Wednesday, 31 December 2008

this week

This week
On a cold day at Blackburn we were a goal down at half time and just as I said “they’re due their second” in it went so I got “that’s your fault” replying “no I know City by now”. I didn’ t predict the final score though, but it was noticeable that heads didn’t go down and we kept on pressing to ram the “Hughesy, Hughesy, what’s the score” and “you’re getting sacked in the morning” chants back down the Rovers fans throats. Nice one. I like that sort of stuff, and well done the boys for showing some bottle.
News on Lewis Burfield is that he still gets headaches, can’t tell the difference between hot and cold water on his legs, but is going back to school with a Peter Cech type helmet on, will stay in at playtimes, and continue to be monitored. So the good progress continues. I’ve contacted the club to see if Lewis and his brother Stanley could be mascots for a future game so we’ll see if that comes about.
John thanks everyone for their good luck messages, and assures us that he will be back for the next KK which is being done this weekend so get those contributions in asap please.
Next up, the transfer window opens and it looks to be an interesting time with us being linked with dozens of players. Then we’ve got Forest on Saturday in the F. A. Cup, and I don’t anticipate a shock even though they sacked their manager after losing 4-2 at home to Doncaster last week.
Anyway, have a Good night tonight and we wish you all a Happy New Year.

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