Saturday, 11 April 2009

This week

This week:
Hamburg, good trip, good craic, lousy result. Peculiar team selection and formation, plus injuries leaves us a mountain to climb at COMS for the required 2-0 win.
Fulham tomorrow and here’s the it’s A fix extract :
Cleverly moved to Easter Sunday for TV, and the time is now ten past four?. Disgraceful. : .
Currently they’re in 10th spot with 40 points from 31 games and 0 wins 7 draws and 7 losses away from home. Spurs win today helped them leap frog over both City and Fulham.
Comment : Coupled with their 2-1 win in 2005/06, last seasons win made it their second only win in their last 8 visits. Thankfully they’ve already notched up their first away win of the season, so it’s not going to be down to us this year. Roy Hodgson’s put together a pretty tidy team even though Jimmy Bullard’s no longer there. They’ve just beaten the rags, narrowly lost to Liverpool and will be a stern test for the Blues, even though they’re probably safe already.
West Ham are 7th on 44 points so if we can put a run together they're catchable, have we the balls?

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  1. Can't believe that Wednesday 15th April is the 20th anniversary of Gerry Taggart's shocker of a performance at Blackburn.