Thursday, 28 August 2008

Something is rotten in Denmark

What an amazing pastime it is supporting Manchester City. Outplayed or outfoxed for approximately 180 of the 189 minutes that I had watched against FC Neverheardofthem, yet they produce a moment of Gillingham proportions to get out of jail. With five minutes to go, my son Charlie said to me, I can't see City scoring dad. I said that it will take a penalty, lucky deflection or own goal for us to equalise and I wasn't confident that we'd get either. Then in Paul Dickov fashion, up pops a defender to throw us a lifeline. When we failed to score those three chances in extra time, particularly Johnson's one on one miss, I wondered if we had used up all our luck. This seemed to be confirmed when Johnson missed his penalty. But in Nicky Weaver style, Hart saved the day with two great saves. Well done again blues, although I'd be ever so grateful if you didn't leave it quite so late.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ronaldinho's not a blue, not a blue, not a blue

But Ronaldo might be, according to THE SUN:

Manchester City are trying to land Brazilian World Cup-winner Ronaldo.

City executive chairman Garry Cook revealed last week he was looking to sign a superstar and contact has been made with the former Barcelona and Real Madrid hitman, who is now a free agent.

I'd sort of forgotten about this bloke. Once the world player of the year with a gorgeous bird, the star of many a nike football ad, he has now faded into obscurity. At one time referred to as "the real Ronaldo" and the darling of the media, try typing in "Ronaldo" into Google... you'll soon get the idea.

We had our misgivings about signing Ronaldinho. Fans were divided on whether this would be a good move for City. Now, we are informed (by the SUN, so it must be true) that the other fat Brazilian, ex superstar is to join the ranks of such porky City legends as George Weah or Bob Taylor.

If I had read this story ten years ago, I'd have dismissed it immediately. Ronaldo was the young, samba starlet and City were getting ready to play Blackpool in Div 2 (Div 3 in old money). Now, though, nothing would surprise me. I don't like to use the phrase "typical City" but going from Ronaldinho to Ronaldo sort of sums it all up.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Schoolboy Errors

I have now seen City's last three games. The 1-0 win over AC Milan, the defeat to FC Midtjylland and the defeat at Villa. Some people reckoned we played well against Milan, but it is impossible to judge when your opponents lose interest at half time. Against FC Midtjylland, we created a few chances, but rarely looked like scoring. At Villa, we played good football and did enough to win a point, if it hadn't have been for at least two terrible errors. For Villa's first goal, Fernandez collected the ball and cleared it directly into the path of a Villa player who took the ball on, crossed and the mistake lead directly to their opening goal. Then after doing well to get back into the game, within two minutes of equalising, Corluka, inexplicably put the ball out for a corner when he could have cleared up field or allowed the ball to roll behind for a goal kick. Those two errors cost us the game and are what you expect from park footballers still hung over from the night before, not players earning £70.000+ per week. I fear that it's going to be a long cold winter.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Georgia on my Mind

Reports of what is happening in Georgia are worrying (if only that it could escalate to WW3) but let's spare a thought for Georgi Kinkladze, who according to Wikapedia, settled in Moscow when he stopped playing football. What must he be going through, living in the capital city of the country that is bombing his homeland?

Warrant issued for Frank and Nancy

According to the news flash going across my TV screen, a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Frank and his Mrs. Forgive me, but I am beginning to feel very uneasy at what is going on both at City and in Thailand. Reports of players like Ireland, Petrov, Johnson and Corluka as being up for sale are worrying. Equally, if Frank is sent to prison, what the F*ck do we do?

Saturday, 9 August 2008

this week

This week

Stockport then, 2-2 but at least it didn’t rain on us sat in the open end. Good goal by the Boj, but overall disappointing.
Up to Glasgow on the Wednesday, in the rain. Had a look at the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden then on to Parkhead. We put on a decent display and it was a fine goal from Petrov, but we let them pull one back from a free kick on the right for 1-1.
Lots of speculation this week on the Chairman’s situation and Corluka being sold to Spurs over Hughes’s head. So where’s the money? Are we in for another Coppell situation where he was promised money which didn’t materialise so he walked out?
Tonight it’s A.C.Milan in the Tommy Cook, then we’ve got F.C.Midtjylland in the UEFA at home, followed by Villa away, and West Ham home, by which time the MCFC mystery may have been unravelled ….or not?!

Cheers Dave

Friday, 8 August 2008

Press Bias (what's new?)

Has anyone else noticed how suddenly, everything Blackburn Rovers do is in the news, just like Sunderland. The press can't resist now that both clubs are managed by ex Man Utd favourites. It doesn't only apply here in the North West, I was in Birmingham for the past couple of days and the Blackburn/Sunderland stories were in the Brummie press too.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


FOOTBALLER Cristiano Ronaldo is being lined up to star in a multi-million dollar remake of the epic TV series Roots.Producers say the star's treatment at the hands of Manchester United make him the perfect choice to portray the young African slave who is beaten by his brutal masters.
The Portuguese winger said he had been traumatised by 'outrageous' demands that he honour the £125,000 a week, legally-binding contract, which has brought him only misery, adulation and Gemma Atkinson.
Speaking from the titanium gazebo in the rose garden of his 31-room mansion, Ronaldo said: "I feel I can relate to the suffering of African slaves."If anything, it is worse, because footballers cannot sing while we work, whereas they had time to develop gospel music during their 16-hours shifts before dropping dead from exhaustion.
"In the series a young African boy is dragged from his homeland and shipped to America where he is forced to work in the fields by a cruel and violent plantation owner."The similarities are uncanny, though admittedly, the Lear Jet that flew me from Lisbon to Manchester wasn't packed with 150 other players sleeping head-to-toe."
Ronaldo also conceded that, while the slave-master in Roots administered brutal beatings, Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson had nurtured his talent, lavished him with praise and turned him into one of the best footballers in the world."But without the freedom to do whatever I want, wherever I want, for whatever fee I want, I am exactly the same as a cotton picker forced to live in a shed, dying at the age of 32."He added: "I know the people will love my acting. Already, in the streets, I hear many of them calling me 'Kunta'."

Sunday, 3 August 2008

The KK Xpert Eleven Challenge

Hello you. I’ve got a little challenge for you.

We’ve hit the point where the Fantasy League applications are open and all your friends are nagging you to join their ‘brilliant’ league.
And I have another, similar, offer for you. The only difference is that this game – Xpert Eleven (known affectionately as X11 to its players) – isn’t fantasy football.

It’s a test of your managerial ability. It’s a test of your tactical knowledge. It’s a test of your ability to spot players in the transfer market. It’s a test of your influence in the press to get one over your opponents.

Here’s how you join:

1. Sign up to Xpert Eleven

Head over to and press join, on the top left hand side of the screen. When you get to the sign-up page, enter the details – as you would for any other website you’re joining.

2. Find the King of the Kippax League
Once you’ve registered and you’ve logged in, you’ll be at your lobby screen. On the left, is a list of links and on the right are your different teams (this is my lobby, I’ve got 4 teams in 4 leagues).

If you press the search button on the left, you’ll get to the search screen. Enter the KotK league ID (which is 168852) into the “Search for League” box and you’ll find us.

To join, simply press the Join button at the bottom of the league’s screen. Then you will need to enter your team’s details and pick a kit for them to play in. You will also be asked to pick a sponsor.

Every time you return to the game, you can access the King of the Kippax league by pressing its link on your team list on the right.

3. Your Team and Tactics
Once the league has started, your screen will look like the following webpage. On the right is a list of links to do with the league, on the left is your team’s administration panels and along the bottom are the details (if any) of your next match.

To pick your team (formation is up to you) and 5 reserves/substitutes, you need to click Player Squad on the “Team Menu” (on the right). You can then set some tactics by clicking the Next Match/Tactics link directly under that.

It is important that, every time you change your team selection or next match tactics, you press the save button at the bottom of the page, otherwise you will lose the changes.

When selecting your tactics, pressing “More detailed” under your latest selection (listed on the right), you can see your selection’s skill, current form and special skills – this helps when selecting your midfield playmaker and free kick and penalty takers.

You will need to set your team and tactics before every scheduled match, as selections are saved (injured/suspended players left out), but tactics aren’t.

4. Matches
Matches are played in real-time (meaning that there is one or two games a week, depending on what the league administrator has chosen). The times for the KotK league aren’t yet set, but will probably be Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3pm (GMT) – note: The game was made on the continent and so the game’s clock is one hour ahead. So, if your matches are scheduled for 15.00hrs game time, it will actually be 14.00hrs GMT.

You don’t need to be online during the matches, as you cannot change team/tactics during the game. The system will take your players’ strength, your tactics, form and formation and weight it up against that of your opponent, simulate a game and generate the result.

You can view the result from your team homepage (the link will appear under the VIP Vipers banner on the second image) and you can view the league by pressing the league’s name on the bottom blue bar of any page.

5. Transfers
As the season goes on, you might decide your squad is weak in certain areas. You can only have 20 players in your squad at any time, so you might need to sack or sell (you can do this by clicking on the player name) some before buying.

To buy, click on the transfer button on the left. This will open up the transfer market page.

Then you will be able to enter the criteria you’re looking for – position, skill rating, specialist skills, age range etc.

When you have spotted a player you’d like, click on his name and enter an offer into the value box at the top. You will have to put in an offer higher than or equal to the asking price, and you will need to remember that you are bidding against all the other players on the game, so you have to enter the highest maximum amount you’re willing to pay. You will then need to press the Participate in the Bidding button.

If your bid is the highest when the deadline passes, the player will be transferred to you one bidstep (like on eBay!) higher than the last other bid (so not necessarily for your highest maximum bid) and you will get a message in your inbox.

Because the game is international, the currency isn’t real. It’s been called econ and you don’t get very much of it (you can get more by selling players, winning on the Xpert Pools (link on the left) and by having a sponsor – as every month you will get a sponsor activity link on your home screen – successful completion results in 1m econ).

6. The Press

As in any football game, the press plays a big role in Xpert Eleven. If you press the Press button (and that’s something I never thought I’d type) on the left, you can enter a press release for the rest of the league to read.

Here you can boast about new players or results, make excuses for poor performances and play mind games to try and get the edge over your opponents.

If you make enough press releases in a certain time period, you will also be rewarded with 250,000 econ.

7. Studying Opponents
In order to help you get the best results you can, you can study your upcoming opponents’ previous tactics by buying their reports.

To do this, click their team name and select Matches Played in the team menu on the right. There you can click on the team’s previous results and view their matches.

At the bottom of the match screen, is a button Buy Tactics Report. It costs 35,000 econ, but will help you prepare – it’s always useful to tightly mark the opposition’s playmaker.

And that's about it.
I hope some of you decide to join (there has to be six before we can begin a season) and I hope we can get a good, competitive league with some good banter for the KotK faithful.
David Mooney

Friday, 1 August 2008

this week

This week.
Some shockers in the ManUMirror – ‘Ballack Quits’ screamed the headline – turns out he is – in 2010, not today! Then we had ;’Premiership Stunner – 15 games : thug Barton banned by the F.A.' The small print added ‘could be’!! Then we had the customary apology to Abramovich this time for recent bollocks journalism. What a paper. No story, well just make one up.

Playerwise, we’ve signed Ben Haim, just need a left back, midfielder with bite, right winger, though Kelvin’s looking promising, and someone up front! Corradi’s gone to Reggina, but Bianchi’s too dear for Torino – and us! Stevie Ireland’s auctioning off his Superman undies, pooh how hygienic is that? Also we’ve a knew goalie coach, Andy Rhodes.

Mrs Thaksin’s going to jail for 3 years, tax evasion, corruption etc., out on bail at the mo waiting for the appeal, and Frankie’s in court in September, but there’s nothing to worry about, is there?

Popped into the Citystore the other day and they’ve run out of my Century City book, so I’m hoping to deliver some more next week. Otherwise you can get it from KK Towers, but no harm in asking in the store to put a bit of pressure on.

We had the trip over to Barnsley yesterday. M62 chocker, so did the scenic route. Parked up – it was 50p twenty years ago as was the first KK and it’s now £3, so your latest KK at £2.50 is below inflation! East stand was pretty full with an overflow into the North stand, but the 7,000 crowd was a bit below my estimated 8,000. A 2-0 win then, bit of a stroll really which suits our boys, but into the hat for the next round at Eastlands and Denmark. So how cost effective was the Bon Jovi concert then? A628 Woodhead closed of course after the game but a wheeze getting back over the M62, surprisingly with all three lanes open – wow.

Stockport tomorrow, 1 pm kick off, see you there!