Tuesday, 29 July 2008

it's a fix

Just a few days after our 1-0 defeat at Hamburg we face EB/Streymur at our hosts Barnsley in Yorkshire, Yorkshire, so good they named it twice, and Oakwell, the venue. This was obviously selected by the clubs as it’s poignantly almost the 20th anniversary of KOTK, which first saw light of day on September 29th 1988 at Oakwell, AND we won 2-1.
The Ed spent a happy time working in Barnsley in the 70’s so I’m quite pleased that we’re here tonight, otherwise it’s a daft venue!
Additionally the club have always been courteous to the zine and I’m sure that will extend to this evening.
Oakwell was described by Paul Hince last season as a ‘dump’. He’s obviously not been there for a few years. because they had built three new stands by the last time we played there in 2001 but, yes, the old main stand is a bit run down! I also hope that the twat with the terraced house opposite the back of the main stand doesn’t have the rag shit in the window again. Permission to egg it if it’s still there.

City have played there 14 times in the league wining five, including 3-0 on our last visit, drawing six, losing three, so not too bad. We did also lose 1-0 to that Trevor Aylott goal in the League Cup of 1981.
Mick McCarthy, Freddie Tilson and Eric Brook are the biggest name connections of the two clubs though we did play a friendly for City old boy Gary Fleming in 1996/97, and another friendly was played in 1949/50.
Barnsley games are best remembered for those City fans arriving late and running comically down the hill to the ground, but not so funny was being rounded up and kept in a club before another game. Also being rounded on at half time by the West Yorkshire Police when frustration got the better after the pies ran out, and then the horrendous traffic jam on the M62 on our last visit, in October 2001 in the evening, attendance : 15,159. Tonights prediction : 8,871!
So hopefully tonight will be a better one in all respects, and hopefully they’ll stock plenty of pies, and we’d rather be in Barnsley than Barbados, or the Faroes (Ged).
As for this game, we’re two goals up so we should be safely through.
Surely a nice gesture by City would be to invite Streymur to Eastlands, show them round and transport them to Barnsley?
Oakwell, Capacity : 23,186
---------------------------------------------------------------------------Route: M62/M1 exit j37(s/p Barnsley/Manchester!) A628 Dodworth Road. At crossroads after 0.2 miles go straight on (S/P Town centre) At the Town End roundabout after 0.6 miles take the 4th exit (s/p Pontefract A628 Wakefield) onto the Barnsley Western Relief Road dual carriageway (The West Way) Take 2nd exit at next r./about (s/p Pontefract A 628) after 0.4 miles, continuing on The Westway. At the Alhambre r/about go straight on (s/p Wakefield A 61, Pontefract A628) into Harborough Hill Road. After 0.6 miles at bottom of hill go right round r/about (s/p Sheffield,Pontefract) back up Harborough Road on opposite side of the dual carriageway. Branch left after 0.4 miles (s/p Pontefract) and take first left into Queen’s road (s/p visitors parking) and it could take a long time to get away.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

this last week or so

This last week or so
Well we managed to get KK 161 out to subscribers and into the outlets, of which now there’s only the Urbis Shop and Needbest, corner of Market Street and Cross Street, but both doing a sterling job whilst we await a game to show our faces at.
First stop for your Eds was a visit to the City Guernsey Supporters club, sponsored by Ashton, Barnes, Tee, the Guernsey ‘Holy Trinity’ where we had a brilliant time chatting and meeting up with fellow Blues, including particularly Raymond and Christine, plus a little bit of sight seeing.
We were home just in time to see most of the EB/Streymur game on the box, where we were comfortable 2-0 winners, keeping it interesting for the second leg. New boy Jo made his debut, and we already have a report and photos in from intrepid Blue Sean (I ain’t no trawlerman) Riley, who preferred the one day trip, rather than the two day expensive Thomas Cook package. Jo will miss the first few games of the season being on Olympic duty with Brazil, and now Benjani’s injured we’re relying on Sturridge, Ched, and maybe Corradi, Bianchi or Bojinov up front, unless the cheque book comes out quickly.
No new signings yet and Ronaldinho went to A.C.Milan instead of joining us – phew. Anyway we might get a chance to see him in the Thomas Cook Trophy game, to see what we’ve missed, when, no doubt, he’ll get a slightly different reception than last time he was here. If he’s fit enough to play that is!?
Dr. Thaksin and his missus’s trial’s ongoing, but all quiet. at the mo. If they’re found guilty then they could face up to 13 years in jail, with a question mark over the £800M frozen assets – and City’s future.
Hull City seem to be happy with Gevanni so far, and Strachan has astounded everybody by forking out £1M for Samaras.
Further to John Wardle’s departure it turns out there were things he was unhappy with like the amount of board meetings – not enough, and the treatment of SGE.
Crackdown at Carrington’s been announced. Never been myself, so can’t say I’m too bothered, but I’m sure a lot of Blues will be dismayed that they can’t pop down and watch the boys train/piss about, whatever!
A couple more ‘ins’ announced – Glyn Hodges, reserve team coach, Mike Rigg, Chief Scout, so it’ll be a pretty expensive business if all the backroom staff’s fired next summer. Just jokin’
Season tickets have arrived, so we’re all set. Today we lost 1-0 at Hamburg, in the smart looking new away kit (Sky Blue obviously clashing with white shirts!?) and Mark Hughes can see there’s a lot to be done. So whilst there are plenty of targets we do need some signings. So it’s off to Barnsley on Thursday and a chance to progress in the daftest European competition ever dreamt up by UEFA.
Cheers, Dave

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Thursday, 10 July 2008

this week

This week
Well we’ve been putting together KK 161 which is now at the printers and should be in the Manc outlets by weekend, that’s Needbest – corner of Cross Street and Market Street plus the Urbis shop. It’s a stonking 52 pages of, generally, Arial 9, for those of us whose sight is deteriorating rapidly – or by special request!
Most of the regulars are in there – Ged, Big Burfie (adding ‘the class of’ to his normal feature), Howie Hockin, David Mooney, Jinky, Stuart Roper, Nigel Morris ,Tony Petrie, Al Rowbotham. Jon Cantrill comes in with Summertime Blues, Alex Deane’s back, so is Mike Donaldson with his Night in Bangkok, Phil Neale comes in with the best five opening games, plus of course ‘How was It, Kippax factor, It’s a Fix and the KK Kompetition review and the winners are……wait for it!!!!So there you go, all for only £2.50. We’re givin the Faroe’s and probably Hamburg a miss this time, so first sell will be at Barnsley – almost twenty years, give or take a few weeks, since the first KK came out at Oakwell.
Big news as we went to press was, of course, nice, genuine guy, John Wardle stepping down. Don’t forget that his and David Makin’s money saved the club in the dark days of the mid nineties, so we owe a great deal to those guys.
And that’s about it for now. The boys are sunning themselves in South Germany in preparation for next weeks game against EB/Streymur, so let’s hope we don’t pick up any injuries before then


Tuesday, 1 July 2008

this week

This Week

John Fogerty’s first visit to Manc in 37 years was too good to miss, and what a performance from the 63 year old, looking, playing, and bouncing like a man half his age. I’ve never seen a bad concert yet, though the sound system for the Beatles in 1963 wasn’t the best, not to mention those screaming girls. So it was nice and dry in the Apollo whilst Coms was a tad wet for Bon Jovi.

Oakwell’s confirmed as the home leg for the UEFA prelim round, on either July 17th or 31st. Draw is now tomorrow, can’t wait. Looks like the first leg will be the first game under Hughes, no friendly lined up yet on Saturday July 12th as the lads may still be at the German training camp.
Celtic are our hosts in another friendly arranged for Tuesday August 5th.

Transfer news, nothing too definite, but there are reports that we’ve actually signed Jo for £17/18/19 million. Let’s hope it’s money well spent for a change. Ronaldinho? Forget him.
A couple of backroom boys, Ian Miller and Stefano Marrone have left, Isaksson could be off to PSV, Bojinov to Italy. Dunne and Hart look to be signing new deals, Cardiff want Ched Evans, and Samaras could be off, somewhere.

Three of Thaksin’s lawyers have been sent down for 6 months for attempted bribery, and the ManUMirror has £1.3 Bn being released shortly of his money, so it must be true! Joey B. has pleaded guilty to assaulting Dabo, so his welding training in the nick could be extended, which may come in useful as Newcastle don’t want him.

New kits announced, another home one, your choice to buy, modelled by a fat guy? The new away one goes back to black n red stripes, which looks pretty good on Martin Petrov, and thanks to Chris for the posting, and for the comments. interrogator indeed!.

Thursday night your Eds whisked off to Spain, and enjoyed a couple of days of sunshine courtesy of Colin and Margaret Brinkley. Colin is chairman of the Costa Blanca Blues, and we spent a enjoyable evening with branch members, including old pal Howard Yeats and his missus, on the Friday night.
For branch details contact KOTK and we’ll put you in touch. Spain reached the final of the Euro Championship whilst we were there and won it when we got back, so congratulations. Christiano Ronaldo anybody?!

As reported last week we’re putting together KK161 this week It should be out in time for the first leg of the UEFA cup, wherever that might be, and so far we’re getting plenty of contributions, but you’ve still time if you fancy it. We’re also getting memories in for the Us v Them KK special, Forest , County, Bury, Jamaica, Newcastle, Liverpool on top of those already received, so keep em coming, please.