Sunday, 26 October 2008

this week

This week
Last - no game over the weekend again so we were forced to watch some of the other action, and a few controversial refereeing decisions just for a change. Sunderland had what looked like a decent free kick disallowed. Liverpool - what happens when they’re 2-1 down? Why the referee sends off an opposing player of course. The rags actually had a goal rightly disallowed and Chelsea battered ‘Boro away 5-0, I was hoping for 8! Results dropped us down to 11th place so we needed something at Newcastle to take us up to 9th

On the way up we stopped off at ‘Jan’ Leeming Bay services on the A1, called in the shop where they had a couple of football ground books knocked down to £2.99. I couldn’t resist. “Are these for your grandkids (not even ‘kids’ these days!)” said the woman. “No, for me” Why is that odd?
Had a chat with 'the balloon man' (Sheff. U.) in a cafe, then at the ground I got told off by a young copper, after he'd tried to arrest a 'sound' Blue for next to nothing, for being helpful regarding the lift, as “it’s not your job” So in future if folk want to know where Asda, the ticket office, entrance B, the main entrance, the Megastore, car parks ,the programmes are etc etc I’ll point them to a copper – OK! We were in a different part of the ground tonight as “it only needs one line of Police” but the view was just as bad!
We should have won the game comfortably, the sending off fired them up but I suppose you have to give credit for fighting back to draw 2-2, and going up one place.

Derek McGovern was in fine form in the ManUreMirror – “time was when a 2-2 draw at home to Manchester City would get you the sack”– you still laughing? When have we EVER drawn 2-2 away and got a manager the sack? Never.
David McDonnell’s hate City/love in with the rags continued as he described them as “the world’s biggest club” !!!!
I see that Berbatov has settled in nicely at the Swamp with two offside goals against Celtic.
Next day we had this little gem by McDonnell “ City have spent around £75 million since the takeover” Well we signed Robinho, Zabalata and Berti for nothing like £75 million. How do these people keep their jobs?

So, another blank Saturday, but entertained in MOTD by Ronaldo’s schoolboy tantrums at Everton, Rio’s face once again twisted in anger, (respect?) before a couple of defensive howlers, and Rooney showing that money doesn’t buy class, or a hair transplant. No wonder everyone hates them!

Stoke today. Game put back on Police advice, so keep your wits about you as their Delilah singing ‘fans’ are still stuck in the 70’s. They beat Spurs last week 2-1 with 11 minutes of added time, Charlie being stretchered off. They’re third from bottom, big and tough, and their biggest danger is from Delap’s throw ins, so it should be a decent City win if we’re not soft or daft or both.

Friday, 17 October 2008

This week

This week
Well we first have to give the Warrington Branch of the supporters club a mention. Your Ed was the special guest last week, and it was the usual lively, entertaining evening with a great bunch of Blues, talking about the Century City book, fanzine and all things Blue. Exhilarating and unbeatable. Contact Stuart Nightingale on 07742 171785 if you wish to join the branch.

Lisa Connell is a gorgeous, vivacious and very lively 28 year old who sadly suffers from an inoperable brain tumour and has set up a charity to raise funds for research. Check it out on and radio presenter and City fan Susan Bookbinder is one of the dates you can bid for. Get cracking.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

this week

This week
Well the reserves got some kind of revenge on Liverpool, winning one nil with a Danny Sturridge goal.
The Eds went to see a play called ‘The Glee Club’ at the Library Theatre this week, about a group of South Yorkshire miners who were in a singing group (not quite what you thought from the title eh!) in the early sixties, well worth a look if you get chance. It was of particular interest to us as it was set in Edlington, and we lived in the next village – Conisborough (Tony Christie, Alan Sunderland etc) We had a walk through Edlington once, and it was an amazing place with some houses in pristine condition next to ones with cars on bricks in the front garden! There was also a reference to Peglers valve factory where Kevin Keegan once did a little stint. We’ve also booked for the ‘I’ll be Bert ‘ playabout Bert Trautmann at Alty’s Garrick theatre at the end of October – 0161 928 1677 if you’re interested. So we’re getting a bit highbrow to relieve the boredom of no City games at the mo.
England scraped through in the end and good to see Shaunny back, even if he was on the wrong wing. Aw, poor Ashley Cole getting booed for his mistake – NOT, it’s ‘cos he’s a complete twat as well, totally missed by Rio, Roy Hodgson and co. Well done to Ched by the way for ‘scoring’ for Wales!
So nothing much to look forward to this week either, England in Belarus maybe, then another blank weekend before Newcastle. Hang on in there folks!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

this week

This week
Well it poured down on Saturday so it was a pleasant surprise to look out of the window and see another sunny City matchday. What a first half that was. Best I’ve seen for years, but then the worst second half since…..Fulham as long ago as last April.
Some strange goings on – Garrido taking the free kick and masterfully stroking home, after Stevie Ireland’s opener. 2-0 is always a difficult scoreline as you don’t know whether to attack or defend – gotta fight like mad to stop their first goal - but we did neither. Robinho denied a blatant penalty, Jo fouled badly by Skirtel but no sending off and then Zabaleta sent off and Skirtel carried off after a stumble. Fernandes at full back? Little geeing up from the captain and goalie. Kuyt, having slagged us off in the week got the winner which made it even more annoying, so the entertainment of the first half was eclipsed by the loss of the points in the second, and it took days to get over it.
Finally though, the Roy Clarke sign in the East (new Kippax) stand second tier bar has now been corrected. So after twelve months of dithering excuses by Tyrrell, Sara and Ali Mac., under the new regime it’s been fixed straight away. A small thing perhaps, but what else have they procrastinated on over the years to City’s detriment? Serious investment?

Still, we then had the UEFA Cup draw to look forward to, and it popped up a few old favourites. Twente at home on Thursday the 6th November (fireworks at Eastlands!) We last played em in the UEFA Cup in 1978/79 drawing 2-2 away and winning 3-2 at home. I was working in Hull at the time and on my way to work the Twente coach drove past me from the docks on the way to Manchester. I either waved my scarf at it or gave the ‘v’s’ but can’t remember which!? We also played them in an away friendly in 1990/91, losing 1-0. Stories about McClaren and his brolly are coming out already (You can stick your effin brolly up you’re a**e).
Next it’s off to Schalke on Thursday the 27th November, stirring up memories of City’s most glorious European night with the 5-1 win over Reinhard Libuda and his boys which took us through to the final of the Cup Winners Cup in Vienna. BBC Radio Manchester’s City and Schalke fan Ian Cheeseman is in heaven over this tie.
Then we’ve got P. S. G. at COMS on Thursday December 4th, who I don’t think we’ve ever played before.
Finally it’s Setanta, Santana or even Santander away on Thursday December 18th, again a club we’ve never played previously.
So a pretty exciting bunch of fixtures. Let’s hope we’re still in it so we can attract a couple of decent buys in the January transfer window.
A couple of weekends off then before we lick our wounds and travel up to Newcastle to pick up the points, and hope that their mini revival at Goodison doesn’t continue.


Saturday, 4 October 2008

This week

This week
Well we managed to see off Omonia at home (the acid test- geddit!). Looked comfortable at 2-0 but City gave us a little bit of a sweat at 2-1. Interestring set of fans what? The draw, which is complicated, takes place next Tuesday, and it promises to be interesting as Blues start to take the away trips seriously.
The Sun had Mark Hughes being tracked by Spurs which is ridiculous, and the MU Mirror had Dirk Kuyt telling us we’re not a big club! Erm, when did Liverpool last get 47,000? Have they ever had 84,569 at Anfield? No. They were also begging the Yanks to come in, and now want Dubai, but it’s City that’s ruining football, work that one out.
Today Steve Bennett continued his Man U love affair when he allowed Brown’s goal despite a disgusting foul by Vidic the Filthy on the Blackburn goalie, Brown, just to confuse you. ‘Boro did what we can’t do – win at the JJB.
So it’s Liverpool tomorrow. Just to remind you that KK 163 was out for the Omonia game and will be on sale for the next few games. Subscriber copies are in the post. KK 162 sold out very quickly so you may have to be quick getting hold of this one!?
Regarding Liverpool, they’ve won 2-0 in that second rate Euro competition (Zenit, after winning UEFA, are the top Euro team having thrashed the rags in the play off game)
And Gerrard’s notched his 100th goal so at least he won’t be doing it against us. ‘Pool are doing pretty well this season having not yet lost and did finally beat the rags. They even had a couple of goals chalked off at Goodison in the derby win. Unheard of, but Riley made amends by sending off Cahill. They’ve added Keane (doh) to their squad and Uncle Albert Riera plus Torres and Gerrard are playing well, though Reyna’s always good for giving away a goal. They will, however, have a few Blue boys to worry about so we’re all set for a great contest. Worst chants? Time we had some new rousing ones.
C’mon you Blues