Friday, 23 January 2009

I hope the original poster has no objections to meet reproducing this, only I think it sums up how I and many other blues feel at the moment. This is from the M(U)EN City comments section and posted by a gentleman called "Armchair Arthur" from Aylesbury. Well put Arthur!
There has been noticeably more solidarity and less bickering between blues on this forum since the media has gone into overdrive over the last couple of days. Let them say and print what they like, none of it will change the truth. As others have said, it really is time for us all to draw the wagons into a circle and adopt a siege mentality. By US, I mean our esteemed owners, Management, all working at City, Players and supporters world wide. We all know what is going on in the media and why, so when provoked by jealous idiots lets take our lead from MH and respond with steadfast dignity. I believe in Karma and our detractors are surely storing up a world of trouble for themselves in the future. As supporters, we all have duty at this time to actively encourage ALL our players when they put on a blue shirt. Also whatever our individual views on the manager we also need to support him right now. Remember any rumbling of internal discontent is the oxygen that our enemies need to perpetuate their current firestorm against us. Don't give them that opportunity. When you see a fellow blue anywhere in the world enjoy their company. When you hear others repeat ill informed rubbish about our great club patiently explain the truth to them even if they can't or won't hear it. The more bigoted abuse we get, the stronger we will become. Rest assured, as results improve and success follows, attitudes will change but we will not forgot how badly we are being treated now.

Armchair Arthur, Aylesbury


  1. Think I'll frame this. Superb. Well said!

  2. I urge anyone who hasn't seen Mark Hughes's interview with Martin Samuels in todays Daily Mail to make sure they read it.

    Samuels is turning into something of an allie and here, he has allowed Hughes to remind readers of his pedigree, explain recent events, talk of his frustrations and plans for the future. He has succeeded in addressing many of the concerns held by City fans, and fired one across the bows of the outside vermin.

    A truly inspiring aticle, which has made me quite ashamed of the Wenger proposal I put forward in this months 'KK'. I think any true blue who reads it cannot fail to get behind MH and look forward with renewed confidence.

    Hope others agree!