Wednesday, 31 December 2008

this week

This week
On a cold day at Blackburn we were a goal down at half time and just as I said “they’re due their second” in it went so I got “that’s your fault” replying “no I know City by now”. I didn’ t predict the final score though, but it was noticeable that heads didn’t go down and we kept on pressing to ram the “Hughesy, Hughesy, what’s the score” and “you’re getting sacked in the morning” chants back down the Rovers fans throats. Nice one. I like that sort of stuff, and well done the boys for showing some bottle.
News on Lewis Burfield is that he still gets headaches, can’t tell the difference between hot and cold water on his legs, but is going back to school with a Peter Cech type helmet on, will stay in at playtimes, and continue to be monitored. So the good progress continues. I’ve contacted the club to see if Lewis and his brother Stanley could be mascots for a future game so we’ll see if that comes about.
John thanks everyone for their good luck messages, and assures us that he will be back for the next KK which is being done this weekend so get those contributions in asap please.
Next up, the transfer window opens and it looks to be an interesting time with us being linked with dozens of players. Then we’ve got Forest on Saturday in the F. A. Cup, and I don’t anticipate a shock even though they sacked their manager after losing 4-2 at home to Doncaster last week.
Anyway, have a Good night tonight and we wish you all a Happy New Year.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Hull and Blackburn

Hull and Blackburn
It was never in any doubt was it? Great performance from the lads and well done to Dunney (after his defensive airshot!) to power up the pitch and release the ball at the right time to help set up the first goal. Caicedo did well, Robinho was magical, as were SWP and Ireland. Surprised to see Elano back in favour but what a game he had, running around and stuff plus good to see the return of Nedum. Strange tactic by Brown at half time but quite funny. We did it again though – let them score from our daft corner. Can we have a plan to get all our team back for our corners and just let their goalie collect the ball? We never score from them anyway!
Off to Blackburn tomorrow. Notice that teams are now changing their manager BEFORE not after we play them?
Forest have just dumped Calderwood.
Sam’s picked up 4 points from his two games and we know what we’re up against. Don’t forget that The Fernhurst is opening at 10 am and the landlord’s a Blue, so that looks like the best away craic of the season. Let’s hope the performance will match it.
Cheers and Happy New Year

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Hughes Debate

Hughes debate
I’ve read with interest the current debate on the blog. I supported the choice of manager back in the summer. I thought he was right for us at that point and would bring some of the Blackburn steel into a soft City side. After a few hiccups he seemed to be getting it right at the Sunderland game, when I thought we had ‘lift off’’. Then the money rolled in. We’ve had a few good performances but many woeful ones. I’d expect the manager to be able to motivate the non performing players and I would expect that he would use man management skills on the likes of Elano rather than suggest his door is always open, then allegedly keep him waiting for an hour. Also it seems strange that Elano has been fined for comments made and Robinho hasn’t. All is not well and it would be nice to know what the actual situation is with the manager and the players. Is he too arrogant? Does he not listen? What do those running the club think? Are they experienced in running a football club? Questions to be answered. In the meantime unless they’ve got someone top notch to come in I can’t see anything other than to stick with Hughes, spend some money in January on Gow, MacDonald and Hutchison like signings to give us decent cup runs, and shoot us up the table, then have another go at it in the summer when more choices will be available. Meantime if we don’t beat Hull tomorrow even that theory could be blown out the window, though I think we will. Don’t you?
Merry Christmas, surely the dosy sods can’t ruin it completely, can they?

Monday, 22 December 2008

Enough is Enough

Sorry, but I put the blame firmly in the direction of the manager. The (United) supporting media are coming to his defence saying that he needs time as if he inherited a club in turmoil. The turmoil has been created under his managership, he is neither experienced or strong enough to manage a top premiership side. Blackburn's sole ambition with Hughes as boss was a top ten finish and a cup quarter final appearance and that was considered success. If that is what we are aiming at, then bring back Stuart Pearce. I think that we should get rid before they allow him to spend a fortune on players that he is familiar with such as Santa Cruz, Bellamy, Bridge and any other ex Blackburn or Wales players. They will only end up languishing in the reserves and being paid £100000 pw. Under him players like Elano, Richards and Benjani have become liabilities and Dunne has become even more clumsy, he favours non entities such and Vassell and Ball possibly because he doesn't feel threatened by them. So far he has bought turkey's like Jo and Ben-Haim and he replaced Corluka with Zabaleta, why? Strange how Robinho is sitting out games injured with greater frequency. We are told to be patient and remember Alex Ferguson, but United never faced a relegation fight whilst they were waiting for Ferguson to get it right, whereas we always seem to be. It's hard to be patient when you see performances that we have seen over the past few months. Under Hughes the team look like they did in the last days of Frank Clark. Every game, you hoped would be the game the club would turn it around, but each game was as bad as the last. Save the cash that Hughes would have spent and offer Mourinho five million a year to come and sort us out, it will be money better spent.

Sunday, 21 December 2008


Today - knee jerk
Decent drive down on the M6 and M5. Moved on by the stewards, queued for ages at the two turnstiles, and what a shambles that was, again. Abysmal performances from some players against a West Brom team who hadn’t won for ages. Their first goal came from our corner and after our thunderous equaliser their second goal came from ……our corner. Hughes has supposedly got us superfit but we can’t last 90 minutes and lose concentration in the last five to concede goals. Frankly it’s hard to support Hughes anymore and we continue to give the papers the stories they revel in.
Apparently Ben Haim and Elano were told in training not to get changed and didn’t travel plus the alarming stories about Johnson continue, so things clearly aren’t right. After the game we were made to walk all around the ground back to our car park which added insult to injury. At City WE have to walk all round the ground whilst away fans just pop out of their exits and into their coach park. Soft touch in all departments. Only three or four of our players look Premiership class and Hull on Friday is surely the last chance to get us on track for safety. We await tomorrows papers with trepidation.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

A few tips to the players

Good luck against WBA tomorrow boys. Some of the squad are new to the phenomenon that is Manchester City, so I thought you may appreciate a few tips for playing a team at the bottom of the league, based on my forty four years of watching City.
1. City are always notoriously slow starting up, so try and imagine that the game has been playing for some twenty minutes when you kick off, this will mean that you are not 0-2 down by the time you get into gear.
2. Whatever you all may think, with the exception of Robinho and possibly SWP, you are NOT a group of Galacticos who always steam roller the opposition, so do NOT fanny around pretending you are by attempting to play a superior passing game. We all know that you haven't a clue and the opposition will soon sus you out too.
3. Try getting stuck in to the opposition for a change. The WBA players will be playing out of their skins for survival, try and remember that you are too.
4. Avoid going a goal down in the opening ten minutes (see point 1)
5. Do not play the ball into the direction of Richard Dunne's right foot as he is prone to making silly mistakes or scoring an own goal with it.
6. Do not play the ball into the direction of Richard Dunne's left foot as he is prone to making silly mistakes or scoring an own goal with it.
7. Avoid playing the ball in the air near Richard Dunne's head as he is prone to making silly mistakes or scoring an own goal with it.
Right, that's it. Go out and enjoy yourselves. Oh and don't forget to win.

this week

This week
Santander, I watched it on TV at the Brit in Pendlebury, and what a shambles we were. It was quite funny though at the end to see the Spanish crowd in tears and Caicedo score. We should have lost about 5-1 but still, and we’ve somehow topped the group thanks to PSG’s win over Twente.
The draw’s pulled out a nice fixture with F.C . Copenhagen so that’s one to look forward to in February.
Over the road Rooney and Ronaldo have got away with their disgraceful fouls, surprise, surprise, and Fergie’s still moaning. How can they be in the World Club Championship when they couldn’t even beat UEFA Champs. Zenit St Petersburg, so weren’t even European Champs?!
This week’s seen the exit of Ince and Sam taking over at Blackburn starting with a win today. Elsewhere Sunderland won at Hull so we’re now in the bottom bloody three.
Tomorrow it’s West Brom. and we really do have to win this one. Recent form there hasn’t been too good, we’ve lost three of the last four, but at least Ish isn’t playing. If we don’t win this one the alarm bells will start ringing with a vengeance, and despite the £40 ticket prices we must get there in our numbers and give the dosy, silly, useless sods our support.

Monday, 15 December 2008

this week

This week
Everton – we had our chances, and gave them theirs but to lose to a last minute headed goal from a corner (when do we ever score a header from a corner?) from Cahill (surprise, surprise) was nothing short of disgraceful.
Newcastle’s win at Portsmouth puts them above us in the table, making next weeks game at WBA a six pointer.
Questions remain about Mark Hughes and only those within the club know whether his management style is working – it certainly isn’t on the pitch.
We’ve got the Santander game on Thursday, and the draw on Friday, which should provide some light relief from the League. Good luck to all those making the trip and let’s hope the lads treat it seriously and don’t fanny about, though it’s more important to rest a few players and make sure we win on Sunday.
Alexandra won (Kippa)X Factor and the cheap option of a cover version of Halleluyah will be this years Christmas number one. We sang along to Steve P’s original Lenny Cohen version in the car coming back from ‘Boro – wish we’d recorded it now!!

Some reaction from KK 165 – David Morris has offered to proof read after spotting some apostrophe’s in the wrong place! But missed pages 32 and 33 being the wrong way round! If anyone can proof read 52 pages or so between 2am and 7am when we go to the printers on a monday morning you’re quite welcome to pop up to KK Towers and do the honours. You won’t get paid though as it’s a ‘labour of love!’
Glyn Chadwick thought a couple of articles were ‘drivel' (good job then there was another 45 pages to read! Glyn’s taken up the challenge and penned an article for KK 166!
On the other hand :
Buzzer’s rung up to thank Alan Richards for the review of his book which almost had him in tears. Alan adds that he’s ‘proud to be associated with the zine’. Proud to have you Alan.
Phil Singleton, a Blue who runs the Sex Pistols website says thanks for the acknowledgement.
Davisd Alison’s sent in a piece in German about how Uwe’s favourite time in his career was at City.
Roy Carmichael, an Albion fan, has apologised on behalf of WBA regarding the £40 tickets for away fans blaming their Chairman Jeremy Peace, who is ‘some sort of private investment banker’
We’ve also had numerous good wishes messages for Lewis Burfield, but now to add to the problems John’s mum is in hospital.
Latest from Burfield is : Yes, Lewis home now. My mum (and this is separate to the crash) has carotid artery op 2 days ago which worked but then promptly had another stroke on other side of her brain. Touch and go still, and I can’t even visit her cos hospital in complete lock down due to vomiting bug. Stressed out beyond belief. City don’t help either. Going down if we’re not careful!
So John's really going through it and we all wish him well particularly as Christmas approaches.


Friday, 12 December 2008

It's A Fix

It’s A Fix
Ah well, telly’s working again but not in time to hear what was said about the disgraceful Rooney stamping. What a despicable club that is. No wonder everyone hates them.
Attended the Warrington branch last night where we were entertained by Peter Gregory who has the City memorabilia site :
Check it out. Always a good and enjoyable meeting at Warrington.
Everton tomorrow, they lost at home again last week in the last minute to Villa and lie in 8th place with 22 points from 16 games, just 4 points above City. Their away form is good with 5 wins 1 draw and 2 losses. Last seasons win at COMS was their second in the last 4, but only their second in the last 7.
Trouble is, they’re one of those teams at the mo who seem to do well against us with their style of play but with Yakubu and possibly Saha (boo) out could be light up front, relying on Westcott and Cahill.
As for the Blues we need the points desperately so nothing less than a win will do. We’re hoping that Robinho will be fit, Vass has recovered from his mugging, (!?) SWP and Stevie Ireland hit top form and the defence which may include Nedum will be strong.
Oh and look out for KK 165 just out and on sale. Incidentally the hat seller who’s encroached on my pitch was there at the PSG game when the rags were also at home so he might not be a rag after all!
Latest news on Lewis Burfield is that he has been discharged and is actually at home. His mum is also recovering from her operation on the fractured cheekbone so it sounds like good news all round.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

this week

Fulham. Grandaughter Ellie’s birthday party on the Friday night so set off down to Banbury late on for a stopover to save a very early Saturday morning start. London reasonably quiet but parking restrictions meant taking advantage of Steve P’s offer to park at the local vicar’s gaff. Still far enough away when you’ve got bags of zines to lug to the ground. Football grounds in London? It just gets worse.
Italian restaurant now Mexican so had to take advantage of a nice little cafĂ© further down the grandly named Fulham Palace Road. Always good selling at Fulham and meeting up with southern Blues. Sir Howard Davies stopped by for a chat and said he was in the Directors box as a guest of Alistair MacKintosh. Then I was approached by a young steward “have you got permission to sell those” he said “Oh yes, verbal permission off Alistair MacKintosh, give him a ring and he’ll confirm it” With that he wondered off looking perplexed. Then my favourite lady Fulham steward - always have a chat every year - came up and bought a zine for her friend, a City fan who lives in Portsmouth. Missed the goal, faffing about getting a cup of coffee, and overall a draw was about right.
City fan Rodney Rhoden, who’s just written a book on the Governors which I picked up in HMV recently (who declined to stock a few Century City’s!) introduced himself at half time, and we’ll be doing a review in the next KK. So from a knight to a Guvnor, eh, all in a fanzine editor’s day!
Good thing about an early kick off is that it’s light at the end of the game, and makes escaping the smoke that much easier.
So it was a mad dash up the motorway to attend the Christmas ‘do’ at the Merseyside branch, and to meet up again with those hospitable City fans with scousy accents including the indomitable Norah Mercer and Tony Rawls.
So, after a hectic week or so, Schalke, united, producing the zine, PSG, Fulham, Merseyside, then doing the subscriptions, it was a tad disappointing to have the car door booted in in a Leigh side street, then the telly (Bought after the 4-1 win over the rags a couple of years ago – the last one lasted about 15 years and was still going strong) broke down and the one year old fridge packed in (the last one was about twenty years old!) Modern life and technology eh! Still, same old City, but not for much longer, hopefully!!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Lewis Burfield

Latest news on young Lewis Burfield (Friday) :
Lewis doing well. Much more like his old self today. Will be in here at least another week though as still getting flash headaches and ear bleeds. Doctors generally pleased with his progress.
And Sunday : Doing well. Blood from ear still a problem and so may need operation to to seal hole in his brain lining.
Ed’s note : John thanks everyone for their good wishes and concerns. Much appreciated.

Friday, 5 December 2008

This week/It's A fix

This week
Not much to say about PSG except at least we didn't lose, somehow, and I did warn you about their fans. Still it keeps it interesting for Santander doesn’t it!

Anyway we’ve just picked KK 165 up from the printers and delivered it to Needbest and Urbis, and it’s looking pretty good if I may say so!
Hot news is that Keane’s quit Sunderland, and Pompey’s out of Europe. Shame!
Fulham tomorrow and an early dart for the 12.45 kick off. Now we’re rich surely we can tell Sky and Setanta to stuff it and we can get back to sensible kick off dates and times.?
Anyway here’s ‘It’s a Fix as most of you won’t get the zine til after the game. See you there!

Fulham's llast promotion was in 2001, so they’re in their 7th season in the Prem., and they’ve never won eff all!

Most recent connections : Dickson Etuhu, Andy Cole, Michael Brown, Kevin Keegan, Ali Mac.
Big name supporters : Ray Brooks, but you may spot a few more.

Roy Hodgson’s squad includes : Schwarzer, Hangeland, Hughes, Panitsil, Bullard, Murphy, Konchesky, Davies, Johnson, Zamora, Dempsey, Etuhu

Last season : At Fulham, in September we drew 3-3. They went ahead, we equalised through Petrov, they went ahead again, we equalised again,through Mpenza. We went ahead through Petrov but couldn’t hold on and Murphy equalised with 15 mins to go. (24,674, 2,330 Blues)
At COMS in our last home game we went two up by the 21st minute thanks to Ireland and Benjani and it looked curtains for the doomed Fulham club. But the old MCFC Benevolent. Society kicked in, we pratted about and let them com back at us and win 3-2 in the last minute. Kamara two, and a Murphy pen doing the damage aided and abetted by Bullard. (44,504)
They finished in 17th place with 36 points and 5 wins 5 draws and 9 losses at home

This season so far : They’re currently in 10th place with 19 points from 14 games and five wins, one draw, one loss at home. They went out of the Carling Cup 1-0 at Burnley, and are at Sheff. Wed. in the F.A.Cup 3rd rd.

Groundwise: No change since last season to one if not THE original riverside stadiums. We get a good sized area in the temporary stand next to the neutral section – with its cute pillars, and beware of a squash coming out! £35 a ticket - £5 up on last season..

Craven Cottage, Capacity : 22,000 (3,000 for City)

Our form at Fulham: Last seasons draw made it just two losses in our last eight visits.

Ed’s comment : Always an enjoyable trip to Fulham, with it’s setting in the park next to the Thames. Usually there’s a chance of a result, so fingers crossed, for a point or three, though they're no pushovers. Lot’s of different accents outside (like at O/T) as the neutrals, and City fans, pay to go into the neutral bit.

John Burffield (best wishes to Lewis for a speedy recovery)’s pre-season prediction was 15th Fulham being strengthened with Andy Johnson who replaced McBride, providing Bullard stays injury free. So they’re doing a bit better than anticipated.
STATS: 8 pre-war and 38 post-war make it our 47th league meeting, and down there, post-war, it’s:-
Played: 19 Won 6 Drawn 5 Lost 8.
Wwtwtwshite?: Averaged 4,057 in 90/91
Away Day Zines: There’s Only one F in Fulham (very good), Where Else We…
Their current average home attendance : 24,339
Steve P’s Route: Our usual route to Fulham – but see below - M6, M42, M40, A40 (or M1, A406 North Circular to A40 at Hanger Lane Gyratory, then toward London), A40 Western Avenue becomes Westway. After A219 junction take slip road to A3220 (right at roundabout). Along A3220 and right at first roundabout to A402 to Shepherds Bush Green, and left into A219 Shepherds Bush Road. Continue to one way system under Hammersmith Flyover and take A219 Fulham Palace Road. (KK has preferred this to going onto the M25 then the M4 past Heathrow then hitting traffic at Chiswick roundabout and at Hammersmith. However, the new Westfield mall is off the A3220 and it’s near Christmas, so we think M4/A4 may be a better bet now; M4 becomes A4 – Great West Road, Chiswick roundabout, then off before Hammersmith flyover to go round and onto A219 southbound toward Fulham.) On A219 Fulham Palace Road, after Fulham Cemetery on left, any street on the right leads to the ground. On street pay parking. (There are side streets to avoid the traffic, but with one-way systems, it's not easy).
But after the game we head east toward B317 North End Road, then north to A315 Hammersmith Road, and right toward Kensington, and left on A3220 back to the A40 – assuming Westfield traffic will mostly still be in Westfield…
Parking: On the streets. A nice walk in the park is recommended.
Public Transport: It’s still chaos on the Euston line; early trains might get through but coming back it’ll be from St Pancras via Sheffield. Might be odd advance singles available around £25 each way but otherwise it’s the off-peak return (any train) at £62.40.

Parking: On the streets, but be early and careful. A nice walk in the park is recommended.
Pubs: South of the river – The Duke’s Head, overlooking the Thames (the pub, not his head), but 20 minutes from the ground; The Crabtree on Rainville Road, and The King’s Head on Fulham High Street, plus there's a nice Italiam restaurant on Fulham Palace Road just past the ground.

Who will be City's player of the season

We've nominated 4 players for this latest poll, which ends on New Year's day.......
Only half way there but we are asking who you think will prove to be City's player of the season this year. Methinks Dunney will not be in the running this year.

Here are the nominations. (please feel free to comment if you think we should add another)

Joe Hart
Stephen Ireland
and Robinho

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Best Wishes to John and Family

Been ill the past week or so and I have hardly been near the PC. I have just logged on to the KOK Blog and seen the note about the accident that John Burfield and his son was involved in. Can I offer my hope that Lewis makes a full recovery and that my favourite KoK writer John is also well following the crash.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Lewis Burfield

If you wish to send a good luck message or card etc to Lewis Burfield the address is Neurological Ward(HDU) Alder Hey Childrens Hospital, Eaton Road, Liverpool, L12 2AP. Lewis , who is 7 or 8 years old I'm not sure which, is currently very subdued because of the pain in his head but would be delighted to receive anything City related. Thanks to Lorraine Firth at City for promting the above.
Dave and Sue

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

It's a fix


Paris St. Germain were formed in 1970 when Paris F.C, merged with Stade St Germain. However Paris F.C retained their name after promotion to the first division in 1971, and PSG reformed to join the third division making it back to the first in 1974 whilst F.C. Paris were eventually relegated to the second, then third division. They are owned by an American Investment Company, Colony Capital/Morgan Stanley, and were founder members of G14.

PSG won the French Cup in 1982 and 1986, the title in 1986, the European Cup Winners Cup in 1996 with George Weah, David Ginola and Youri Djorkaeff.
They entered this years UEFA competition after winning the French League Cup in the first round and beat Kayserispor from Turkey 2-1 on aggregate but lost at Schalke 3-1. They drew 2-2 at home to Real Racing club and play Twente at home on December 18th

Connections are George Weah, Nicolas Anelka, Ali Benarbia, Alioune Tioure and Sylvain Distin.
Manager is Paul Le Guen who had an unsuccessful stint at Rangers. Squad includes Landreau, Sakho, Makelele (captain) Guily, Pancrate, and star man is Mateja Kezman, on loan from Fenerbahce

They play at The Parc De Princes which has a capacity of 46,480 and they have a fan group called the Boulogne boys who are far right wing racist and anti Semitists. After a game v Hapoel Tel Aviv in 2006/07 season in the UEFA Cup which they lost 4-2 there were riots and Police informed them they must disband or face jail. We were told that at Schalke their fans were strip searched and relieved of all sorts of stuff – flares, knives, bottles etc. so let’s hope our boys in blue sort them out if necessary. The rags are at home tonight too, don’t forget.

Last season PSG finished 16th. Former players include Robert, Ochocha, Wilkins, Cisse, Heinze, Ardiles. This season they are currently in 6th place with 26 points and play in blue with a red stripe.

This is the first meeting of the two clubs.

This week

This week
Good trip to Schalke, apart from getting in the ground at 25 past seven, so just in time to see Ben’s goal. Everyone’s asking if the roof was closed when we played at The Millennium that time, anyone remember! I can't.

Then it was the thugs from the Liverpool warehouse in Trafford. Outplayed in the first half but could have gone one up if Micah had got a touch. Changes at half time, when we started to get into it, but constant fouling of SWP impeded our momentum. Ladyboy should have got a straight red for his fouls on SWP then applauding the ref but saved it for his handball, when he a) thought he heard a whistle or b) wanted to stop that nasty ball hitting him in his cute face (or on his Adams apple) nothing on the treatment of SWP on MOTD 2, or in the papers I’ve seen - we should be in their faces - and suddenly a 1-0 loss represents a massive gulf in class between the teams.
Robinho, who had a stinker, had a go at our mentality, in the press and you have to say that on the basis of our first half performance/non show he might have a point. Sort it Hughesy.

I’ve texted John Burfield with good luck messages from those who’ve e-mailed me on the subject of his crash. This is the latest update :
Cheers Dave, please thank them all for me, especially Howard Hockin given that I’m always having a dig at him !! Much appreciated. Sorry about the KK stuff. Laptop got smashed to bits in the crash, which of all the ironies was caused by another City fan (any news?) . Docs quite pleased about Lewis considering he has a double skull fracture. Awake now and may be moved out of intensive care tomorrow.

Tomorrow it’s PSG at COMS provided the weather’s OK. KK 165 was at the printers today, eventually, so won’t be out until Friday hopefully, at the Urbis and Needbest outlets, so we’ll post the It’s a Fix after this posting.

Monday, 1 December 2008