Friday, 15 February 2008

That was the week that was.

What a lovely week this has been. The sun shone on the swamp last Sunday and I don't think think it has stopped shining since. It has been cold but that reminds me that is how revenge is best served. For 2/3 weeks prior to the game our fans were practically villified in the press and that was long before a set of bagpipes had been 'winded' or a ball kicked. The performance of the Blue team and the behaviour of the fans, on what was really a 'massive' day for the home team, really upset the apple cart for the press. That was the stuff that memories are made of.

Although most of the pundits were complimentary to the Blues there was always their underlying question of not so much ' how City had won' but more of 'why had 'nited lost'? It was ever thus. My daughter Ann who lives in Staffordshire has not attended a game for many a 'blue moon', in fact since she was a young girl, was stirred enough by a piece in last Wednesdays Daily Mail by Jamie Redknapp to fire him off an e- mail; " What is Jamie Redknapp talking about in his ramblings about the Manchester derby? The result was a true reflection of Manchester Uniteed's quality on the day. Yes, the occasion was difficult both emotionally and mentally- for BOTH teams. Mr Redknapps comments relating to the change in kit and routine are totally ridiculous. Both teams wore retro kits and pre match routine and attention for City and United, Manchester City simply rose to the occasion and Manchester United didn't!
A chip off the old block perhaps but there is no doubtiing, ' once a Blue, always a Blue.'

One final thought. What kind of fan would want to profit from a piece of memorabilia given to commemorate an act of rememberance. Would you have put your money on it being someone who would nodoubt been loud in their protestations had a murmur been heard from the Blue end last Sunday? Well I would.

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  1. Well said King.My kids bleed blue also.Every United fan I met this week had some excuse or they just couldn't give us credit.Very sore losers,just like their team.
    City by the Bay