Tuesday, 9 December 2008

this week

Fulham. Grandaughter Ellie’s birthday party on the Friday night so set off down to Banbury late on for a stopover to save a very early Saturday morning start. London reasonably quiet but parking restrictions meant taking advantage of Steve P’s offer to park at the local vicar’s gaff. Still far enough away when you’ve got bags of zines to lug to the ground. Football grounds in London? It just gets worse.
Italian restaurant now Mexican so had to take advantage of a nice little café further down the grandly named Fulham Palace Road. Always good selling at Fulham and meeting up with southern Blues. Sir Howard Davies stopped by for a chat and said he was in the Directors box as a guest of Alistair MacKintosh. Then I was approached by a young steward “have you got permission to sell those” he said “Oh yes, verbal permission off Alistair MacKintosh, give him a ring and he’ll confirm it” With that he wondered off looking perplexed. Then my favourite lady Fulham steward - always have a chat every year - came up and bought a zine for her friend, a City fan who lives in Portsmouth. Missed the goal, faffing about getting a cup of coffee, and overall a draw was about right.
City fan Rodney Rhoden, who’s just written a book on the Governors which I picked up in HMV recently (who declined to stock a few Century City’s!) introduced himself at half time, and we’ll be doing a review in the next KK. So from a knight to a Guvnor, eh, all in a fanzine editor’s day!
Good thing about an early kick off is that it’s light at the end of the game, and makes escaping the smoke that much easier.
So it was a mad dash up the motorway to attend the Christmas ‘do’ at the Merseyside branch, and to meet up again with those hospitable City fans with scousy accents including the indomitable Norah Mercer and Tony Rawls.
So, after a hectic week or so, Schalke, united, producing the zine, PSG, Fulham, Merseyside, then doing the subscriptions, it was a tad disappointing to have the car door booted in in a Leigh side street, then the telly (Bought after the 4-1 win over the rags a couple of years ago – the last one lasted about 15 years and was still going strong) broke down and the one year old fridge packed in (the last one was about twenty years old!) Modern life and technology eh! Still, same old City, but not for much longer, hopefully!!

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