Sunday, 10 February 2008

Manchester United 1 (one) Manchester City 2 (two)

There really isn't the need to say anything on this, just well done to Sven for outwitting and outplanning Mr Ferguson.

Thanks to the players for going to Old Trafford for the first time in years and taking the game to United just like I remembered it in the good old days of Lee, Bell, Summerbee and Young.

But most of all a BIG thank you to the 3000 blues fans who showed the biased media that we can not only respect the occasion but outsing the plastic fans.

City, you have given me one days that in another twenty years, I will look back on and remember as fondly as Neil Young's screamer passed Shilton or Dennis Tueart's overhead kick.


  1. United fan here, wanted to say well done on the win, you deserved it. Especially wanted to say thanks to your support for observing the minute's silence. I expected that most of you would, but that there might be a few idiots who ruined it. But from what I saw, everyone showed respect. Great to hear the chanting for Frank Swift, too.

    Though I hate to say it, well done to coach, team and fans.

  2. That's really good of you to say Simon. Obviously we are all chuffed as hell to have won at Old Trafford, but equally those of us that weren't there were very aware that the press were champing at the bit to deamonise ALL City fans for the actions of one or two idiots. Now if only the media will give the same coverqage to those who DON'T buy poppies and REFUSE to stand in silence for one minute to remember those who died in unneccesary wars