Thursday, 10 April 2008

Ed's Update

Chelsea home, and a nice sunny day until we got a wintry shower just before kick off and throughout the game. A poor atmosphere at COMS, not surprising after the recent abysmal results. We tamely went a goal down then played some decent stuff as martin Petrov tried to gee up the crowd but to little avail. Second half it petered out completely as Chelsea extended their lead and we wended our weary way out of the ground. To compound our misery they wouldn’t let us out of the East exit of the east car park despite showing some initiative at the last home game Today it was “the Police won’t let us” last time it was “the Club” time before that it was the car park steward. Anyway it pissed us all off.
Semi-final weekend and as expected Portsmouth and Cardiff City made it to Wembley defeating West Brom and Barnsley respectively, and ‘Boro tool 2 points off the rags.
In Europe it’s 3 English teams through to the semi finals, Liverpool v Chelsea and united v Barca, so we’ve got all that 1999 bollocks all over again.

On Saturday it’s Sunderland away for us and if you can’t make it pop along to the club shop between 1 and 2 pm to get your copy of Ian Penney’s book re-launch in paperback (Manchester City – The Mercer Allison Years) by Peter Barnes, Tony Book and Tommy Booth - £9.99

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