Wednesday, 27 May 2009

this week

This week
Firstly, I was telephoned by the BBC to see if I would do a programme from a pub in Manc on united and City’s season. It just happened to be on the night of the Euro Cup final and I told them in no uncertain terms that there was no way I would be in Manc that night (tonight) with those gloating bastards, or risking any abuse I’d get if they lost. Come on Barca.
What a lovely day it was for Bolton, their fans arriving a bit embarrassed in fancy dress. Sadly someone had organised a funfair on the East car park, so the North car park was full of free parkers inconveniencing City fans who had to park miles away. No fun for the elderly, some of whom subsequently gave the game a miss. As for having to see kids in rag shirts walking past - give me strength.
I must give out some admiration here for us Blues on a full house day making it a carnival atmosphere despite the hype of those over the road. Brilliant, we all deserve medals. Surprised but pleased to see SWP on the pitch and was that a hallucination or did Berti appear? Good to see Vlad given an appearance too, and didn’t he look promising? So a neat little win to finish off the season for a change. Cast your mind back a year and we went down 8-1 at ‘Boro who, along with Newcastle have got their cum-uppance.
Gillingham pipped Paul Simmo’s Shrewsbury, Scunny did for Millwall, very funny, and Burnley as Tony has pointed out licked Sheff. U. Any town that bans rag shirts will do for me, so well done to the Clarets.
Mondays manumirror was true to form, this time it was David Anderson’s turn to have a sly snidey dig at our lovely Blues. I’ve e-mailed him and it’s bounced back so I‘ve had to stick it in the post.
Finally the shirt debate. Obviously you can take it from me that the 1955 shirt has never been surpassed, and I have translated the Arabic on the front which quite simply spells ‘Kippax’ True! Oh, and A.I.G probably translates as ‘City’ so that should shut the f**ckers up. Fourth kit will be announced tonight in the unlikely event of Barca beating the Stretford bullies

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