Saturday, 23 May 2009

This week

This week
Spurs was a decent trip and we are indebted to Christine and Raymond for their hospitality. I had a Spurs arse come up to me whilst selling “ope you’re ganna pat samfing in der about your fans supposedly being de best in the cantry but sending tickets back? I tried to explain in a gentlemanly fashion, my speciality, “don’t rise your ‘and at me “ he said. He wasn’t having any so I’m afraid I had to tell him to fack off. Then I realised that we’d already explained in ‘It’s a Fix’ the situation, so if he’d bought a zine (??!!) he’d have understood. Must say that I was surprised to find that we’d got part of the top tier too, but still a smaller allocation than normal.
First half we were absolutely dire. Their goal was offside. described in the Manumirror as a Tevez type backheel. Eh? Surely there’s only ever been one backheel of note.
1974 vintage. Then they got a didgy pen and Benjani missed a sitter.
Monday’s manumirror didn’t disappoint with a vitrioic article by Tony Galvin, taking over from MacDonnell as prick of the season.
Sunderland’s loss at Pompey meant that they’re still in the mire and everyone’s worried that the rags will deliberately lose on Sunday at Hull like they did to West Ham and Derby that time. No wonder everyone hates them.
Liverpool had the luck at West Brom which put the Baggies down, and in the UEFA final (sob) Shaktar beat Werder Bremen 2-1 in extra time aided by a late disallowed goal. Platini was smiling as he handed out the medals to the team in orange shirts (sob again) owned by a multi billionaire, which is fine unless it’s us, of course.
Hughes is staying, Ireland could sign a new contract and Sturridge will be leaving. Oh and united are going to dominate Europe just like they did in 1968 and 1999.
Bolton tomorrow, carnival atmosphere, SWP out again awaiting a knee operation, here’s the It’s A Fix extract : This season so far : Over at the Reebok in November it was a 2-0 defeat, Gardner notching in the 76th, and Dunney sealing it in the 88th with an own goal, when it looked like we’d get a point. Crowd was 21,095 with only 2434 Blues owing to Gartside’s ridiculous ticketing arrangements.
Currently they’re in 13th place with 41 points from 37 games and 4 wins 3 draws and eleven losses away from home. They went out of the Carling Cup 2-1 at home to Northampton, and the F.A. Cup 2-1 away to Sunderland.

Our form at home v Bolton : Last season we managed a 4-2 win. We went ahead through Bianchi in the 7th minute, but fell behind to goals from Diouf in the 31st and Nolan in the 40th. We were back in it with an own goal from Mikhaik in the 48th then two late ones from Vassell in the 87th and Etuhu in the 90th making the points safe for the Blues. Crowd was 40,056 (1,986 Trotters) That win put an end to Wanderers sequence of winning the previous three at COMS when we couldn’t even score a goal. Give young Lewis Burfield, one of the mascots a big cheer.

Comment : No draws at home this season, and none since 1958/59 (3-3) at home to Bolton. We know what we’re up against so let our skill win the day. A win or a draw could put us up to 9th if West Ham lose, but a loss could mean a drop to 11th if Stoke win.

Wind Ups : OK they’re a small town in Horwich/Bury and have the cheek to think they hate united as much as us - but let’s have some joint anti rags stuff eh?

STATS : 48 pre-war, and 57 post make it our 106th league meeting & post war in Manc. it’s : Played 28, won 15 drawn 4 lost 9
Their current home average : 22,243
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 4,847 in 85/86

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