Friday, 1 February 2008

Ed's update

Ed’s Update

Derby away. What can you say. Good run down the M6, A50, A38 (cheers to Dave Woodhouse) on a bitterly cold night. Good Blues contingent and support. Derby lost 1-4 at home to Preston at the weekend in the 4th round of the cup, announced new owners and you had to admire their support for a crappy team that we couldn’t beat despite loads of spurned chances. Got stopped by the cops for speeding (busting for a number two!) and when I told him where I’d been he must have felt sorry for me and let me off!
So a depressing week really, months and months to line up some signings to ensure a good cup run and push for a top six place, then nothing. Rumblings of discontent within the club, and page after page in the media (five in tonights MEN alone) on the Munich derby, and still no objective journalism. I will be writing to David Lacey in the Guardian on this, surely our last hope after all the fawning in the local press.
Still, Arsenal tomorrow, things can only get better…..surely……
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