Saturday, 31 May 2008

Ed's update

This week,
Firstly, congratulations to Phillip Neale and Shell Edmonds who join Allan Wilson as winners of the KK competition for Joe O’Neill’s ‘Crime City’ book. Answer to the question “which Rock/Folk singer penned the song Tangled up in Blue” – it was of course Bon Dylan.

Programme fair at the Cresta Court Hotel, Alty – always good to see fellow Blues, and no shortage. Picked up a copy of the UEFA Cup final programme which was quite impressive. I bet our very own Ali Mac was impressed too, he’s down as SIR Alistair MacKintosh twice on page 16. Wow, you can’t beat a bit of self appointment can you?
It was generally OK then with great features amongst others on Denis Law and Bert until you get to page 93 where, for some reason, there’s a hefty article on Manchester rivalry, and worse, for some unfathomable reason it’s written, all four A4 pages by David bloody Meek – the united reporter for 37 years. He manages to mention the ‘runway song’ of course but omits to point out the despicable aspects of united and their fans, which we’re all well aware of – ending the careers of Bell, Pardoe and Haaland for example. united’s epic recovery over Bilbao in the Euro Cup was mentioned too in glowing terms, but none of City’s equally epic 3-0 (same score) win in the Cup winners cup over the Basques in 1969.
Then apparently our title win of 1968 was capped by united winning the Euro Cup that year. Excuse me but didn’t we go on to win the F A Cup, the League Cup and the Euro Cup Winners Cup whilst they declined and abysmally dropped into the second division?
Then we get “impeccable in the minute’s silence, but it didn’t stop City fans singing – Fergie’s right, your fans are shite, Fergie’s right, your fans are shite” This is an official publication remember and not a rag fanzine, still at least he didn’t mention the “O’Shea takes it up the arse” chant. So there you go. Surely a sackable offence for whoever at City/UEFA commissioned Meek to do this blatantly biased article, instead of, say, Gary James, and I hope that Meek’s Blue brothers-in-Law, both big lads sort ole red blinkered eyes out

On the City scene it’s all rumour again – best players leaving, crap ones staying etc. Sven to be fired in a week, a fortnight, 24 hours, Mark Hughes to come in or Avram Grant. There’s no money, again, and not a peep coming out from the club to keep us informed, and allay our fears.

At O/T they’re laughing their balls off as usual as Fergie and Queiroz have got away with their disgusting sour graped whinging jealous criticism of the referee and Hackett after they were dumped out of the cup by Pompey. Astoundingly Fergie has accused Real of trying to poach Ronaldo, well he knows all about that sort of thing doesn’t he! This confirms there is no hope for the future of English football I’m afraid.

Teacher Joke

This is not related to City, but I thought it might give you all a bit of a chuckle as we wait for Sven to go to Cherlsea and Mark Hughes to be named as our new boss.

British Maths Teaching Over the years

1. Teaching Maths In 1970
A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit?

2. Teaching Maths In 1980
A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or £80. What is his profit?

3. Teaching Maths In 1990
A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is £80. Did he make a profit?

4. Teaching Maths In 2000
A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is £80 and his profit is £20. Your assignment: Underline the number 20.

5. Teaching Maths In 2008
A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the preservation of our woodlands. He does this so he can make a profit of £20. What do you think of this way of making a living? Topic for class participation after answering the question: How did the birds and squirrels feel as the logger cut down their homes? (There are no wrong answers.)

6. Teaching Maths In 2018
أ المسجل تبيع حموله شاحنة من الخشب من اجل100 دولار. صاحب تكلفة ا لانتاج من الثمن. ما
هو الربح له؟

Town full of City???

I was in Stockport's Merseyway on Friday and over by the Market area is a stall set up selling Manchester United and Stockport County Champions League and promotion memorabilia. Nothing else, just United and Stockport stuff. I cheerily asked the tattooed chap selling the stuff if he had any City stuff for sale and was told "I don't sell rubbish". So much for Stockport being a town full of City.

Monday, 26 May 2008

This week

This week
Well it was the annual Former Players Association function at The Citizens Suite at COMS which was brilliant as usual. Ably compered by James H Reeve, and a celebration of 40 years since the last title win.
Rumours abound that Ireland, Dunney, Johnson, and Richards could be on their way. We’re linked again with Ronaldinho, and have actually signed the Brazilian Jo for £18M, funding on the drip or by money raised from selling players.(according to the Mirror)
Anelka (never missed a pen for us) let us down in Moscow, and Joey B’s been sent down for 6 months with the Dabo trial yet to come.
KK Eds were guests at The Reddish Supporters club branch which was very nice and we gave a talk on the Century City book which seemed to go down well..
On Thursday there was an evening attended with Bert Trautmann, compered by John Gwynne, and a little chat by ex players Steve Fleet, Roy Cheetham, Johnny Williamson, Ken and Peter Barnes and of course Bert himself.
City lost their other game on tour to a South China eleven 3-1. Latest target is Zenit’s Andrei Arshavin who laid on the goals for Zenit v Rangers, and youngster Ashley Grimes has gone to Millwall..
Hull City have made the Prem and Donny the Championship, but the attendance didn’t beat ours in ’99 v Gillingham. Ricky Hatton won his fight at COMS but they stopped serving beer at half eight, my son tells me and it all went flat!
Avram Grant’s been sacked at Chelsea and City staff have been told that Sven will leave on June 1st, I’m reliably informed.
So it’s all happening, or not, at COMS in the Manchester City soap opera, so brace yourself for further intrigue!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

This week

This Week
Well our boys’ reward after the ‘Boro debacle was to fly out on holiday to Thailand, though there were a few notable absentees who were needed for International duty (we’re told) .
We had the Uefa cup final at COMS, with the MEN boasting how much money Manchester would make out of the Rangers fans, then faking shock, horror when the City centre was wrecked after Zenit won the game 2-0. Cops being chased and attacked by the angry mob. So screens mightn’t be put up for the Euro Champs Cup Final, so some good’s come out of it at least!
City/ Thaksin's proposed clearout (of our best players, not the crap!) is exposed in the press and then hotly denied by the club who are threatening to sue! So where do the leaks come from in the first place then? Bell Pottinger have now taken over from the in-house press office at City to “help build and manage Thaksin’s reputation” - about 3 months too late.
Good news, as reported by Tony, is that we’re in the Uefa competition, draw is on June 30th, first game on July 17th – oops whilst the pitch is being re-laid after the Bon Jovi concert. I don’t have a problem with this as I’d rather see Bon Jovi play at Coms than City at the moment. Also it would be a poor gate looking at some of the teams in the competition and it IS an adventure so playing one leg at exotic places like Bolton, Oldham or Huddersfield wouldn’t be a problem. "Distin, Distin, what's the score?" How about a cup winners medal, so he WAS justified in leaving City claiming "we have no ambition" Can we find some please?
Over in Thailand we lost to a Thai eleven, 3-1. Thaksin ‘s running out of high profile managerial options, Sven doesn’t seem to fancy Benfica or Mexico so we wait to see if there are any u turns to be had on the rocky road of Manchester City.
Congratulations to Allan Wilson for being a winner of the ‘Crime City’ book, two more yet to go – question repeated - who penned and performed the Tangled Up In Blue rock/folk track all them years ago?
Roll on the new fixture list, a decision on Sven, and let’s get this summer rolling., and thanks, by the way to all the KOTK bloggers, lively stuff
Dave .

Friday, 16 May 2008

Some Good News - At Last

Taken from MCFC site two minutes ago:
Manchester City will play in next season's UEFA Cup after qualifying via the Fair Play league. Sven-Goran Eriksson has given his reaction to today’s news that Manchester City are back in Europe, and speaking exclusively to, Sven said: “It’s like the dream came true! Our dream to play in Europe has been strong all season. “At one point we thought we were almost sure to get there, at other points we’ve been almost out of it, but now this news is absolutely fantastic for the Club, for the fans and for everyone.” City finished sixth in the English Fair Play table, and with the five teams above the Blues already guaranteed European football it means for the second time now City have now qualified for the UEFA Cup via this route. Eriksson stated: “It’s a step in the right direction because the target for this Club in the future is to play in the Champions League, and the UEFA Cup is a very good school to learn about European football. “It’s a confirmation that we are a good team, but also a team that we behave well on the pitch, we are good with the referees and we try to follow the rules as much as possible. It’s like a bonus for us.” City Chairman Dr Thaksin Shinawatra added: "I am delighted for everybody at the Club, especially our suporters."

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Allan Wilson writes

I just wanted to reply to Tony Petrie(sp)
If City and Fulham are both awarded full points for the last 2 games less 2 points for Fulham’s 2 yellow cards and 4 points for our red and yellow I reckon we have the same number of points. If the FA decide, they have David Davies, I believe a rag who hates City and they like London clubs. Who do you think they will give it to? (Lancet – I know this because the FA told me during a telephone conversation the last time we missed out after playing Middlesbrough last game of the season).

Allan Wilson

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Eds Update

Middlesbrough away
Friday was spent picking up the MEN’s with the ‘Save our Sven’ poster on the back page, cutting and sticking onto card, then up to Radio Manc for the Cheesy programme, 7pm until 10pm.
Saturday was a lovely day and I drove up to COMS wondering how many would turn up. At quarter to two there were plenty of cars heading for the North car park so it looked promising, and I was pleasantly surprised at the turn out, fantastic, and a tremendous rally. Well done all. So whilst some of us weren’t too thrilled with the Sven appointment you can’t say we haven’t backed him to the hilt throughout his tenure.
Saturday morning dawned nice and bright as we looked forward to our trip up to ‘Boro.
Sue, who lives opposite called me over (no, not Rover!) “Michael (her son) has gone to Chelsea with Bolton, the club has paid the fans’ transport costs, and he’s hoping Chelsea win so that united don’t win the title!”
What a scorcher all the way up there until……smogsville itself lived up to its name, and it was predictably perishing.
City fans coming by coach were complaining about their treatment by the Police, but were all happy to finally be inside the ground. Why anyone would want to come and play here is beyond me.
Dunney lazily lobbed the ball out of play, let his man go past from the throw in, and then fell over him in the box, penalty and a sending off. Player Of The Year? Fairplay league? They scored again to make it 2-0 at the break after Ireland had completely mis-kicked at the other end. Vassell missed a headed sitter after good work by Castillo, and we then fell apart spinelessly, utterly and completely.
I couldn’t stand it no more and we all left, at 6-0, including Louise who’d come down especially from Scotland, so we missed the final ten minutes, as City fans stepped up the volume, as the score went up to 8-1…..not since Wolves in 1962 have we succumbed like this, but they were a phenomenal team then. I found it strange that the cops ran out in front of City fans after every goal, and at the end I’m told reliably that a coppers helmet (!) was accidentally knocked off and he, and others went mad with their batons. Disgraceful.
Over at Wigan the rags took the title, though Wigan should have had a penalty and Scholes should have been sent off. Down at Chelsea, Bolton with nothing to play for carried on the fight until the 93rd minute when they equalised. That's the way to do it. Are you watching City? Still - "Two times, we beat the champions two times”
This season Chelsea. Liverpool and Bolton have all been in turmoil but they didn’t use it as an excuse to capitulate. Only us.
So what’s been going on? Problems mainly since Christmas. Caicedo, Castillo and Benjani were signed, but not for big money, and a director paid the players wages at one point so it looks like money caused the split between Sven and the Doc. Downhill all the way since then. Looks like Sven, despite everything, is on his way.and we can only hope that Thaksin has a better manager up his sleeve who he will back with real money. There could be trouble ahead....
Watch this space.

UEFA Fair Play League

Can anyone clear up some contradicting reports that I have read about qualification for the UEFA Fair play League. I have read that only matches played up to and including 30th April count toward the final placings, making Richard Dunne's sending off against Middlesbrough, ineffective, but elsewhere, I read that all league games count. Can anyone clarify this and furthermore, when will we find out if we have qualified, I heard that a decision would be made on Tuesday. Or will it take as long as is necessary to find an excuse not to allow us to take part? If Fulham qualify ahead of us, I'll, why I'll.....

Monday, 12 May 2008


What is it about Middlesbrough ? City`s Europe chances seem to have gone twice now against Middlesbrough. In 2005, Fowler`s missed penalty in injury time cost us a UEFA place, and now, Dunnes red card, and the aggro at the end from the City fans both of which earn (negative) points in the UEFA fairplay competition could have cost us a place in Europe again. It`s not confirmed yet, but it looks like the place could go to Fulham instead. We can screw up magnificently sometimes................

Graham Wood

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Middlesborough 8 (EIGHT??) City 1

What the F**k was that all about? Was this some form of collective protest by the players in support of Sven? Was Richard Dunne trying to scupper our chance of a European place by getting himself sent off before his cut price move to Arsenal? Roll on the cricket season.

Something smells fishy

The more I read from Sven or his advisers in the press, the more I am convinced something isn't right with this whole business. Sven has now said that even should Frank have a change of heart, he would not reconsider and stay. Forgive me if I am wrong, but to my recollection, the boss hasn't actually said that Sven is on his way. It has all been a series of newspaper articles, that began with Frank saying he was going to reevaluate things at the seaon end, which you would expect from someone who has just invested £100 million. From which we have reached a situation where Sven is off to Benfica. But furthermore, he still expect a pay off from us for "constructive" dismissal. I can't help feeling that Sven HAS orchestrated this whole move to go to a "bigger" club, but allowing him to look the injured party. I honestly hope I'm wrong, because if that is the case, we have been taken for mugs - Again

Saturday, 10 May 2008

It's A Fix


Boro’ were formed in 1886, and joined division 2 in 1890/91. Ups and downs throughout their history, into the third at one point, almost going down the tube, playing home games at Hartlepools, and now established in the Prem since 97/98, thanks to Chairman Steve Gibson’s backing.

Some names/connections : Free/Queen’s Paul Rodgers, Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, Bob Mortimer, Jack Charlton, Wilf Mannion, Johnny Crossan, Danny Mills, Alan Kernaghan.

Gareth Southgate’s squad includes : Schwarzer, Wheater, Huth, Young, Boateng, Arca, Pogatetz, O’Neill, Tuncay, Aliadiere, Downing, Tirnbull, Johnson, Grounds, Owens, Alves, Shawky, Craddock, Cattermole, McMahon, Taylor, lee, Hines, Bates, Jones, Rochemback, Mido.

This season so far : In October we continued our good home form with a comfortable win over ‘Boro. Riggott set us off with an own goal after 10 minutes then a couple of Elano specials in the 33rd and 63rd minutes put us 3 up before we conceded a soft one with minutes to go. (40,448, 1179 Smoggies) .
They went out of the cup at home to Cardiff after knocking out Sheff. United after a replay making us wonder what might have been. In the league they’re currently in 14th place with 39 points from 37 games and 6 wins 5 draws and 7 losses at home ..
Riverside, Capacity : 38,049 (3,000 for City)
Our form up there : Last season it was a 2-0 win in March courtesy of Distin and Mpenza. Previous to that it was a 0-0 draw on New Years Eve. Prior to that it was one draw (1-1 in 2001) in 6 meetings.
P/W attendances have ranged from 7,737 (84/85) to 45,000 (49/50).
Best moments : They can’t take away from us the League cup semi win in 1976, 0-1 up there and a big 4-0 at Maine Road.
Worst defeat : 0-6 in 1903/04
Comment: Always a sad one when it comes to the end of the season and this one in particular with the probable departure of Sven, and possibility of another summer of turmoil.
Todays turnout for the rally at COMS was tremendous for the Sven protest and no doubt the same message will ring out loud and clear at ‘Boro, and then we’ll see if our 100% record against the North East clubs can continue. News is we’re also in Europe so roll on July 17th and how ironic that we’ve achieved another early milestone to give Thaksin more thought. perhaps on the managerial situation.
Groundwise: No change to the Riverside.! Sit down, shut up (as if!) and listen out for Pig Bag
Stats : 52 pre-war and 59 post make it our 112th league meeting, and up there P/W it’s :
Played : 29 won 5 (1-0 in ’49, ’54, ’65, 2-0 in ’78, and ‘07) drawn 10 lost 14
Last attendance : 26,427 (1167 Blues).
Last Pot : League Cup in ‘04
Their Current average home attendance : 26,456
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 5,135 in 84/85
Away day zines : Fly me To the Moon; The Boys From Brazil
Pubs: Dodgy, unless you know otherwise.
Steve P’s Route: M62, M1, A1(M), to jn 49, then A168 to A19, approaching Middlesbrough, follow A66 signed Middlesboro, and follow football signs, onto flyover and turning left at roundabout (Moor Road) continuing into Shepherdson Way past the ground to roundabout and left to Dockside Road. Parking on industrial estates between A66 and ground or on Dockside Road.
Public transport : Through train from Piccadilly every hour.

Liverpool Away

Liverpool away, Well we had a week to get over the Fulham defeat, and a week of speculation about the managers job, no one really knowing whether he’d been fired or not. Total confusion and no official announcement coming from the club. What a shambles. Why employ all these media people when they remain silent when information is most needed?
Anyway it was off to Anfield in the Gedmobile arriving and parking up safe and sound. We had a rare offday with the zine as we sold out at the Fulham game and how nice to go to a game without humping a load of fanzine bags about.
Well we didn’t do too badly with the 1-0 defeat, but not much attacking and few chances. Plenty of pro-Sven protests and a new song to the tune of Floyd’s Brick in the Wall, which you’re all familiar with.
In the week it was the OSC Player Of The Year awards, Joe Hart getting young player, should have got Player Of The Year but Dunney got that, somehow, after an average at best season.
So it’s off to the protest in a mo. 2.30pm (for those who’ve been in outer Mongolia this week, and didn’t know!) North Car Park and then the walk up Joe Mercer Way to present the petition to the club at the main entrance. Flags, posters, banners, shirts, scarves, required.
Be there or be square, and remember it’s a peaceful demo.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Eriksson In?

Could it be that we have all (including Sven) have got our collective knickers in a twist over nothing more than a misunderstanding? According to the latest report in the Daily Express, Frank has neither denied or confirmed that Sven is on his way. He has apparently told a TV reporter in China that an evaluation will be done at the end of the season. You know it just might (and I mean, might) be possible Sven has jumped the gun, perhaps by asking how much cash will be available next season, only to be given a negative response by "Blue Eyes" and he then took that as a sign that he was to be replaced. Equally, this whole business could yet be a massive marketing ploy by the Thai Guy to keep him in the news in the Far East. It could also be that "Big" Phil and Mourinho have told him to get lost , leaving him with a dilemma. I have a feeling things are not yet cut and dried.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Sportsmans evening with Peter Barnes and Mike Summerbee on Wednesday May 14th at The Soccer Village, Wildhouse Lane, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 3TW. There’s a meal laid on with a new menu of steaks, chicken, ribs etc. plus some live music also. (not too loud) Cost is a mere £14.75, as it’s menu re-launch, so great value.
Contact is Brett Beresford, Tel 01706, 644484, mobile 07855 386571, cheques payable to The Soccer Village.

Sunday, 4 May 2008


I can't make it to the Save Our Sven protest on May 10th but even if I could go I wouldn't. I appreciate we're all hurting but it's time to get real. Thaksin has made clear that he no longer believes in Eriksson: the relationship between the two is now irreconcilable. For Eriksson to stay on would be more damaging to Manchester City than if he were to leave. He has been completely undermined in the eyes of the players, in the eyes of other clubs, and in the eyes of the media. I accept that if Sven leaves it will be a severe blow but these protests are a waste of time and energy. From the moment Thaksin decided to kick Sven out there was no avoiding the turmoil that is going to hit us this summer, and everyone would do best to accept that. It is going to happen.If you want to register your protest simply don't turn up to City matches next season and buy no club merchandise. Hit Frank in the pocket and he'll listen. I'm not holding my breath though. The true tragedy is that City fans are too blinded by their love for their club to bite the bullet and stop paying. Myself included. Perhaps not for much longer.
Best, Andy Dolan

Saturday, 3 May 2008

It's A fix

Moved to Sunday at 4pm for TV

Formed in 1892 when Everton vacated Anfield. Ups and downs until back to div 1 in 1904/05, where they stayed until dropping into the 2nd Div in 1954, for an incredible 8 seasons, returning under Shanks in ’62, and the rest is history.
They’ve won 18 league titles (from 1901 to 1990); 5 times Euro Cup winners; 7 times FA Cup winners (65 to 06); 3 times UEFA/Fairs Cup winners; once Euro Super Cup winners (77/78); 7 times League Cup winners (‘81 to ’03).

Some names/connections : Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Keegan,Toshack, Souness, Grobelaar, Rush, Dalglish, Barnes, Anelka… Beatles, Cilla Black, Elvis Costello, Echo and the Bunnymen, Pete Wylie, Matt Busby, George Livingstone (our first Scottish international, I presume!), Steve McMahon, Paul Stewart, Mike Robinson, Mark Seagraves, Joe Fagan, Mark Kennedy, Paul Walsh, Nicolas Anelka, Kevin Keegan, Steve McManaman, Robbie Fowler, Didi Hamann.

Rafael Benitez’s squad includes : Reina, Hypia, Skrtel, Carragher, Mascherano, Gerrard, Alonso, Aurello, Kuyt, Torres, Babel, Itandje, Martin, Arbeloa, Finnan, Riise, Benayoun, Pennant, Lucas, Crouch, Veronin, Kewell, Agger.

This season so far At COMS in December it was a dull 0-0 draw in front of 47,321 (2846 Scousers) highest att of the season as we moved into 4th place. They went out of the Cup in that shock home defeat to Barmsley, and have just lost at Chelsea in the semi of the Euro Champs cup.
Currently they’re in 4th spot with 70 points from 36 games with 11 wins 6 draws and one defeat at Anfield.

Our form at ‘Pool: Last season we went down 1-0 in November to a Gerrard goal, after chanting “we all agree, Barton is better than Gerrard”
Only 1 win (2-1 in 02/03) in the last 9 visits, 3 draws prior to that.
P/W attendances have ranged from 24,462 (week after the ’81 cup final) to 55,383 (72/73)
Best wins: pre-war 6-1 (29/30) and 5-0 (36/37)
Worst defeats : The 4-0 and 6-0 losses in that week in ’95 which alan ball said he enjoyed!!

Comment: Trouble at the Anfield mill, early season. Benitez undermined and under pressure for squad rotation and failing to put in a title challenge. Plus the antics of Americans Gillett and Hicks made it a traumatic season for the reds, off the pitch.
Not to be outdone, of course, City are in the process of sacking our manager, in true City fashion. So that adds extra spice to a game where no doubt Sven’s name will be chanted throughout.
‘Pool look to be too strong but maybe our boys will put last Saturdays debacle behind them and put in a performance for us, and Sven. C’mon City.

Anfield, Capacity : 45,362 (3,000 for City)
Groundwise : This is (the same old) Anfield. We’ll be behind the goal on the rhs. Poor view at the back of the stand. Stewards stop zine sellers inside the ground, and Police stop us outside, but it don’t matter today ‘cos we sold out of KK 160 last week!?!

STATS: 64 pre-war and 79 post-war make it our 144th league meeting and P/W over there it’s :
Played: 39 Won 5 Drawn 8 Lost 26
Last Pot: FA Cup in 2006
Last Att: 44,081 (2,953 City)
Their current average home attendance : 43,529
WWTWTWShite : Av’d 22,742 in 31/32
Away day Zines : Through the Wind and Rain (last issue, sadly) ; Red all Over the Land, The Liverpool Way.
Route/parking : A 580 for us, turn left at Everton, park where you can, take out your radio and remove ure wheel trims?!
Pub : The Arkles

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Eds Update

Eds Update
Well, after the high of the Youth team winning the cup, against Chelsea I was privileged to spend an enjoyable evening at Arny’s Bredbury Supporters Club Branch. Then the high continued with the win over Portsmouth and the first half display against Fulham. But just as I feared in It’s A Fix the Manchester City Benevolent Society kicked in, as we pratted about and let them win 3-2. Cue mass exodus at the end, and another disappointment like the last home game of last season and previous ones like missing out on Europe with Robbie’s missed penalty v ‘Boro, and the last game at Maine Road.
So the ‘celebrations’ were enacted farcically before an almost empty Eastlands. Apparently there was some sort of competition with a presentation of prizes including a car and holiday then a lap of honour by the players. Thaksin wasn’t the only unhappy one with a ‘face like thunder’ and apparently he’d invited 50 Thai politicians over, so real ‘egg on the face’ time. Typical City? Yes, but always unacceptable and infuriating. Maybe Thaksin wants to change that psyche?

So then the rumours started, Sven out, which became stronger and stronger. So what looked like being a nice steady summer for a change now looks like the usual turmoil. As you’re aware Sven wasn’t the Eds choice at KOTK but once he became manager we supported him 100% We had a good first half of the season, signed some good players and some bad, we beat the rags twice, went out of the cup ludicrously at Bramall Lane in a season when Cardiff and Portsmouth reached Wembley, and were looking forward to summer signings and starting strongly next season. Sven deserved more time, but now who knows what will happen?.

We sold out of zines after the Fulham game, and the Ed, instead of being able to put his feet up, has been inundated with media interviews since then. (wonder why they keep asking me instead of some anonymous poster on the message boards who doesn’t give a name or a contact number?).
There’s plenty of comment going on the blog, thanks guys, and these are a few of the texts I’ve received : .
1) Ridiculous – SB
2) The more I read the more insane this decision looks. There will be a long list of decent players leaving along with the manager, and who would want the Thai control freak as boss after this? Can’t imagine Scolari or Hiddink putting up with him! I fear a summer of utter chaos. Sick of it. – JB
3) Hope there’s a noisy demo against the Thai twit at Anfield – JB
4) Even though we’ve been none too impressive most of the time, I still think sacking him is crazy. Thaksin will ruin us! – JB
5) I ave a sneaky feeling he has something else in the pipeline? Frank would be mad just to sack him based on one season where we ave progressed – SR
6) Annoyed about Sven – LD
7) Can’t believe it - DO
8) Make sure u b very careful when talking to the press! – AW
9) Looks like worst fears are coming true (again) A despotic oriental control freak who knows fuck all about football at the helm. Who are we gonna attract who’s better when they see this level of interference?? Bye bye Petrov, bye bye Corluka. Hello Thai international right back . I fucking despair. – JB
10) Wouldn’t be an issue if Thaksin was content. Anyone better than Sven likely to take it? – SP
11) Too much upheaval if we don’t stick with Sven. Mourinho wouldn’t come - GI.
12) We have NEVER achieved anything by changing managers. I’ll be mad if City get rid of Sven – LD
13) Sven made some woeful decisions v Fulham but my bigger concern is Shinawatra. I don’t think he’s got a clue and he wants glory without investing anything – JB
14) There’s no better alternative is there? He’s managed to get us in the top half despite having no-where near enough players in the squad to get though a season.- TP
15) Yes, stick with Sven – CB

So there you go. There is an on line petition to sign, but we’re unaware of any official protests at Liverpool or Boro yet, other than the constant SGE chants. The OSC/ISA/KOTK have requested a meeting with Thaksin, and are planning a joint demo on Saturday May 10th so we’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading this.
For those of you who have yet to see it, there is an online petition circulating, asking for Sven to stay. It can be viewed and signed at It is currently being added to at the rate of one name every five seconds.