Saturday, 30 May 2009

this week

This week
Well it was a worry. The greatest team united, maybe the world, had ever seen. They would be the only team and manager to win the Euro cup back to back …erm in the modern era. There was never a question that they wouldn’t win it, but the worry was that after scraping through flukily previously, this time they might win it with style. T"he famous man united went to Rome to win the cup, big style they effed it up". Who the…..Just proving the theory that they only win most games with a dodgy penalty or free kick, and at last we’ve finally shamed Fergie into admitting that for once they were beaten by the better (if weakened) team. So there’s a first. Well done Barca, get your shirts on!
Wembley today on a hot day. Not only did they build it in the wrong place, took too long, cost too much, got the wrong colour seats, but they forgot to install air con when the roof closes. Tough luck on Everton, shame for Phil Neville.
So that completes the season, and now summer hols to look forward too, have a good one

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