Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Unfortunately, I am unable to make the final two games of the season.

I am, like the majority of City fans, furious and disappointed by today's news.

While we may not be able to change the chairman's decision, we can, at least, tell the manager what we think.

Let's have a loud, constant rendition of "Sven Goran Eriksson" from the away end, during the game, regardless of how the team is playing.

Let's at least let him know that we're on his side.

David Mooney,
Thoroughly pissed off.

Here we go again

If the mounting reports are to believed, then we will part company with Sven in the summer, although if he is to be sacked, I can't see Frank waiting that long as he will want to get Big Phil in situ asap. If anyone cares to look back to some of my old KOK articles, it will be clear that I was not one of his admirers when he was England boss. Following his appointment and the great start he made at City, some readers were quick to dig out old issues and remind some contributors of what they had previously said about the Swede. A friend of mine asked, bearing in mind that I had written a few uncomplimentary things about him, whether or not my opinion had changed. The simple answer is, no, my opinion of him as England manager hasn't changed. He gave preference to players as long as they were from Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham (in that order) irrespective of their form and he played too many players out of position to accommodate certain favourites. I keep being told though, that his record as England boss is bettered only by Ron Greenwood and Alf Ramsey (is it too late to organise a bring back Ramsey campaign?) since the FA appointed Capello, has anything changed? Beckham has won his 100th cap and been told he can continue playing. Ferdinand has been made captain and Micah Richards was overlooked in favour of Wes Brown. Erikson did the best job possible with a massively over hyped group of players and Capello can do no more. With regards to Erikson as City boss, I have to say that I will be sorry to see him go. The press have had a field day, detailing his signings and labelling most as flops, claiming he has wasted £48 million. I would disagree. Giovanni was only signed on a one year contract and didn't cost much. Bojinv has been injured, Bianchi will fetch more or less what we paid for him. Castillo is on a one year loan and Caciedo is only (nnn)nineteen and like Ronaldo, has time to improve. Elano, Petrov, Corluka and Fernandez all look sound buys and well worth the cash. He has given Joe Hart an extended run and he looks like a future England goalkeeper, or at least he will once he goes to play for one of the five clubs mentioned earlier, right Mr Capello? He has made players such as Ireland, Onuoha, Johnson first team regulars and next season that number is also likely to include Sturridge, Williamson and Logan. He re-negotiated the Benjani signing so we only paid £4 million instead of £8 million, although the player has not made the kind of start we all hoped he would, I wouldn't yet call him a dud. My only main complaints against him is that he perseveres with Vassell and Sun Jihai, who is an accident waiting to happen and that he failed to give Bianchi and Giovanni a long enough spell in the side. The main failings this season have been the same failings that blighted the managerial careers of City managers, Laurence Furniss, Joshua Parlby, Sam Ormerod, Tom Maley, Harry Newbould, Ernest Magnall, Wilf Wild, Les McDowall, Joe Mercer, Tony Book, Kevin Keegan and all the others. A lack of consistancy, an inability to beat the small teams and the incredible knack of shooting ourselves in the foot. It will be so forever more, whether our boss was Phil Scolari or (bite your tongue) Alex Ferguson. Even if Frank gives the next boss £200 million to spend, we will always be struggling to compete with the big four UK clubs and the other top European clubs as they can offer regular Champions League football. It was also reported that Niall Quinn is to give Keane (spit) £80 million to spend to turn Sunderland into a premiership force. He is wasting his money, Sunderland are restricted just the way we are in that the type of players we need to attract for us to become one of the elite, wont come and so we take a chance by signing the next best group of foreign players. For the first time in years, under Sven it looked as if we were heading in the right direction. He deserves at least another year.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

It's A Fix

Formed in 1880, joined Div 2 in 1907/08. Ups and downs between 2nd and 3rd before making the 1st Div in 48/49 (3 seasons) and 58/59. After going down in 67/68 (a very good year) they came up from the 4th in 96/97 when Al Fayed took over and made it to the Prem in 2001. No honours but F A Cup finalists in 1975.
Some names/connections : George Cohen, Bobby Moore, George Best, Jimmy Hill. Johnny Haynes, Tommy Trinder, Ray Brooks, Wolfie Smith, Al Fayed, Kevin Keegan, Rodney Marsh, Kit Symons, Chris Coleman, Gordon Davies, Andy Cole, Michael Brown
Roy Hodgson’s squad includes : Keller (another bald American goalie), Hughes, Hangeland, Konchesky, Murphy, Andreasen, Stalteri, Bullard, McBride, Johnson, Davies, Niemi, Leijer, Volz, Bouazza, Stefanovic, Healy, Baird, Kamara, Nevland, Seol, Bocanegra, Dempsey, Litmanen, Christanval, Omozusi, Elliott
This season so far : Down by the river on a pleasant September afternoon we played out a 3-3 draw. 1-0 down. after 13 minutes, Petrov equalising then we went 2-1 down just after half time with Mpenza equalising then Petrov scoring what should have been the winner in the 60th minute but Murphy squaring it on 75 minutes. 24,674 (2330 Blues) as we maintained second spot. Sanchez went and Roy H took over.
Currently they’re down amongst the deadmen in 19th place with 27 points from 35 games and 1 win (first in ages at Reading) 7 draws and 9 losses away from home. .
Our form at home to Fulham ; Last season we had an easy 3-1 win with 2 goals from Corradi, and 1 from Barton, with John pulling one back for them.
Their 2-1 win in 2005/06 was their only win in their last 7 visits..
P/W attendances have ranged from 12,789 (62/63) to 49,449 (46/47).
Best wins 4-0 in 46/47 and 99/2000, 5-1 in 67/68.
Worst defeats : 3-2 losses in 62/63 and 84/85.
Comment : Sadly, it looks like they’re going to take the drop, ending a 7 year stint in The Prem., which is a shame as The Cottage is a pleasant place to visit, and it’s usually an entertaining game. Hopefully The Manchester City Benevolent Society won’t kick in and we’ll take all three points to end the home season on a high and put the KOTK team in good spirit for an end of season bash.
Last week they lost at home to Liverpool and we had that great win against Portsmouth, let’s hope we get the same amount of space today.
Last home game of the season used to conclude with a traditional pitch invasion, but those days like many others seem to be over, sadly...
Stats : 8 pre-war and 37 post make it our 46rd league meeting and in Manc it’s:
Played : 22 won 14 drawn 4 lost 4
Last pot : None
Last Att : 35,776 (509 Cottagers)
Their current average home attendance : 23,385 :
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 4,057 in 90/91

Sunday, 20 April 2008


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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Eds Update

Ed’s Update
I made the mistake of picking up the Man U Mirror yesterday morning and there was a little piece on City’s Youth team with a picture of no, not City’s winning team of 1986, but United’s of the mid 90’s. Totally irrelevant.
Today I’m afraid I did it again. After getting past two pages of a rag non story there it was – a small paragraph on our lads magnificent victory over Chelsea, on page 69. Disgraceful, I’ve e-mailed to tell them so and time to boycott this rag – rag.
A much better report was included by Ian Ladyman in the Daily Mail, and I’ve e-mailed him to tell him so too!
Meanwhile watch out for the new KK160 out on sale this weekend

Congratulations to the Youth Team

Congratulations to the City youngsters (God that statement makes me feel old) on beating Chelski youth in the FA Youth Cup. Hopefully some of the kids will be given a chance in the first team before we need to spend anymore of Franks (Hurumph) hard earned cash.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Ed's Update

Chelsea home, and a nice sunny day until we got a wintry shower just before kick off and throughout the game. A poor atmosphere at COMS, not surprising after the recent abysmal results. We tamely went a goal down then played some decent stuff as martin Petrov tried to gee up the crowd but to little avail. Second half it petered out completely as Chelsea extended their lead and we wended our weary way out of the ground. To compound our misery they wouldn’t let us out of the East exit of the east car park despite showing some initiative at the last home game Today it was “the Police won’t let us” last time it was “the Club” time before that it was the car park steward. Anyway it pissed us all off.
Semi-final weekend and as expected Portsmouth and Cardiff City made it to Wembley defeating West Brom and Barnsley respectively, and ‘Boro tool 2 points off the rags.
In Europe it’s 3 English teams through to the semi finals, Liverpool v Chelsea and united v Barca, so we’ve got all that 1999 bollocks all over again.

On Saturday it’s Sunderland away for us and if you can’t make it pop along to the club shop between 1 and 2 pm to get your copy of Ian Penney’s book re-launch in paperback (Manchester City – The Mercer Allison Years) by Peter Barnes, Tony Book and Tommy Booth - £9.99

It's a fix

Saturday April 12th K.O. 3pm : Sunderland away
Formed in 1879, joined the F/L in 1890/91 and stayed in Div 1 until ‘57/58. Then ups and downs in every decade, including a stint in the old 3rd division (87/88). Mick McCarthy took over after the Wilkinson and Reid eras, and got them back up for a season, and now they’re back under you know who.

Honours: 6 times Div 1 Champs (last in 1936, or 20050r 2007?); 5 times runners up (last in 1935) 2 FA Cups (1937, 1973); 2 runners up in 1913, 1992. Charity Shield runners up (1937 – to us!), League Cup runners up n ’85.
Some names/connections: Ivor Broadis, Jeff Clarke, Ralph Brand, Johnny Crossan, Mick Horswill, Andy Kerr, Les McDowall, Don Revie, Tony Towers, Dennis Tueart, Dave Watson, Niall Quinn, Tony Coton, Nicky Summerbee, Peter Reid, Stephen Elliott, Mick McCarthy, Claudio Reyna, Dickson Etuhu……Steve Cram.

Roy Keane (big boo) ‘s squad includes : Gordon, Nosworthy, Evans, Bardsley, Whitehead, Etuhu, McShane, Leadbitter, Murphy, Jones, Reid, Fulop, harte, O’Donovan, Higginbotham, Chopra, Waghorn, Price, Stokes, Miller, Yorke, Richardson, Edwards, Ward, Wallace, Collins

This season so far ; At COMS in November we won 1-0 with a Stephen Ireland 66th minute strike to give the big two fingers up to Roy Keane in front of 40,038 (2,416 Mackems) .
Currently they’re in 13th place with 36 points from 33 games with 8 wins 3 draws and 5 losses at home.

Our form at Sunderland : Last meeting was in 2005/06 when we won 2-1 in a bright start to the season. with goals from Vassell (10) and Sinclair (35) with Le Tallec pulling one back in the 41st minute, but we managed to hang on. In In 02/03 we won 3-0 so we’ve won the last two.
P/W attendances rangeed from : 15,144 in 1983. to 51,782 in 1973 5th round replay.
Best wins : 5-2 in 1908 and ’32. 5-4 in ’54. 4-0 in ‘69 and ’70.
Biggest defeats : 0-4 in 1911, 2-5 in ’24 and ’30.

Groundwise: We opened up the S.O.L. in August ’97, in front of 38,827, the start of our relegation season to the third, losing 3-1 (Kinky pen). Since then they’ve increased the capacity and 47,475 watched the 2000 game. We’ll be in the Metro FM South Stand..

Stadium Of Light Capacity : 48,300 (3,000 for City)
Comment : It’s a place we can win at but it’’ll be another battle today as they’re on a roll with 3 wins in their last 3 games - so will WE be up for it for a change?? Time to give Keane his cum – uppance if nothing else.

STATS: 62 pre-war and 51 post make it our 114th league meeting, and up there post-war it’s:
Played: 25 – Won 10 – Drawn 3 – Lost 12.
Last Pot: FA Cup in ’73.
Last Attendance: 33,357 (2049 City)
Where were they when they were shite : Avd 13,601 in 86/87
Their current average home attendance : 42,378
Away Day Zines : A Love Supreme, The Wearside Roar – selling KK is tricky so please watch out for us.
Steve P’s Route: M62/M60 to M1/A1 North exiting at jn 65 (after Washington services) bear right onto A194 (M) to end of motorway and right onto A 184 through East Boldon to A1018 towards Sunderland. If you’re early enough you can park on or just off the A1018 (Newcastle Road) – if parking restrictions haven’t changed.
There’s also a park and ride for the Metro at East Boldon - £2.70 for the day return fare to the Stadium of Light or St. Peter’s.
Public transport : Not cheap - £58.70 Saver from Piccadilly via Thornoby or via Newcastle then on Metro (extra fare) Trans Pennine Express don’t do cheap advanced tickets from Manchester to Newcastle (unless City fans have already had all the cheap direct tickets for that Saturday, but they are available from Manchester to York and York to Newcastle, so it could be done for between £28 and £34 depending on the train.

Pubs/Parking : Plenty of pubs near the ground, but parking, like all these new grounds, not good.

Friday, 4 April 2008

It's A Fix

Finally agreed as Saturday at 3pm, rain between 2 and 3?

Formed in 1905, joined div 2 in 1905/06. Loads of ups and downs from 1st to 2nd., came up with us in 88/89, and stayed ever since. League champs in 1955, 2005 and 06. F.A. Cup winners in 1970, 1997, 2000, 2007 League Cup winners 1965, 1998, 2005, 2007 Euro Cup Winners Cup winners 1971, 1998, 2007, Euro Super cup Winners 1998

Some names/connections : Embankment, Flower show, Pensioners, Kings Road, The Shed, …Clive Allen, Colin Viljoen, Gordon Davies, Terry Phelan, David Rocastle, Max Woosnam, …Suggsy, David Mellor, Tim Lovejoy, Richard Attenborough, SWP, Nicolas Anelka….

Avram Grant’s squad includes : Czech, Terry, Carvalho, Makelele, Essien, Lampard, Bridge, Drogba, Shevchenko, Cudicini,Ballack, SWP, J.Cole, Mikel, Ferreira, Colouda, Kalou, Sidwell, Malouda, Pizarro, Alex, Ben Haim, Anelka, A.Cole.

This season so far : At the Bridge in October it was a 6-0 drubbing. Say no more.
Currently they’re in second place with 71 points from 32 games and 10 wins 3 draws 3 losses away from home.
They lost in the Carling Cup final 2-1 to Spurs, are still in Europe, having just lost the semi first leg 2-1 at Fenerbahce (shudder) but in the FA Cup 6th round astoundingly went out at Barnsley. Their youth team have just drawn 1-1 with us in the final first leg at The Bridge..

Our home form v Chelsea: Last season it was a 1-0 loss in March
Our 1-0 win in 04/05 was our only win in 12 meetings since 1991 – 2-1, and that was our first in 6 meetings since the 6-2 in 77/78. Prior to that Chelsea couldn’t do a thing here, just the 4-1 in 1967 since the war.
Post war attendances ranged from 6,406 Simod Cup in 86/87 to 53, 322 in 1972.
Big results : Losing the 1971 Euro Cup Winners cup semi 1-0 home and away, and the Full Members Cup Final 5-4 in 1986.
Comment : They’re 5 points behind the rags in the title race, and you can’t really see them catching up, so we need to go all out to avenge that 6-0 defeat earlier in the season.

Stats : 40 pre war, and 85 post make it our 126th league meeting and post war here it’s :
Played : 42 won 15 drawn 12 lost 15
Last Pot : F.A.Cup and Carling Cuo in 2006/07
Last Att : 39,420 (2062 Chelsea)
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 12,672 in 82/83
Their current home average : 41,475

Eds Update

What does Dave Wallace think now?

Birmingham away, took Grandson Joe (9) to his second away game (and second loss) Fairly decent run, down, bit of traffic approaching Birmingham, and the inevitable rain.
Sadly an inept performance, without the injured Petrov and Johnson. Zarate ran us ragged. Sun and Hamann left the pitch at half time to the wrong side, and after the break Brum deservedly went two goals up. Styles strangely gave us a lifeline penalty (first of the season in the Prem) and sent them down to ten men (cruelly, I thought) as we took control at 2-1. However pathetic defending on the bye line allowed the ball to run towards McSheffery and a shoulder to shoulder challenge on Sun gave Styles, as you knew he would, the chance to even things up by awarding the worst penalty in the history of the game, (which Sun found funny) So 3-1 and game over as the Brummies chanted “….fuc**g useless” at us as we left the ground, and we had no argument.

Elsewhere Ronaldo scored the greatest ever back heel at the Denis Law end, following on from his greatest ever free kick, pass, step-over, dribble, run, tantrum etc. In the Merseyside derby Liverpool won 1-0 but with naughty chants and vitriol from both sets of fans.

European week then and Ronaldo scored the greatest ever header, but this was preceded by the greatest ever dive, not mentioned.
Then it was the Youth Cup tie first leg at Chelsea, who’d taken their squad to Sardinia for serious training, which finished up 1-1. So all set for a thrilling 2nd leg in a couple of weeks time.

Chelsea ar home tomorrow, and time for a decent performance and result by the Sky Blues of Manchester. C’mon!