Friday, 29 February 2008

It's a fix


Kick off put back to 5.15pm for TV

Formed in 1932, elected to Football League in 1972 replacing Southport. Lived the Whelan dream by moving up the leagues, making the Premiership last season.

Some names/connections : Carl Bradshaw, John Benson, Freddie Pye, Michael Brown, Antoine Sibierski, and…Fred Eyre. Plus Sam Barkas became their manager in 1957 and his ambition was to top the Lancashire Combination and gain entry to the Football league, and they all dreamed on…..
Wigan is famous for Rugby League, George Orwell, George Formby, The Verve, and the Pier.

Steve Bruce’s (boo) squad includes Kirkland, Bramble, Scharner, Kilbane, Brown, Palacios, Melchiot, Koumas, Bent, Heskey, Valencia, Pollitt, Hagen,Granqvist, Taylor, King, Sibierski, Aghahowa, Boyce, Cotterill, Edmill….

This season so far : Turmoil again with Hutchings going and Bruce being appointed.
At the JJB in December it was a 1-1 draw, Geovanni taking advantage of Bamble’s slip in the 1st minute but with Sharner equalising in the 25th. 18,614 there including 4,973 Blue, as the ticket prices were a reasonable but still high £25..
Currently they’re in 14h place with 26points from 27games and 1 win 3 draws and 10 defeats away from home. They went out of the cup at home to Chelsea and are embroiled in a relegation battle.

Our form in Manc v Wigan : Last season we lost 1-0 to a Folan 18th minute goal in an abject performance before 39,923 (2,096 humble pie eaters) as we stayed stuck on 30 points for the 5th game on the trot.
So they’ve won the last two and it’s time for a win.

Comment : This is a must win game, not only to put one over on Steve bloodshot eye Bruce but to give us a valuable 3 points in our European quest, though it would be a shame if they went down and robbed us of a local game (even though the Eds went away . when we played at the JJB!)

Stats : In total we’ve now played Wigan 14 times.
Twice in the F.A.Cups 1971 (won 1-0) and 06/07 (won 1-0)
Three times in the League cup.- 82/83 (1-1 away, 2-0 home). 2002 away (lost 1-0)
Twice in the league div 2 98/99 (won 1-0 home and away) Twice in the div 2 play off semi-finals 98/99 – (drew 1-1 away, won 1-0 home)
Five times in the Prem – 2005/06 (lost 4-3 away, 1-0 home) 2006/07 (lost 4-0 away and 1-0 home,) earlier this season it was that 1-1 draw. So this is our 15th meeting, and we’ve not yet beaten them in the Prem.
Last Pot : None, but reached the Carling Cup final in 05/06, but lost 4-0 to rags
Last Attendance : 39,923 (2,096 Wigan)
WWTWTWShite : 2,758 in 1989/90
Their current home average : 18,514

eds update

Ed’s update

And a blank weekend for the Blues, again last week, as we settled down to watch the Arse at Birmingham on the box. 1-0 down to ten men, Martin Taylor sent off for the tackle on Eduardo resulting in an horrendous injury. They had it won at 2-1 then Clichy drifted off (just like when Corluka robbed him) and was adjudged to have given away a penalty in the last minute, so 2-2.
Funny that Fergie was bleating on all week about one law for Arsenal and another for the rest, and the ref goes and gives a decision against the Gunners? Then the rags blitzed Kev’s sorry Newcastle to close the gap at the top to three points. Elsewhere Villa, Portsmouth, Blackburn, West Ham and Liverpool all won so we were down to 8th place but could go up to 7th if we beat Everton. Spurs won the Carling Cup so that’s an UEFA place less, and no-one moaning about Martin Jol going anymore..
We didn’t win it. Everton in all blue, ref in all black, Petrov sent off by Styles, stewards letting the chosen one out of the East exit from the east car park, it rained and a stinky night all round, and still no ‘e’ on Roy Clarke’s name……
Thaksin’s gone back to Thailand, Castillo’s back, Bojinov’s almost back, Richarsds is out for 6 weeks after a knee op and the youth team march into the semis v Sunderland next week.. So, Wigan on Saturday, a MUST win if the season isn’t to peter out……C’mon City!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Great Unpredictables

I don't know why I was so disapointed about last nights result, like the rest of you I already knew that they'd lose. I remeber three years or so ago when we beat United 4-1 at New Maine Road only to lose the following week 1-2 to relegated Leeds. Or the year before that when we beat them 3-1 in the last Maine Road derby only to lose 0-1 to Charlton the following week. I watched the game via some Arab chanel on my PC and for some reason the broadcast was three minutes behind so I could see on teletext that we had conceded a goal and just had to wait for the inevitable to happen. It doesn't seem to matter who we buy or which manager we have, the great unpredictable tag still fits.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

it's a fix

Formed in 1878, founder members of the football league in 1888/89. Top flight club apart from a season out in 1931 and 3 seasons in ‘52/’53/’54, winning 9 league titles, 5 F.A.Cups, 1 Euro cup winners cup,

Some names/connections : Degsy Hatton, Freddie Starr, Ed Stewpot, Bill Kenwright, Joe Mercer, Joe Royle, Alan Ball, Howards Kendall, Tommy Johnson, Earl Barrett, Richard Dunne, Asa Hartford, Andy Hinchcliffe, Brian Kidd, Neil Pointon, Paul Power, George Heslop…

David Moyes squads includes : Howard (boo), Jagielka, Hibbert, Neville (double boo) Carsley, Fernandes, Valente, Osman, Johnson, Arteta, Wessels, Baines, Anichebe, Vaughan, Van Der Meyde, Rodwell, Osman, Gardner, Pienaar, Turner, Gravesen, Yakubu, Yobo

This season so far : .Over at Goodison it was a dour 1-0 loss as recently as January 12th., Lescott scoring in the 31st minute in front of 38,494 and 2,893 Blues.
They’re currently in 5th place with 47 points from 26 games with 6 wins 3 draws 4 losses away from home. Out of the Carling in the semis to Chelsea, and in the F.A.Cup in the 3rd round at home to Oldham, but they’re progressing nicely in UEFA, having just despatched the Norwegians

Our form in Manc v Everton : Between ’71 and ’87 they only won once. In recent years, since the 2-5 (our biggest loss) in ’93 we’ve won 7 and lost two, 1-0 in ’05 and 2-0 in ’96, and we’ve had big wins 5-0 in 2001, and 5-1 in 2004, but no draws since 1986..
Last season we won 2-1 on New Years Day, Samaras netting 2 second half goals, one a penalty and then Osman pulled one back late on to give us a nervy finish. That was our last home win and goal of the season at COMS!
Attendances ranged from 15,227 in ’56 and 76,129 (F.A. Cup 6) same season, same week!.

Biggest games : 1933 cup final, lost 3-0 and the 1969 semi-final won 1-0.

Comment : A bit of banter between the fans at Goodison this season but not much. Phil Neville enjoyed himself winding us up at the end of the game so we owe him one, and no doubt plenty of Neville family songs and usual scouse stuff. If we’re to be taken seriously for a European spot, and we’re now 8th, this is a must win game, and hopefully it won’t be ‘after the Lord Mayor’s parade’ further to our great ‘Derby’ win.
Look out for your ‘derby special’ KK 158 on sale tonight – you’ll love it!

Stats : 60 pre-war and 89 post make it our 150th league meeting, and post war in Manc it’s :
Played 44 won 22 drawn 11 (last in ’86) lost 11
Last Pot : F.A.Cup in ‘95
Last att: 39,836 (2,839 Everton)
Their current home average : 36,961
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 19,343 in ‘83/84

Sunday, 17 February 2008

ed's update

Eds Update :
Well it all went well in the derby, both on and off the pitch apart from the little matter of some Blues getting battered coming out of the ground and heading back to their cars (for the Stockport drive!?). Get in touch if you’ve got a story to tell because you won’t see anything on it in the press. Sticks’ n stones may break my bones…….. Ironic that we had all that self righteous shite about the silence beforehand but nothing on the behaviour of united fans after the match. The minutes silence proposed after the game could’ve alleviated all that – if there’d been any rags left in the ground that is. Acid test?

So a busy week getting KK 158 off to the printers, which should be in the Needbest newsagents (corner of Cross Street and Market Street) and Urbis shops by Wednesday of this week – it’s the Derby “We are Impeccable” special.
It’s a well done to the Youth team beating Bristol City 4-2 and getting a nice short trip to Plymouth in the next round!
Sheffield United fired Robson, unusual for a club firing the boss after beating us, it’s usually after we’ve beaten them. And how annoying is that, seeing all those teams in the 5th and 6th rounds and not us, plus Sheff.utd v ‘Boro and balloongate shown again. We’re gonna see it as often as that Villa goal, still, we could’ve lost at home to Barnsley couldn’t we?

Friday, 15 February 2008

That was the week that was.

What a lovely week this has been. The sun shone on the swamp last Sunday and I don't think think it has stopped shining since. It has been cold but that reminds me that is how revenge is best served. For 2/3 weeks prior to the game our fans were practically villified in the press and that was long before a set of bagpipes had been 'winded' or a ball kicked. The performance of the Blue team and the behaviour of the fans, on what was really a 'massive' day for the home team, really upset the apple cart for the press. That was the stuff that memories are made of.

Although most of the pundits were complimentary to the Blues there was always their underlying question of not so much ' how City had won' but more of 'why had 'nited lost'? It was ever thus. My daughter Ann who lives in Staffordshire has not attended a game for many a 'blue moon', in fact since she was a young girl, was stirred enough by a piece in last Wednesdays Daily Mail by Jamie Redknapp to fire him off an e- mail; " What is Jamie Redknapp talking about in his ramblings about the Manchester derby? The result was a true reflection of Manchester Uniteed's quality on the day. Yes, the occasion was difficult both emotionally and mentally- for BOTH teams. Mr Redknapps comments relating to the change in kit and routine are totally ridiculous. Both teams wore retro kits and pre match routine and attention for City and United, Manchester City simply rose to the occasion and Manchester United didn't!
A chip off the old block perhaps but there is no doubtiing, ' once a Blue, always a Blue.'

One final thought. What kind of fan would want to profit from a piece of memorabilia given to commemorate an act of rememberance. Would you have put your money on it being someone who would nodoubt been loud in their protestations had a murmur been heard from the Blue end last Sunday? Well I would.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Manchester United 1 (one) Manchester City 2 (two)

There really isn't the need to say anything on this, just well done to Sven for outwitting and outplanning Mr Ferguson.

Thanks to the players for going to Old Trafford for the first time in years and taking the game to United just like I remembered it in the good old days of Lee, Bell, Summerbee and Young.

But most of all a BIG thank you to the 3000 blues fans who showed the biased media that we can not only respect the occasion but outsing the plastic fans.

City, you have given me one days that in another twenty years, I will look back on and remember as fondly as Neil Young's screamer passed Shilton or Dennis Tueart's overhead kick.

A grand day out.

What a shock and disappointment today's result must be for those of the sporting press who had prepared in advance their articles and match reports for todays match and the happenings at the swamp. It was par for the course that MCFC and their supporters would confound the critics, first with the impeccable manner in which the one minute's silence was observed and then by the wonderful performance from the team in which every man played his part to earn a result that was well deserved. I watched the match on TV and I will be honest and say that I was nervous that maybe one voice would be heard from the City end to disrupt the "silence"which would have given our critics just the ammunition that they expected. That they were disappointed made me very proud and I will admit that the manner in which the silence was observed by the Blue end was very emotional.

Some people would have thought that on this day City were there to just make up the numbers and they sat back to watch the afternoon's event's unfold. What they witnessed however was not in the script as they saw it and they were reminded that there has been something of a football revolution at Manchester City this season. We all know that the team is not the finished article, but we have seen enough to know that on form our team are a match for anyone on their day and so it proved.

During the TV match commentary we were informed with boring regularity that City had not won at the swamp since1974 with Dennis Law's famous back heel. I was in the crowd that day and the memory is one that I have cherished ever since. What I will well remember in the future of todays game' apart from the teams terriffic all round performance, is the way that those Blues fan confoundedl all those "holier than thou" experts and those who have been known to sing about Russian submarines and Bill Shanklyetc. Well done, you have done the club proud.

Because I'm a Hypocrite...

As derby day fast approaches, like a fire engine to north London, we find ourselves drawn kicking and screaming towards the away end of Old Trafford and doom at the hands of the local, national and international press over this bloody Munich thing.

Now before anybody who happens to read this gets on my back about the use of the word 'bloody' up there, I'm not being disrespectful of the plane crash/people who died. I'm just bloody frustrated with the number of times it's been mentionned in relation to City fans in the past six weeks.

Everyday I've heard nothing else but 'will the City fans disrespect the Munich silence?' Or 'is there going to be trouble over Munich's 50th Anniversary?' And, in the Express, 'No respect from City fans about Paris crash'.

Of course, I'm being sarcastic and I've got a right to be. Because they enjoy it, the media haven't held back from speculating on how badly City fans will behave tomorrow for months and the headlines for Monday morning have already been written (suggestions, please do comment).

Look, should any of you journalists happen to read this, then I urge you to stop taking the piss out of us and actually report the truth. I know it must be difficult for you to do that, but no City fan has yet disrupted said minute's silence, so we'd be grateful if you would give us the courtesy of letting it happen before you tell us it's happened. You never know, it might not actually happen.

Now, I know I'm a journalism student and all that, but I've managed to choose a degree course that makes me do something that I physically hate doing. Reading newspapers. I just cannot stand those inky crap bags and the rubbish they spout, usually with overt political bias. Even on the football pages.

The problem with this game is that there is going to be trouble. There's no getting around the fact that City have idiots who support them. As do United. And Everton. And Sheffield Wednesday. And Bournmouth. It's down to those idiots whether or not the silence is broken.

And I'm not suggesting that all City fans are like that, as some areas of the media are. I know that the majority of City fans drink lemonade and wear jeans like normal people. So why doesn't everyone else?

That's all I'm going to say on the matter because if I say any more I'll end up poking my own eyes out or place sharp things into the soles of my feet before jumping up and down, but expect to hear a lot more should we get some criticism on TV, in the papers or on the radio.

Even more so, if the fans do nothing wrong.
David Mooney

Ed's Update

Ed’s Update :

Arsenal at home, men against boys, but we could’ve gone one up with Stevie Ireland. Their first came from a Petrov giveaway and a couple of defensive blunders. Second was as offside as Vassell’s at their place a couple of years ago, and we got back in it through good work by Charlie, finished off by Fernandes. So we were still in touch until Adebayor shrugged off Elano’s feeble attempt, to clinch it at 3-1. Funny how you think you won’t be bothered about a defeat by Arsenal cos it keeps them ahead of the rags, but when it happens it’s gut wrenching nevertheless.
Oliver Holt in his Man U Mirror column praised the ref for playing advantage but didn’t mention their offside goal. Olly’s column, as have many others who should know better, has been a disgrace re the Munich thing these past couple of weeks and I’ve e-masiled to tell him so.
No ‘e’ on Roy Clarke yet in the east stand bar, and what a pain getting out of the East car park yet again. We asked if we could get out of the east side after the disabled had all gone but were told City had said no (City had previously told us it was the responsibility of the car park operators) so another half hour went by, worse when we’ve lost of course.

Mid week it was England v Switzerland, no Micah Richards, but Fernandes played. Wonder what Fabio made of the minutes silence? Must have pondered what all the fuss was about, after all the Torino crash in Italy in 1949 was a far greater disaster which they seem to keep low key and not use as a marketing ploy. Good to see Shauny get the winner.

This week has of course seen the build up to the Derby and as predicted the media hype has been overwhelming and relentless – can you imagine what it was like in 1958? Press quotes “we’re sick of all the bunkum written about united” and “ the prolongation of the agony seems to have gone beyond the bounds of genuine sorrow and sympathy” but nowhere near as hyped up as what we've endured these last few weeks.
I’ve been fascinated by the newsreels and Bobby Charlton interviews, very touching and moving. Interesting to see Ray Wood knocking a Spanish player to the ground with a shoulder charge in a Euro match and then see him receive the same treatment in the ’57 cup final. I didn’t realise that united fans were probably the first to shamefully boo an opposition player in a Wembley final - Peter McParland of Villa. He was badly fouled shortly after the challenge but recovered to score two goals. Peter was sent death threats after the game by those loveable rag fans. If you want the true story of 57/58 you’ll find it only in the Century City book. It might surprise you that they weren’t all they were cracked up to be and Wolves were in fact the team of that season..
So they’ve had a pilgrimage to Munich, a service at Old Trafford, and that’s fair enough, but why a minutes silence BEFORE tomorrows game, and why oh why are we even playing each other on this day?
Anyway, we have to put up with the set up, be dignified and respect the silence for the sake of those that died, their families and the City players of that era who were friends with the united boys and the pressmen.
Let’s hope rag fans respect it too, and Busby, a bit better than when they all ran on the pitch in 1974 and Sir Matt made his loudspeaker appeal for them all to “leave the pitch so the game could continue”. Their response was to virtually give him the V’s, stay on and get the match abandoned. Bet you’ve not read that in the press this or any other week..
So reluctant new signing Benjani should make his debut, but united have appointed Howard Webb as referee so we'll get nothing
C’mon City…….

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Isn't it revealing that despite all our efforts to encourage respect on February 10th ( see the Archives for January - MUNICH 50 YEARS ON ), the only comments we've received from any Utd fans have been disgusting, insulting, provocative, and totally irrelevant? (see the comments following the It's a Fix - Arsenal)?

Nevertheless, we soldier on.....

The following is part of an article to be included in the next issue of KOTK, by COLIN SAVAGE

Let’s get one thing straight. If Manchester United want to have a minute’s silence for the players and staff who died in the Munich air disaster then that’s their business and theirs alone. They shouldn’t have to worry about some idiots disrupting what they deem an appropriate tribute. So I fully understand the request to have applause instead of silence but why should the decent majority be dictated to by the mindless minority? Let’s at least make sure that anyone who does disrupt that silence has nothing more to do with our club. However, having heard the all-too-familiar songs on the concourse at CoMS recently without any apparent action from the stewards then I can only cross my fingers and hope.

Whether this game should have been played at this time can be questioned however. I don’t believe it was an unhappy coincidence – I believe that teams have the right to request certain outcomes before the fixtures are produced and the Premier League do their best to take these into account. They also have a period before the fixtures are made public to ask for revisions apparently. So, for example, knowing that we were hosting the UEFA Cup final, it was imperative that we left a period of time between our last home game and the final so the last game (or couple of games) for us needed to be away. The club surely made this clear to the Premier League fixture planners but we ended up with two home games we had to re-schedule. Whoops. I’m sure the message got lost in the post somewhere as our totally professional administration would never have overlooked something so obvious.

It’s still not clear but I believe that it was requested (and both clubs were agreed) that this match should take place when it is doing so the commemoration of the 50th anniversary could be a “Manchester” event. Though how that can be when most United fans would struggle to find Manchester on a map I’m not sure. I (and most other City fans I know) think that City’s management should have resisted this very strongly. The Derby is an emotive match at the best of times but playing it in this context is plain silly. The potential for trouble is enormous; in a silent stadium you only need one person to make a noise to set off a chain reaction that will lead to City fans being branded all across the media and the rags reaping yet another boatload of sympathy. They simply should have played somebody else and our management team fell into what now looks like a big trap by agreeing to this.
Let’s hope our fans behave themselves (and I’m confident that they will) but people at our club surely had their heads up their backsides when they let this happen. I know, I know, I know that it isn’t much to ask people to keep quiet for sixty seconds but it’s also not a lot to ask that they don’t deface war memorials, mug poppy sellers, desecrate graves or put obstacles on train lines. But some do anyway.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Fanzine Poll

Hi - just to let you know about the The New Football Pools Fanzine Awards 2007-2008.
We're running the Awards to recognise the great contribution that Fanzines make to the game we love - and the search is on to find the best.
Nominations are open from now until Friday 8th February and it would be great to see King Of The Kippax doing well, so please let your readers know about it.
There are 10 different Awards. "Best Fanzine"“Best Editor” “Best Writer” “Best Blog” “Best Premier League” “Best Championship” ”Best League One” “Best League Two” “Best SPL” “Best Non-League”
After nominations, a long list will be drawn up from the more popular nominees which fans can then give futher feedback on to create a shortlist for final judging (to make sure fanzines from smaller clubs are on an even playing field with those from the bigger clubs).
There's more information on the Awards Site
Good luck! &
Many thanks for your support
The FFC Team

Friday, 1 February 2008

Ed's update

Ed’s Update

Derby away. What can you say. Good run down the M6, A50, A38 (cheers to Dave Woodhouse) on a bitterly cold night. Good Blues contingent and support. Derby lost 1-4 at home to Preston at the weekend in the 4th round of the cup, announced new owners and you had to admire their support for a crappy team that we couldn’t beat despite loads of spurned chances. Got stopped by the cops for speeding (busting for a number two!) and when I told him where I’d been he must have felt sorry for me and let me off!
So a depressing week really, months and months to line up some signings to ensure a good cup run and push for a top six place, then nothing. Rumblings of discontent within the club, and page after page in the media (five in tonights MEN alone) on the Munich derby, and still no objective journalism. I will be writing to David Lacey in the Guardian on this, surely our last hope after all the fawning in the local press.
Still, Arsenal tomorrow, things can only get better…..surely……
. .

it's a fix


A Saturday home game, but guess what, yup brought forward to 12.45 pm kick off for TV.

Formed in 1886, promoted dubiously to the first division in 1915, stayed their ever since. Team of the 30’s, (when we did quite well against them) not team of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s but pretty formidable since, winning everything except the Euro Cup.

They’ve a few famous fans, notably Roger Daltry and Ray Davies, plus that big fat bastard Rory McGrath. There’s been a few high profile connections between the clubs, notably Joe Mercer, Nic Anelka, Niall Quinn, Kiddo, Tommy Caton, David Rocastle, and currently Paul Dickov, again etc.

Arsene Wenger’s squad, includes: Aluminia, Gallas, Senderos, Sagna, Flamini, Fabregas, Clichy, Hleb, Adebayor, Eduardo, Rosicky, Lehmann, Hoyte, Diaby, Gilberto, Walcott, Denilson, Van Persie, Djourou, Eboue, Song, Toure, Freeman

This season so far : At Highbury it was the customary 1-0 loss in August, though we put in a good performance and Kasper saved a penalty. Crowd was 60, 114 (2,990 Blues)
Currently they’re in 2nd spot with 57 points from 24 games and 6 wins 4 draws and 1 loss away from home.
They’ve lost to Spurs in the Carling Cup semi-final, a Wenger clanger of massive proportions, but have just beaten Newcastle again in the league,and Cup and will visit O/T in the next round.

Our form in Manc v Arsenal : Last season we had a rare win at COMS, in August, 1-0 Joey Barton scoring a 41st minute penalty.
Prior to that we won 1-0 in ’92 and then it’ was 8 league losses and one draw (’94 0-0). Plus a Carling cup exit.(to their youth team)
Best win 4-0 in 1907/08. Worst defeat : 5-1 in 2002/03
Recent attendances have ranged from 18,072 in 86/87 to 48,367 in 51/52
Biggest game was the ’32 semi final which we lost 1-0 at Villa Park (50,337) and we lost the Charity Shield at Highbury in 1934/35

Comment : No real wind ups come to mind, tho’ they hate Spurs., and we usually join together with a few ‘we hate man u chants

STATS: 64 pre-war and 95 post-war make it our (massive) 160th league meeting, and post-war in Manc it’s:-
Played: 47 Won 11 Drawn 14 Lost 22
Last Pot: FA Cup 2005, beat rags on pens.
Last Att: 40,699 (2846 Gooners)
Where were they when they were shite? Av 23,824 in ’85.
Current Av: 60,049.