently they’re in 6th place with 57 points from 36 games with 11 wins 3 draws and 4 losses at home..
They lost to Arsenal in the semi of the Carliing, and in the 6th round of the cup to Chelsea when a couple of their fans ran on and had a go (what if they’d had a knife?), and The Mirror pointed out, “what is soccer coming too when hoolies are now called Timothy?!” They went out of the UEFA to Seville, after a good run
Big ones : Winning ’56 SF 1-0 at Villa Park (69,788) and losing the ’81 FAC final replay to that goal.
Wind Ups : 3-0 up and you f**ked it up …but they still go on about that bloody Ricky Villa goal, 25 years ago, give it a rest. Now it’s “you won 4-3 and won eff-all” – as much as they have in the last 8 seasons.- so the response is “and so have you”.
Our Form at Spurs: It used to be one of our favourite away trips, but after our 1-0 win in 91/92 we went 5 games without a win until the 2-0 in ’03. Since then we’ve had a draw and two 2-1 defeats, a league cup loss and an F.A.Cup win (4-3!!).
Groundwise: Record attendance was 75,038 v Sunderland in the FA Cup 6 in 1938. No change to the Lane since our last visit. It’s been developed impressively, though the capacity’s only 36,000, but generates a great atmosphere. We’ll be in our usual corner. Apparently there’s a plan to redevelop the East Stand (?) to increase the capacity to 50,000 but if the roads around the Lane aren’t improved they may move to the new Wembley stadium.
Comment : The last game of the season, and Spuds hope to do better than last season when they got food poisoning and lost at West Ham as the Arse leapfrogged them into the Champs league.
This week has been mixed for them. They put Charlton down on Monday at The Valley, and drew with Blackburn at the Lane. This means they’re almost certainly in UEFA next season, a point will do, but if they don’t beat us and Reading and Bolton win, that could be dodgy. Here’s hoping for a better performance than last season at Blackburn, which Sue and I boycotted, after steward trouble.
Often an intimidating atmosphere outside the away end, let’s hope it all goes peacefully, but not at the expense of a City loss.
Stewards: Like you to sit down
Police: No reported probs.
Catering : OK
STATS: 28 pre-war and 87 post-war make it our 116th league meeting and at the Lane post-war it’s:-
Played 43 Won 12 Drawn 12 and lost 19.
Last Pot: League Cup in 1999.
Last Att: 36,167 (1,660 City)
Where were they when they were shite? Averaged 20,859 in 85/86, so not bad.
Current Average: 35,724
Away Day Zines: Cock A Doodle Doo, My Eyes Have Seen The Glory, One Flew over Seaman’s Head.
The Steve Parish Routemaster: M6, M1, M25 to jn 25, A10 toward London, cross A110, road bends right twice then to left. Turn left at lights, B154 Church Street, to Edmonton Green, turn right into A1010 Fore Street, and continue into High Road to ground on left (behind Paxton Road). Expensive but nearby parking at school on right, otherwise pot luck on side streets.
Park up and come in by train: every half hour from Theobalds Grove (13 min journey) or Turkey Street (10 mins) to White Hart Lane. Theobalds Grove from M25 jn 25 turn left on A10 toward Cambridge, right at next roundabout (Cheshunt Link Road), left at next roundabout (High St) to Theobalds Grove station on left (car park on Trinity Lane to right) - £4.50 return. Turkey Street: jn 25, A10 toward London, pass A105 Bullsmoor Lane, next left into Turkey Street, station ¼ mile along (but no car park) - £3.50 return. (Trains from Edmonton Green every 15 mins at £2.20 return, but parking not much easier there.)
Again, it’s hard to find cheap tickets to London other than the Saver. Trains to White Hart Lane from London Liverpool Street.
Pubs/ Parking: The Antwerp in Church road, The Park by the station, The Three Compasses in Queen Street. Parking is on the streets or in expensive carparks.


Response of the day to the rag fans' “We’re going to Wemberlee” chant, (how original) was “ you all come from Wemberlee”!
The Sunday Mirror then, and second ‘prick of the month’ Michael Calvin devoted a whole column to ‘the stamp’ claiming that “sometimes justice is so perfect, so poetic, that you can only smile” he then refers to Ronaldo ‘tumbling theatrically’ so surely the stamp was poetic justice for Ron’s earlier tumble, was it not? He then refers to Ron’s ‘ugly red weal’, which, call me cynical, but it was probably 'cosmetically enhanced' at half time, so he could con everyone at the end of the game that he’d been injured when he took his shirt off (hardly noticeable actually). Then, this excuse of a ‘journo’ lambasts the FA for not allowing the rags to put the game back 24 hours. Now I’ve got the rag programme from December and it quite clearly identifies the date of the Euro Cup semi second leg. The 12.45 kick off was announced around January time, so, as the rags were obviously going to stroll it to the final, why didn’t they ask for the date to be put back then, before travel arrangements etc were made for the derby game. Doh.
Third ‘prick of the month’ inevitably goes to Stuart Brennan (Fergie out in July!) in the MEN, who referred to City as ‘Blue Kung Fu assassins’. No condemnation of Ronaldo’s dives, or Heinz's writhing about on the floor for nothing, and if he really wants to quote ‘assassins’ he should check the history of this fixture and compare any of the tackles to those of Keane, Best, Buchan and Burns. Or what about the Kung Fu daddy of them all – Cantona, continuing the tradition of ‘united riding roughshod over laws and opponents’ (Burnley Express March 1958)
I haven’t read any other papers but no doubt they all followed similar patterns, which is, of course why everyone hates the rags. Jealousy my arse, no need.
Today, incredibly, Ball gets a 3 match ban, and apologises to Ronaldo, we’re led to believe. How about some video evidence to red card Scholes for his 3 first half fouls, and Ronaldo for his dives. C’mon Pearcy stick up for your club for once.
Hey, congratulations to the reserves for winning the Manchester senior cup at Old Trafford against the dark side.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007


King of the Kippax fanzine can now be bought from the URBIS shop, which is an excellent source of gifts with a Mancunian flavour.

The CITY TILL I DIE photo exhibition (some samples of which appear on this blog) will remain in place at Urbis (the superb glass building near Manchester Cathedral) throughout the summer. It's a free exhibition sited around the excellent cafe area and in the corridor leading to the shop. All the pictures have been supplied by fans - and, let's face it, we could fill the whole place with snapshots, given half a chance - so it is an exhibition 'for the fans, by the fans', but I just wish it was much bigger in every way.
Nevertheless, it's a worthwhile attempt to provide some balance, especially if, like me, you 'fell out' with Urbis from day one because of it's neglect of the 'only football team to come from Manchester' in favour of the other lot. I suppose we have to be grown up about it and realise that until we get a club which is ambitious enough to refuse to settle for anything less than a winning mentality, we are not going to automatically be included in positive promotions for the city. It hurts, but it's the truth. So Urbis should be given some credit in this instance. It's not bad - a whole summer when you'll be able to stop for a coffee or a bite to eat in the heart of Manchester, surrounded by pictures of your fellow fans whether in Moss Side, or Sierra Leone - that's more than you get in the 'City Social'

Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Derby Day. But first we had to endure Ronaldo being voted Player Of the Year. Can you believe that? When you think of the calibre of previous winners, Tom Finney, Stan Mathews, Bert Trautmann, Don Revie, etc – players with honour, dignity and sportsmanship, but in 2007 a diving cheat who sours his football skills with such behaviour is chosen.
So an early start for the derby. We were a bit down in the dumps after the Barton situation but Blues walking past and buying the 'zine cheered us up. Not many rags seen, and a few variations on the AIG theme aired by Blues ….. ‘Another Italian Goal’ etc.
So to the game. Took my place a bit late, owing to an over officious steward, and what a masterstroke that was by the club putting a sky blue and white bar scarf on each seat, made for a splendid spectacle. So I missed the Ball stomp on the lady boy after the latter’s pathetic pirouette. A bit naughty, but surely cheered by every fan and player in the country.
Sad to see him carried off on a stretcher, never to return, with his career ended, just like Bell, Pardoe, and Haaland. Oh what’s that? It was just a scratch? And he carried on with his antics and gained a penalty? Well, well, never heard any criticism from anyone at united, fan, player, manager, board, and certainly not the press.
So 1-0 down. It probably was just a pen, but the theatrics that accompanied it surely
warranted a booking, that would have made it two and off he'd go. Disgraceful.
Scholes also, as predicted, got away with murder. Nice to hear Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again, blasting out at half time, but no apparent half time problems - unlike last week when Joey, apparently, had to be dragged off easy target Onuoha.
Second half they’d had it, but we couldn’t cash in. Subs Sun, Sinclair and Dickov came on for Hamann, Ireland, and Sinclair. So, after Pearce had defended Samaras all week he didn’t play him (!), our most prolific penalty taker. We had a pitch invader too, with the rags chanting ‘one Joey Barton’! Very funny, well quite funny. Then guess what? We got a dodgy one, I thought we would have carried on and scored if it hadn’t been given. Van Der Sar - who was a decent fellow at Fulham but has now learnt all the rag sneaky tricks - psyched Vassell out, and was only awarded a booking for time wasting. Daz never looked like scoring and we looked a gift horse in the mouth as De Sar fluked it with his legs.
We had let the whole country down, and at the end our players just managed a wave from the centre spot, rather than a lap of (dis)honour. Disappointing to say the least.
Now for the Press hysteria. Paul Wilson in the Observer continued his and the paper’s (remember last week’s inaccurate Keeling piece on City) anti City and rag arselicking. Strange for an Everton (united feeder club) fan, as Wilson is. Instead of writing stuff like ‘City fans, having not won a trophy for over 30 years, only scoring ten home goals this season (we once scored that many in a single game) at COMS, and having to watch their despicable, disgusting, disgraceful local rivals probably go on to win the title, showed an amazing display of passion and loyalty, beyond the call of duty’, which was the truth, he wrote, without any condemnation of Ronaldo or De Sar (but did at least spot Scholes’ misdemeanours) : “…. touchingly, each supporter was given a blue-and-white scarf to wave. That’s City all over. No goals, no guts, no happy ending , but you get a free scarf.” You’d expect better from an Evertonian, who should have some sympathy, considering they have to put up with Liverpool. No e-mail address by the way, and worse, he once sat in our house doing an interview with me, about 12 years ago, over a nice cuppa tea. Time to stop buying the 'Observer' I think, it's not good for the blood pressure.

Thursday, 3 May 2007


Kick off brought forward to 12.45 pm on police advice

‘Nitid’ were formed in 1878 as Newton Heath – and before they moved to Trafford they played at Bank Street, Clayton on the site where the Velodrome is, I believe.
You know the story, they won nothing for 37 years between 1911 and 1948, yo-yo-ing between the divisions, then did OK in the 50’s pre Munich, and in the 60’s, but not much in the 70’s (in fact we put them down in ’74) and 80’s. Finally, after 26 years they won the newly formed money orientated Premiership, and, having more money than most bought further success in the 90’s and 2000’s.

Some Claims to fame: George Best, Bobby Charlton, Angus Deayton, Terry Hall, Zoe Ball, Victor Meldrew, Ian Brown, Shaun Ryder, Michael Knighton, Russell Watson, Eamon Holmes, Mick Hucknall, Kermit the Frog, Mickey Mouse, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Malta, China, Japan, USA, Michael Glazer, Mike Riley, Dermot Gallagher etc., etc.
Some connections: Peter Barnes, Peter Bodak, Tony Coton, Herbert Burgess, Terry Cooke, Billy Dale, Wyn Davies, John Gidman, Denis Law, Len Langford, Billy Meredith, Sammy McIlroy, Sandy Turnbull, Eric Westwood, Matt Busby, Frank Swift (who died in the’58 Munich air crash), Brian Kidd, Peter Schmeichel, Andrew Cole.

Fergie, the greatest manager in the world, erm, never to win a World cup – remember when he was manager of Scotland and forgot to include the captain of the double winning Liverpool team, Alan Hansen!? Freely admitted in the press that the only way he’s won derby games is when he personally selects and briefs the referees. Today he’s handpicked – Rob Styles, so we’ve no chance. Hasn’t been caught short on the motorway hard shoulder for a while, or it’s been hush hushed. Has brought football down to the lowest level imaginable with his touchline antics and intimidation, and was Knighted for it. His squad includes :
Van Der Saar, very good goalie, could have got him for a fraction of the cost if they’d signed him before Fulham stepped in. Made to look very ordinary when those goals crashed past him by Barton, Sinclair, Vassell, Fowler and Trabelsi, so there’s five to be going on with.
Ferdinand, could have got him for a fraction of the cost if they’d taken a chance on signing him from West Ham. Camel gob. Lovely goal for Pompey, always makes a mistake, so can we cash in? Seems to have got his drug problems sorted out, and since he signed his lucrative contract rags fans have stopped booing him, even though he likes to boot the ball into lady fans’ faces, apparently. One reason why England are shite. Has now recovered from injury.
Brown, could have signed him for a fraction of the cost from us, oh they did “how’d your mum and dad like a shiny new washing machine my son!?”
O’Shea, missed a sitter in the last Maine Road derby, keep it up John, oh he does, he does!!!??
Scholes, the 'ginger pig'. Everyone’s dream player, gets away with murder, though Champs league refs have him sussed. Nearly went blind last year. Another reason why England were shite.
Carrick, could have got him for a fraction of the cost if they’d signed him from West Ham.
Evra, wasn’t he the one who played in the last COMS derby because he spoke French, and would be helped by Silvestre? Let’s hope he plays as badly again.
Ronaldo, tricky winger, the best in the world according to …all at O/T , but no-one else, especially A.C.Milan. Dives, cheats and winks, rightly sent off in last year's derby. Repeat today? One reason why you should never go to Madeira for your holidays. Won player and young player of the year. If that’s not corruption somewhere........
Smith, “once a white, always a white” Another cheat, remember his penalty at Leeds a couple of years ago? Recovered from a bad break, after causing more than his fair share, and another one sent off in a recent derby. Daren’t go back to Yorkshire!
Rooney, “Once a blue, always a blue”, even if it was the wrong blue. Bosom buddies with Ronaldo now, how f*ckin' patriotic is that?! Another who gets away with murder. How he stays on the pitch most games is a complete mystery. Yet another reason England are shite.
Giggs, We had him signed up but a mysterious offer to his mum lost us the deal and he had to change his name from Wilson to Giggs. I don’t mind him, I don’t, until I was almost physically sick when he took his shirt off at Villa that time. Were those hairs real? Or was it a Gary Glitter wig? I don’t want to know thank you very much. Scored on his debut you know, against us, don’t tell Colin Hendry. Rags fans boo him.
The rest : Silvestre and Vidic are out injured.
Reserves : Kuszcazak, Cathcart, Heaton, Dong, Eagles, Fletcher, Richardson, Heinze, remember Trev skinning him at the swamp for our goal? Solskjaer has made the biggest come back in football, apart from Nicky Weaver. Tried a typical sneaky, snidey rag trick on Schwarzer, but luckily the ref knew the rules.
Doubtful are : Park – he might be classed as handsome in Korea, but not in Manchester.
Saha, they could have signed him for a fraction of the cost if they’d got him before he went to Fulham. Apparently he’s now fit again.
Neville, our old pal, famous for his Goater gift in the last Maine Road derby, and his tantrum when he got sent off that time. Misses his bro. Another reason why England were shite.

Fans are a cross between “the men in black” and foreign tourists. In trouble in France and Italy.
Fanzines, we don’t bother with Red Issue since they (we can dish it out but can’t take it) threatened to sue us, but we do swap with UWS which isn’t bad, and I enjoy their ‘ask the anorak’ piece. The zine does, however lapse into rag shite now and again, like convincing themselves they have the record attendance at Maine Road, which was actually 84,569 City v Stoke F.A,Cup 1934, and no mention EVER of the LOWEST post war attendance of 8,456 at Maine Road. And they can’t resist, intentional or not, the odd bit of plagiarism, without acknowledgment, like a ‘How was It For You’ piece, and the latest, in an editorial referring to the people’s army of Judea/ Judean people’s army, nicked direct from a previous BTH article!!. Well what would you expect?
Logo – the most old fashioned in football
Songs – Pete Boil (does it matter!?) comes up with originals we’re told. Bet we don’t hear any today!
Referee/linesmen – who will Fergie pick for them? Riley. Gallagher, Styles, actually. What time will the penalties come?

Windups: ‘Manchester, you’re havin’ a laugh!’; ‘Same old ******s, always cheating!’; ‘You don’t come from Manchester!’; ‘Once a Blue, Always a Blue!’; ‘Born in the USA’; ‘Hello, hello, you are the Glazer boys’m ‘.’ 31 years and we’re still here’ ‘eff off back to London’ ’the Neville family…’. Ignore their sick Foe jibes.

This season so far: Over there in December we did ok apart from a few defensive mistakes and an offside goal.and lost 3-1. as we stayed 12th with 20 points after 17 games.
Currently they’re in top spot with 85 points from 35 games with 12 wins 2 draws 3 losses away from home.
In the Carling they went out at Southend, and have just beaten Watford in the semi of the F.A.Cup to reach the new Wembley against Chelsea. (how appropriate, my arse)
In the Champs cup they beat Milan 3-2 in the finest exhibition of football you’d ever wish to see (after Roma, that is) then they got uncharacteristically carried away by thinking that they could win in Milan. Well they might be able to buy the title in England but it’s a different kettle of fish in Europe and disgraced themselves 3-0. Last week they managed a win at Everton when the Toffees goalie dropped the ball and a foul wasn’t given. Then Neville did the old boys act and booted the ball in his own net. Bolton let us down at The Bridge, drawing 2-2, so they went 5 points clear. Last 3 games they’ve got us and Chelsea away plus West Ham at home. Unlikely they’ll blow it but we need to do our stuff, again.

Our Form in Manc v THEM: Last season in January we won 3-1 with goals from Sinclair, Vassell and Fowler, Van horse getting their consolation.
Best Manc moments: 4-0 in 1899; 75/76 lg Cup; 1970; 5-1 in ’89 – 4-1 in 03/04 – 74,723 in ’55 FAC4.
Shite Manc Moments: Every time they step out onto our pitch

Other moments: Winning the 1926 semi-final 3-0 at Bramall Lane, and the 75/76 League Cup semi (2-1 M/Rd, 2-2 O/T); losing the ’56 Charity Shield at M/Rd.

Comment: A very silly time and date to have a derby. When the fixtures came out the prediction from some was that the rags could win the title and we could be relegated on the same day. Well we’re safe so that one’s out, but we could still dent their title hopes.
I suspect that rags could be here there and everywhere at COMS today, so vigilance from all quarters is required. We’ve won 3 out of the last 4 at home so wouldn’t it be nice…..and don’t forget to boo them like f*ck, start to finish. Bitter? I don’t think so!

STATS: 44 pre-war (between 1921 and ’37 we won 8, drew 3 and lost 3) and 91 post-war, make it our 136th league meeting, and at M/Rd/Coms post-war, it’s:-
Played: 45 Won 14 Drawn 15 Lost 16
Last Pot: Carling League cup 2006
Last Att: 47,192 (2,846 rags)
Where were they when they were shite? – Av’gd 11,685 in 1930/31 – but claimed as 40,000, fickle bastards!
Current average att: 75,828 (believe that), despite losing 250,000 to FC United.


What a week leading up to the ‘derby’. Supporters Club Player of the Year was Dunney, again, Micah voted young player and Chad Evans, most promising young player. The whole squad turned up for autograph signing, which was good, then there was a bit of a question and answer session, with Pearcy putting on a brave face. As you’d expect, everyone was polite, it wasn’t an occasion for recriminations.
But even the rags' exit from Europe, 2 Champs wins in 51 years, was overshadowed by Joey’s antics in training. He’s now got himself suspended, so our most 'passionate' player will miss the last two games which is a massive blow. But his behaviour with Dabo was inexcusable, enough's enough and we must get as much as we can for him in the summer.
As for the derby, all you can say is let’s give it our very best shot, anything less could see ugly scenes, and venom directed at the players, manager and board. So come on City…..




(From Barry Stone)

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Villa at home, and we’re getting used to this wonderful weather these days. Brand new KOTK on sale, but Blues dampened by the Everton and Chelsea results which could have set next week’s ‘derby’ up as a real humdinger. Now just a humdinger. One or two comments were made about Alan Ball, by passing Blues and his managerial time at City, but I don’t believe it was all his fault and may expand on this later. Well done City fans for respecting the one minute applause, and us older fans remember with glee the way he skinned Schnellinger, the German full back, (who wasn’t daft), time after time in the ’66 World Cup final, amongst other things.
As for the game, we got in a bit late, and missed most of the excitement apparently (first 5 minutes!). We settled down to see if we could be lifted from the apathy that’s surrounded home games this season, but once again, it was total dross, and we went a goal down. Joey, despite being encouraged by Samaras, who’s scored the last two City penalties (Everton home and Sheff. Wed. away, when Joey wasn’t playing) never looked remotely like scoring this one (and the Arsenal one only just scraped in remember) and ballooned it miles over the bar. The worst miss since Fowler, and on a par with Pearcy v Portsmouth that time. The Greek was, though, the first to console our loudmouthed scouser, who’d almost ruined our front cover?! We managed a couple of chances, then let them notch a free kick which infuriated Michael Ball who remonstrated with Andreas who hadn’t organised his defence properly (or followed Michael’s advice) to cope with the danger. We were just left with Sinclair demonstrating his skills, by falling over the ball, and the final whistle. I wasn’t aware of the stick that Samaras was being given, from where we were sitting, and I thought that at least he did try a bit today.
Pearcy was interviewed after the game by Cheesy on BBC Radio Manc., and if you didn’t think he’d already lost the plot, after you’d listened to this pile of bollocks you must all now be convinced. Oh, and his tenth place prediction that morning now looks very silly.
So I make it 18 out of 36 games without a City goal. KK contributor Rob Dunford’s comment re us going down in 1938 scoring the most goals of any team in the division (80) was an interesting one “What would you rather have, goals but relegation, or no goals and staying up?” It’s almost debateable.
So to Sunday morning, and that big fat bearded bastard (no, not Jimmy Hill?) who reckoned, on Sky, that “no-one remembers who won the league in 1968, Manchester City, I think, because united won the Euro cup” Well we’ve all forgotten that one haven’t we? Rags ‘won it’ playing in blue, at Wembley, after extra time, and Eusebio deliberately missed a sitter so that Busby could have his ‘moment’ at last. It was a fluke win (just like ’99) .
Then in the City hating/rags arselicking Sunday paper, ‘The Observer’ Peter Keeling took the biscuit by stating that City haven’t won a major trophy since 1969, and Barton not Mpenza missed the one on one. Now I know we’ve been shite for a long time, but at least give us some recognition and credit for our achievements and let’s have the sort of accurate journalism you’d expect from a Sunday broadsheet/shite.
Now we need to gear up for Saturday, and well done to City for not succumbing to changing the day of the game. First home goals since New Years day required, so we don’t have an unwanted record? They’ve a tricky game in Milan on Wednesday, the title’s almost sown up, so a good time to catch them maybe. Let’s put some pride back into the Sky Blue, after a poor season, where we’ve failed once again on the big managerial decisions.
Oh, and Allardyce had just resigned?!