Friday, 8 May 2009

This week

This week:
Blackburn at home and a bit of a tedious game in the end but another welcome win – our fourth on the trot, and there’s not been many of them.
Elsewhere, Fulham lost at Chelski, West ‘am won at Stoke, and Spurs beat Albion, so that put us up to 8th spot and just a point behind West Ham. in 7th place.
The rags won at ‘Boro, though how they got away with a double handball in the box is anyones guess.
The manumirror was quite reasonable to City on the Sunday but on the Monday David McDonnell, far and away, KOTK’s prick of the season, couldn’t help himself, having a go, and this time at Elano in particular.
European week of course and the rags won at Arsenal who were pitiful, players falling over in the box and falling asleep at free kicks. Media’s made a big deal of it but don’t forget that WE beat Arsenal 3-0 this season. On the Wednesday morning got an early knock on the door and guess who? Yup the ‘Golbourne Gob’ postie and worst form of rag imaginable. Haven’t seen him since the Munich derby but there he was on my doorstep trying to talk to me about the rags. As if I’m interested, as if anyone’s interested. Fletcher was rightly sent off for taking the ball and man which they’re appealing against. If they win this one it will prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the whole thing is a fix and we all might as well all stay at home.
Chelsea were robbed in the other semi, having three pens turned down and got a bit rag style nasty at the end.
Over in Germany Werder Bremen went through at Hamburg, ballongate style, and will play S. Dometsk in the final, oh what might have been!

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