Wednesday, 31 October 2007

IT'S A FIX - Bolton

Last time we made this round was 03/04 when we lost at Spurs 3-1. In 01/02 we went out at Blackburn 2-0, but in 00/01 we went through by beating Wimbledon at home 2-1 though we lost at home to Ipswich 2-1 in the 5th round.

Bolton were formed in 1874, founder members of the Football League in 1888/89, ups and downs until 34/35, stayed in top flight until 63/64 then down to Div 4 and back up to the Prem. for a season, up in 2001and steady since then.
4 times F.A. Cup winners (‘23,’26,’29,’58)

Some names/connections : Lofthouse, Hartle, Banks, Worthington, …Peter Kay, Vernon Kay, Dave Spikey, Lowry painting…Francis Lee, Freddie Hill, Wyn Davies, Billy
McAdams, Paul Warhurst, Tony Henry, Neil McNab, Jamie Pollock, Nicolas Anelka

Gary Megson’s squad includes : Jasskelainen, A O’Brian, J O’Brian, Meite, Campo (Marx!), Gardner, Nolan, Speed, Davies, Anelka, Diouf, Giannakopoulo, Al Habsi, Hunt, Cid

Last season : At COMS they strolled to a 2-0 win with two goals, inevitably, from St. Nicolas. Joey’s frustration got the better of him being red carded for a lunge near the end, Big Sam obviously thinking “he’s my man” 40,157 (2,794 Trotters, how did they manage that?)
A few weeks later we played out a dull 0-0 draw at The Reebok, though we had our chances, and would have won if Joey hadn’t missed a late sitter. 22,334 (only 1,512 Blues, the other 5,000 boycotting owing to our brand of football, or blokes being ‘under the thumb’ but mainly due to the outrageous ticket prices which backfired badly on them causing vast reductions for future home fixtures)
They finished 7th and made Europe.

This season so far : Big Sam left for Newcy in the summer, after doing all he could for the Whingers. Outs were Ben Haim, Fortune, Martin, Pedersen, Thompson, all free or released. In came Cid, Dzemalli, Guthrie, Harsanyi, McCann, Samuel, Helguson, Wilhelmsson, Braaten, for £3.5M, and not a Nathanial amongst them!
Then little Sam was fired and ex Blue boy Gary Megson came in, to disappoint the whingers (and please Leicester fans). Now they’ve really got something to whinge about, hopefully!
Currently they’re in 19th spot, so struggling with 6 points from 9 games and one win two draws three losses at home, but hanging on in there in Europe, and Nic’s scoring the goals.
In the Carling 3rd round they won at Fulham, upsetting Sanchez (who conveniently forgot about Fulham’s offside goal v us!) and face the Blues tonight.

Our form at Bolton : Just the odd win at Burnden over the years. At the Reebok we’ve won a few, 1-0 in 2000, 3-1 in 2004, and 1-0 in 2005, making it 3 wins (and a draw) out of the last six games there, so not bad.
P/W Attendances have ranged between 14,456 in ’65 to 43,706 in ’56.
Best win : 5-0 FA Cup in 5th round 1937 Worst defeat : 5-0 in 1922.
In the F. A. Cup we’ve played em 8 times, last in 1947, 60 years ago, winning 5 but losing 3. We recorded their record attendance in the 5th round of 1933 of 69,912.
In the League Cup we’ve played ‘em twice. We won 3-1 at Maine Road in 1966/67 (9,006), but this is the one you’re gonna hear about most, their 3-0 win in 71/72, when we were a top team and they in the third division, with three goals from the unknown Garry Jones 42,039 there so we must have taken about 35,000.

Groundwise : No change to the Reebok, and we’ll be behind the goal again, having sold our allocation..

Comment : On paper a toughie, and hopefully we’ll play our strongest team, in a competition that gives us our best chance of a trophy, even if the big four are hi-jacking it these days.
Tickets are sensibly priced at £10.
Hope not to see that fat bastard running down the touchline if they score..

Stats : 48 pre-war and 54 post make it 104 league meeting and over there it’s :played 27 won 7 drawn 4 lost 16
Last Att ; 22,334 (1,512 Blues)
Away day zines : The Wanderer (?)

Steve P’s Routemaster : M61 to jn 6 (ground is visible and signposted from the motorway) then A6027 to the ground. Away fans car park on site.
Horwich Parkway station 5 mins walk from the ground:
Parking/car parks: £3 here and there, £5 last year at the ground and we raced away afterwards!
Pubs : Shut to City fans still, on police advice, before and after. Plenty in Horwich though- Beehive, Bromilow Arms, Horwich Park inn


Saturday’s Guardian gave a big spread to Didi Hamann, and included a piece on City/Sven which made good reading. So all set then? Well we got that one a bit wrong in KOTK didn’t we? Even letting Shevchenko get one!
We gave the Bridge a miss – £48 x 2 plus everything else was just too expensive, so watched it in a pub in Warrington with the Blue Vic and Warrington Blues. Chelsea v City the main match on one screen and the rags v ‘Boro (who we beat convincingly recently) on the other with no sound (apart from shrieking women etc) You can imagine. We lose to the tune of 6, they win, not good. So plenty of aggressive gloating bordering on hatred from those who don’t know where Old Trafford is. Twats.
Awful wasn’t it? We’re still 3rd though, but Chelsea were irresistible and highlighted all our weaknesses. When we appoint a new manager I usually write in KOTK how long before he has to say “that’s the worst display of any team I’ve ever played in or managed!” today was that day. First sixer against since Liverpool did it to us in 1995 when we headed for relegation under Bally.

This week's Munich story in the MEN was on Bobby Charlton’s book, which he later talked about on the Parkinson show when he reckoned that ‘the babes’ would have won the Euro cup before they did in 1968. So a bit different than saying they would have won it that season, 1958. I don’t really have a problem with Charlton, to be honest, the crash must have had a devastating effect on him, so fair do’s. Wonder if the book includes the so called ticket touting episode though?

It’s Bolton tomorrow night (Wednesday) K.O. 8pm. Let’s see what we’re made off by bouncing back from Saturday’s mauling which now seems a long time ago.


Saturday, 27 October 2007

IT'S A FIX! - Chelsea


Rub your eyes cos it’s happened again. Saturday at 3pm what’s going on? So just when, on principle ‘cos of the prices you don’t want to go, it’s not on TV!

Formed in 1905, joined div 2 in 1905/06. Loads of ups and downs from 1st to 2nd., came up with us in 88/89, and stayed ever since. (we didn’t!) won the league in 1955, then again in 2005, and 2006 with a few cups, first in 1970 thrown in for good measure

Some names/connections : Embankment, Flower show, Pensioners, Kings Road, The Shed, …Clive Allen, Colin Viljoen, Gordon Davies, Terry Phelan, David Rocastle, Max Woosnam, SWP…Suggsy, David Mellor, Tim Lovejoy, Richard Attenborough,….

Avram Grant’s squad includes: Cech, Terry, Ben Haim,
A.Cole, Belleti, Essien, Mikel, J.Cole, Kalou, SWP, Shevchenko, Ballack, Lampard, Drogba, Bridge, Carvalho, Sidwell, Makalele, Malouda, Ferreira,

Last season : It was an opening day of the season 3-0 defeat at The Bridge for us, Terry, Lampard and Drogba netting with Corradi picking up a red card. At COMS in March we went down 1-0 to a 27th minute Lampard penalty, 39,420 (2,062 Pensioners), Chelsea whingeing and moaning all through the game. They suffered injuries to key players during the season, notably Terry, Cole, Robben and Czech. New signings, Shevchenko and Ballack were disappointing, SWP in and out and in the end they just weren’t good enough so finished in second place. They beat the rags in the cup final. Ha, and also won the Carling Cup...

This season so far : Veron (out of contract, how did they pay £15M for him?) and Geremi were the main departures and Malouda (£13.5M) Ben Haim, Sidwell, Pizarro, Alex and Searle have all come in. So far, after the unbelievable split with Mourinho, a sad loss to English football, they’ve not hit the heights and are 7th with 18 points from 10 games and 2 wins and 2 draws, no defeats at home. They got the decision at Anfield to earn a point., but got nothing from Mike Dean at O/T and lost 2-0, or in the home game v Portsmouth. There’s speculation over Lampard and Terry’s playing in a face mask. In the Carling they’ve got Leicester at home, and have just beaten Schalke in the Champions League.

Our form at The Bridge : Pretty poor, our last win was in 92/93 4-2, since then it’s been 6 defeats, 3 draws, last in 04/05, and we haven’t scored for 5 games? P/W attendances have ranged from 16,583 in 61/62 to 53,322 in 71/72. Best win 4-1 in 78/79. Worst defeat 5-0 in 02/03.

Comment: We’ll never get a better chance than today so let’s see how far we’ve come, or not! No doubt they’ll have the big guns back, though Shevchenko’s a disaster, and it’ll be time for
a City goal, and also time for a win to give SWP some wishful thinking?

Groundwise: Once second only to Maine Road, with a record attendance of 82,905. The Bridge is pretty well complete now. We’re in the Shed Stand behind the goal, no doubt ticket prices are up around £45 and £48 as per last season – outrageous!
Stewards: Stop us selling outside and inside. Bastards.
Police : No probs
Catering: Usual crap.
STATS: 40 pre-war and 84 post-war, make it our 125th league meeting, and at The Bridge, post-war it’s:
Played 42 Won 9 Drawn 12 Lost 21.
Last Pot: F.A.Cup and Carling Cup 2007
Last Att: 41.953(1,446 City).
This seasons average : 41,497
Where were they when they were shite? 8,858 v us in 88/89! Averaged 12,673 in ‘82/83.
Away Day Zines: The Chelsea Independent, The Westander, Cockney Rebel, Curious Blue, Mathew Harding’s Blue and White Army, Carefree (all as far as we know)
The Steve Parish Routemaster :
M6 to jn 4, M42 to jn 3A (or M6 toll to M42), then M40 to jn 1A for M25 (direction Heathrow), M25 to next junction 15, M4 for London (W). At end of M4 continue to A4 round Chiswick roundabout onto Great West Road and over Hammersmith Flyover, then turn right at second set of lights (B317 North End
Road), cross A3218 Lillis Road, left at Fulham Broadway to A304 Fulham Road.
Stamford Bridge on left. On street parking horrendous.
Park up and come in by tube: KK usually recommends parking at Greenford station (just off the A40) and using the Central line..Alternatives would be Ealing Broadway or Ealing Common then District Line to Fulham Broadway changing at Earls Court, or using M1 to one of several stations in north London.
Trains Manchester to London:Cheap tickets could still be available, otherwise Saver return (any train). Then Victoria Line from Euston to Victoria, then District Line to Fulham Broadway.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Birmingham home – 3pm on a Saturday, surely that time had something to do with the increased crowd, 45, 688 not to mention a few more Brummie fans than the paltry 864 who turned up last time. Did I say ‘fans’? Well I met a few decent ones before the game but it was the 25 year Zulu reunion and I believe it went off outside Mary D’s, and also, sadly, inside the ground at the end of the game in the South stand. Reports awaited from KK observers,.
As for the game, one nil, Elano again, will do for me. Bruce reckons it was a foul by Johnson, who was actually fouled himself, prior to getting the ball, so shut your mouth Brucie, and prepare for the sack, then off to Bolton. OK?
Now here’s a strange thing. Birmingham played in their first choice colours of Blue, and we in our sky blue, so it can be done. North stand seemed to be having fun with their paper planes, shades of Chelsea home a couple of seasons ago, and once again a fine sunny day and enjoyable result. Gary James informed me that it was our best start at home since…1957, when we won our first six games, including a 5-2 v Chelsea, 4-3 v Leicester, and a 5-1 v Spurs and fans (fuelled by the MEN) claimed they weren’t being entertained! All in the new book ‘Century City’. We drew the seventh game, against Luton, by the way, 2-2 scoring two goals in the last minute to draw level (after I’d gone home!).
I wandered round the New Kippax (East) stand concourse at half time and spotted the newly named Roy Clarke bar. Trouble is the dosy fuckers spelt it without an ‘e’. Gimme an ‘e’. Does anyone in this club understand the history of City and our players? Good job Thaksin didn’t spot it, heads could have rolled, if it’s good enough for drug dealers…..!
Elsewhere the rags won at Villa against nine men and were given a penalty which they missed. Didn’t see the game on telly but the script looks the same as normal. Liverpool won 2-1 against a nine man Everton and got two penalties, and no-one sent off, though Kurt should’ve walked, whilst the Toffees had two penalty appeals turned down. Arsenal and Chelsea didn’t need any refereeing help against Bolton and at ‘Boro, so no change at the top. And we’re still up there.
The media was fairly generous, considering - apart from a little dig in the MUMirror/AIG newsletter, from Anthony Clavane who reckoned Joe Hart was a snip at £800K compared to some of our big money buys. Who are they then? Have we spent £30M on a single player like certain other clubs, or £20M, or £15M, or £10M even? No. Cut it out you imbecile.
Didi Hamann got off with a fine and driving ban.
Nice one in the ‘Control’ film - excellent pic by the way. Ian Curtis, asked what his favourite colour was “Blue, Man City blue”, he replied. Ian’s and thousands of others, including all those teams who’ve nicked it as their away colours recently.

Mr and Mrs Ed were generously invited to be the guests of Mrs Brobyn and Emily (Magnum Furniture Store, Leigh and Atherton) at the Sponsor a Player 'do' at Eastlands last night. A very special evening it was too, with a great atmosphere, as you can imagine in the present circumstances "so very different from last year" many were heard to comment. Our table was graced with the presence of Vedran Corluka and Darius Vassell - both were delightful company. Most of the first team players were there, as were Sven and his sidekick Hans Backe - thus quashing the rumour we'd related in the recent issue of KOTK that Backe had gone back to Sweden and was unlikely to return! Apologies there - it was from a reliable source, but must have been some mistake or misunderstanding.
Many thanks to Emily and her Mum for their lovely hospitality, and further appreciation to John Wardle who was gracious enough to come over for a chat, despite the criticisms he'd endured through the pages of KOTK last season. We in turn told him how glad we are that our worst fears re the appointment of Sven had not been realised and this is one occasion when we are delighted to be wrong.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Xpert Eleven

Hello everyone.

There's an online version of Football Manager (not as good, but it's quite decent and addictive) and I'm looking for players to join into a league I've created.

A few details:
- It's free: All you have to do is register a username and you can join a league.
- Players are completely made up, but the system does tell you their form/skill/special qualities.
- The game is real time. This means that matches are played by the system at designated times (it's on GMT+1, so they're an hour ahead of us). You don't need to be online when the game is played, but you do need to log in inbetween each game to select a team and set tactics.
- Since the game isn't located in one country, there is a fictional currency (called econ).
- You can't change tactics (etc) during games since they are processed by the system at certain times. However, substitutions are automatic with injuries.

If you'd like to join, all you have to do is sign up to: and either search for the league with the ID 126114.

The only requirement for joining the league is that your team name is International (for example, England or Italy). It also makes sense to set your players' nationality to the same country, but this isn't necessary, since transfers can take place!

Any questions will be answered in comments (if I spot them!!).

David Mooney

It's A Fix - Birmingham


Wow, a scheduled game, a Saturday, and a 3pm kick off, only one thing could mess that up, don’t even think about it!

Birmingham were formed as Small Heath (nicknamed first as The Heathens), in 1875 and joined Div 2 in 1892/3. Ups and throughout including a stint in the 3rd. Finally made it to the Prem, consolidated, went down for one season and now back.
F.A. Cup runners up in 1931 and 1956 (to us, yesss!!!), European Fairs Cup runners up in 1960 and ’61. League Cup winners in ’63, runners up in 2001.
Some names/connections ; Small Heath, Blues, Zulus, David Sullivan, David Gold, Karen Brady, Jasper Carrott
Alex (The King) Harley, Ray Ranson, Roy Warhurst, Trevor Francis, Ron Saunders, John Bond, Steve Fleet, Tony Coton, Mark Ward, Frank Carrodus, Wayne Clarke, Paul Cooper, Richard Edghill, Paul Moulden, Tony Towers, David Seaman ….

Steve Bruce’s squad includes : Taylor, Parnaby, Kelly, Djourou, Ridgewell, Muamba, Quendrue, Nafti, Larsson, Kapo, Jerome, O’Connor, Forssell, McSheffrey,

Last season : after an early struggle they got it together and came up in second place.
Our last meetings were in season 05/06 when we won 2-1 at St Andrews, Barton and Cole after Butt had given them the lead, 23,666 (1622 City) and 4-1 at COMS, Sommeil, Barton, Sibierski and BWP, Jarosik getting a late consolation for them.

This season so far : Outgoings were Campbell, Clemence, N’Gotty, Gray for £3M. Incomings are Kapo, Muamba, Parnaby, O’Connor, De Ridder, Schmitz, Queduru, Ridgewell for £10M. Currently they’re in 12th place with 8 points from 8 games and one win one draw, a 0-0 at Anfield, and 2 losses away from home. They went out of the Carling 3-0 at Blackburn

Our Form in Manc v Brum: Pretty good, we’ve only lost once (0-1 in 97/98) in the last 14 lg meetings. Best win: 6-0 L.Cup in 01/02. Worst defeat : 4-1 in 61/62
P/W attendances have ranged from 20,205 in 88/89 to 44,779 in ’56.
Famous moment: Obviously the ’56 FA Cup Final and the 3-1 win – Johnstone, Dyson, Hayes, and Bert’s broken neck!
Windups: ‘’Steve Bruce is the Elephant Man”.”You’re Gonna get the sack”

Comment : We usually do well against them, particularly in Manc. so you’d expect us to continue our 100% home record. Also they’re in takeover turmoil, Yeung Stir coming in, so Brucie should be a bit worried about the result knowing our track record for getting managers sacked! Only 864 Brummies last time out, though it was on PPV, surely they can do better than that, can’t they? Rumour is that they will, in a Zulu re-union?

STATS: 58 pre-war and 70 post-war make it our 129th league meeting, and p/w here it’s:-
Played: 35.: Won 26. Drawn 6. Lost 3 (4-1 in 61/62, 1-0 in 80/81, 1-0 in 97/98)
Last Att : 41,345, (864 Brummies)
Where were they when they were shite? – Av 7,030 in 90/91!
This season’s average : 26,127

Friday, 19 October 2007

Editor's UPDATE

A blank weekend - well England were playing, stepping out at Wembley against Estonia, and a comfortable 3-0 win. Micah laying on the pass for SWP to score the first. The M.U.M. devoted it’s whole column to the wonders of Rooney – hey what a goal. Wonder what the ‘dubious goals ‘ panel will make of that one ?
Here at KK towers, having flirted out the Century City book via publisher Andy, to the printers, we were back to the ‘bread and butter’ of KK154, having brought it forward a couple of weeks for various reasons and having to get it to the printers early doors (like 6 am) on Monday morning.
As usual the regular contributors put in a stirling effort, and only some clever editing (or jiggery pokery) kept it down to 40 pages
The postal strike didn’t help – Alan Menzies' stuff arriving yesterday, so a double helping next issue.
The M.U.M./AIG (Man U Mirror), as David Mooney spotted, excelled itself with it’s ‘Angry Blues to quit Sven’s set –up’ headline opposite David McDonnell’s arselicking ‘Van Der Star’ one.
Jeff Powell in the Daily Mail on Wednesday managed to forecast England’s danger in Russia by suggesting that it was Sven’s fault that England had played on the Saturday (a morale boosting match and result surely) and Russia hadn’t, so would be fresher. Figure that one out. Bauble on the tree please DM!
Anyway yesterday England went down 2-1 in Russia. Rooney did score a cracker, although marginally offside, and then the red mist came down with fouls and the penalty give away (whilst Platt was talking crap about ‘commitment’ – stop it). When he went from Everton to O/T we were fed a load of bollocks about how his new club would look after him, protect him, nurture him, in a way that Everton couldn’t. Unfortunately what’s happened is that the club which expects, and usually gets, every decision going for them, has just made excuse after excuse for him and they’ve ratified his indulgencies instead of controlling them. Result being that at the highest level he’s a liability.
McClaren’s under pressure now, and looking at Sven with City it makes you wonder if ANYONE could do the England job justice.
This week's Munich story appeared in the MEN. Apparently Patrick Evra - how long has he been at O/T - a year, two years, 18 months? Well he now wants to learn all about united’s history including the air crash. Well, well, how appropriate, in the 50th anniversary year too, fancy that. Now I would have thought that every new signing, at any club would be sat down and shown a video of that club's history, wouldn’t you? I certainly hope it happens at City, not to mention some of the staff as well. Contrived? You bet.
Elsewhere Willie Donachie’s been sacked at Millwall, it was only a matter of time, and so has Sammy Lee at Bolton. You’d have thought they’d have hung on until we’d knocked them out of the Carling Cup. Now with a new man in charge they might click into new manager mode.
Talking of Bolton, if you get chance to see the play at the Octagon ‘And Did Those Feet’ get yourself along there, it’s brilliant. All about their cup run in1923 and the life and times of that era. An emotional drama. City fan Jeff Hordley (ex Emmerdale) stars and has to endure a couple of light hearted City jibes. Blimey here was I thinking that going back to 57/58 season with the Century City book, was nostalgic and Boltonians (though they might well have done a play on that season) have taken it a step further going back to the twenties. Good job they didn’t do it on 1926 eh!
So, we now look forward to Saturday, and hope that our boys return from International duty fit and raring to go, ‘cos we all are. C’mon City, three points and a fine performance against the Brummies please, and give their new owners the easy option to fire Bruce, not that I like to see a man lose his job, normally.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Media Madness

Anyone who has picked up the bilge infested toilet paper we call newspapers in the last few weeks will have no doubt seen a whole host of bullshit stories all about City.

I know it's a strange and slightly controvertial stance for a journalism student to take, but there are very, very few newspapers that I actually like. I can't abide the Star or the Mirror because of their lack of news, the Sun has too much celebrity nonsense for my liking, the Mail and the Express have too much crap about immigrants and the real meaning of being British, the Times is too difficult to unfold, and that leaves me with the Guardian and the Independant (the latter is my favourite, since I can unfold it on the train without removing anyone else's nose with my watch).

Now, I'm going to lay down a challenge. For every bullshit story that is printed by the Sun, the Star or the Mirror about City is going to earn them an offensive baubel on their Christmas Tree charts (each of which are linked to later on).

It's an idea I completely stole from BBC Four's The Late Edition, so if you've seen it before you'll know how it works. If you haven't, you can pretend you didn't read this paragraph and that I invented it.

We're going to start on Tuesday 16 October 2007 and whoever has the most baubels by sometime around Christmas will be declared the winner.

The Daily Mirror have gone with this today:

Angry Blues to quit Sven's set-up
Rolando Bianchi and Andreas Isaksson are ready to quit Manchester City in January if they cannot win back their places.

Which gets them off the mark with their first offensive baubel: An angel with the face of Roy Keane.

The Daily Star and The Sun (that's the one with all the titties in it) didn't run anything about City today, so they're still yet to score. So, at the moment, The Daily Mirror is in the lead with one point!

For a more close up version of these trees, you can see them fully at the following links:

The Mirror:
The Star:
The Sun:

David Mooney

Saturday, 6 October 2007

IT'S A FIX! - Middlesbrough


Was to be Newcastle away but switched from New Years day to today (owing to the Newcastle home fixture being too close to the UEFA cup final), and on a Sunday as the rags are at home to Wigan.

Boro’ were formed in 1886, and joined division 2 in 1890/91. Ups and downs throughout their history, into the third at one point, almost going down the tube, playing home games at Hartlepools, and now established in the Prem since 97/98, thanks to Chairman Steve Gibson’s backing.
Names and famous smoggies are : Free’s Paul Rodgers, Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, Bob Mortimer, Jack Charlton, Wilf Mannion, High Profile connections Johnny Crossan, Danny Mills, Alan Kernaghan.

Gareth Southgate’s squad includes : Schwarzer, Woodgate, Wheater, Young, Rochemback, Arca, Taylor, Boateng, Aliadiere, Mido, Greening (boo), Cattermole,

Last season : At COMS Dunney gave us a 1-0 win and up at ‘Boro we clinched it 2-0 with goals from Distin and Mpenza to give us a rare but very welcome double. 26,427 (1167 City)
They finished 12th with 46 points.

This season so far : They’ve lost Xavier, Parnaby, Viduka, Graham, Christie and Turnbul all free. Incomers are Woodgate, Aliadiere, Santi, Young for £11M.
They’re currently in 14th place with 8 points from 8 games and 1 win 2 draws 3 defeats away from home. They were knocked out of the Carling at Spurs.

Our form v ‘Boro in Manc : Last seasons win was the first since the 97/98 2-0, then we had 3 draws and 2 losses. .P/W attendances have ranged from 8,053 (64/65) to 59,252.(49/50) Best moments 5-1 in 52/53, 4-0 in 75/76 (lg and lg cup) Worst, those 5 defeats.

Comment : They’ve lost Viduka to Newcastle and haven’t spent a lot so look to be strugglers this year and it will be nice to see them off again.

Stats : 52 pre-war and 58 post make it our 111th league meeting and here post war it’s :
Played 29 won 18 drawn 6 lost 5 (all 1-0 - in 49/50, 92/93, 95/96, 03/04, 05/06).
Last (only) Pot ; Coca Cola Cup in 2004
Last attendance : 36,720 (725 Boro)
Their current average : 25,617
WWYWYW Shite : Averaged 5,135 in 84/85

Finally some songs from Paul :

I’m H.A.P.P.Y
our chairman is a Thai
He said sign 3 more new players Sven
That look like Sub Jihai

I’m H.A.P.P.Y
Elano lets it fly
We bought 8 players from a video
That came from MFI

I’m H.A.P.P.Y our managers a Swede
We’ve won nowt for 30 years
Success is what we need

I’m H.A.P.P.Y
Cos we’re crap no more
Blue moon on the rise again
united know the score

I’m H.A.P.P.Y.
Cos City’s on the up
The queen she said arise Sir Sven
You're gonna win the cup
I see a Blue Moon risin’
I see a trophy on the way
Maybe we’ll qualify for Europe
Might win the F.A.Cup in May

We’ve got Petrov on the left
Elano to the right
There’s a Blue Moon on the rise


Haven’t bothered too much with the reserves since we left Maine Road but we popped along to the Athletics stadium to watch the 2-2 against Newcastle. It was also another chance to give out the postcards for the Century City book which you can pre-order from the KK address. If you want to subscribe you can still get your names in it but as there’s a postal strike you can give us a ring on 01942 515739, before Tuesday if possible, and settle later.....
Not much improvement I’m afraid at the venue for reserve games (the athletics/training facility). Floodlighting still poor, and still two running tracks away from the pitch. Good point though was that you can now park in the COMS car parks. This idea was pooh-poohed when put to the club by POB a couple of years ago, so good to see they’ve finally used a bit of common sense.
Joey played the first half. He was also back in the press again saying it was down to himself, Dunney and Micah that we stayed in the Prem last season, and Sven said “thank you” though he didn’t follow City last year!
Joey’s trial is imminent.

David McDonnell in the man-u-mirror pens a piece on City’s foreigners – no other club has them of course(!?) - quoting a team selection which excluded Michael Johnson and claiming Kasper as Danish, although he's understood to be of dual nationaality and was certainly raised within the Greater Manchester area, and has the accent to prove it. Then there's Joe Hart, and Ched Evans etc. McDonnel follows up with a Micah piece saying he’s stalling on a new contract as united are going to sign him next summer.......

European week and united scrape a win over Roma with a Rooney fluke or 'fantastic goal' if you believe Fergie, and Ronaldo got a crack, but he’ll be beautiful again soon (he says) - ugh!
Rangers won in Lyon, Arsenal won in Bucharest, Liverpool lost at home to Marseille, Chelsea won in Valencia, Celtic beat AC Milan when a Celtic fan ran on the pitch and their goalie took a dive, Bolton beat Rabotnicki with an Anelka goal, Blackburn went out to Larissa, Everton beat Metalist, and Spurs and Aberdeen are also through.

This week’s Munich story is all about a plaque, rescued from the wreckage, being auctioned by Mullock’s, so a big outcry. Perhaps there’ll be an outcry for Cantona and his entourage creaming off all the dosh from the memorial game a couple of years ago. First time united did anything for the victims and their families, but it raised hardly anything, and not enough eyebrows.

Tomorrow it’s ‘Boro as we hope to continue our fine form. The Media anti Sven story is Gareth Southgate having a pop for Sven’s dull half time team talk in the World Cup game v ten man Brazil. Water under the bridge.


Thursday, 4 October 2007


Pre-orders for the book CENTURY CITY are now being received at the discount price of £12.95 (RRP £14.95) inc P&P in UK (approx £5 in EU, £8 elsewhere). This offer will close on October 20th.
Also, if you would like your name included in the book, please order before October 9th (this offer has been extended due to the postal strike).
The book, by Dave Wallace (editor of KOTK), covers the 1957/58 season when City gained the (dubious) record in first class football of scoring over 100 goals and conceding 100.
Hard-backed with plenty of illustrations throughout, this is not just a record of matches but an end to end thriller capturing the spirit of football in an age when shorts were called 'knickers', boots were brown leather and footballs had laces which could split a forehead in two. There was little TV coverage, so match reports were often literary gems as writers sought graphic analogies to correctly describe the games and the players. Some of these gems are lovingly reproduced, along with the players' own memories and those of the fans. There are also quotes from the match programmes and orginal drawings of the grounds at the time, in the style of 'It's a Fix' in the KOTK fanzine, and individual portraits of the players. It was an extraordinary season, and this is an extraordinary book.
Due to be published in November and on sale in selected bookshops or from the KOTK address in time for Christmas.

Cheers, Sue

BTW - surely the Sven we have as manager is an imposter! Not what we expected after his stint as England manager. Long may he continue - the football is a joy. Maybe THIS will turn out to be an extaordinary season too!

Fenebahce vs CITY 1968

No doubt everyone has already seen it as I tend to usually be five years out of date, I am only just considering ditching my flared trousers. I found (by accident) on YouTube, a clip that seems to be dedicated to Fenebahce and on it is a report about what was, until recently their greatest football achievement. Knocking the English champions out of the European Cup. There are highlights of the game in Turkey (but not the Maine Road leg) including the goals and a couple of goals that the Turks scored, but were given as offside. The clip is five minutes long and the quality is reasonable. It is all in Turkish of course, but if enough people are interested, I will see if I can get the comments translated from Turkish and provide sub titles. I am amazed because I really didn't think any filmed evidence existed of our one and only European Cup appearance, I have certainly never seen it on any City video. The link is

Monday, 1 October 2007

HOW WAS IT FOR YOU? - Newcastle (home)

Before the game we heard that we were drawn at Bolton in the next round of The Carling, so a short trip and big turnout if Sven picks a proper team, and they charge sensible prices.

Early start for the Geordies with the 12.45pm kick off, and as usual plenty of them came down, loud and, erm, proud, as you’d expect with their arrival in civilisation. Rain kept off, miraculously, and did the sun shine!?
What a performance that was. Best I’ve seen us play for years. Ballet in the sun! Good to see us come back from a goal down again, character shown in an all round team performance of high quality. Didn’t it make you feel good?.
Sour note though was stewards and police ejecting Blues for having a crafty smoke out on the spirals. Dads getting thrown out despite their kids being on their own in the ground. No wonder gates are down.
A bit of confrontation at the end at the only ground in the Prem which doesn’t allow fans to mingle after the game. Does the segregation CAUSE the confrontations? I believe so.

Round and about regarding our rivals. Arsenal won at West Ham, who had dubious offside decisions given against them. Liverpool won at Wigan who had, erm, dubious offside decisions given against them. Chelsea only drew. The rags were battered at Birmingham but sneaked a win owing to a defensive error.
How is it going to be possible to break into the big four with this kind of bias week in week out. Time for a campaign methinks.
So we awaited the media reaction. Lawrenson had to be grudgingly kind on MOTD.
Andy Gray on Sky reckoned Mpenza didn’t know what he was doing scoring that class second goal.
Chris Kamara was shouted down for suggesting that Micah should have given away a penalty when he touched the ball away.
As for the Sunday papers. Paul Wilson in the Observer was fairly generous but with the usual sting in the tail – “it probably won’t last.”
The Man U Mirror was an absolute disgrace, as you’d expect from a paper in conjunction with Ai f**king G. Amazing. We win with style and class. They fluke it and still get all the publicity. F**k off you biased cap doffing morons
Thanks, by the way to everyone who accepted our Century City book postcards with good grace, and we’re hoping for a good response. You won’t regret it.