Sunday, 10 May 2009


Firstly I forgot to mention pal Joey at Liverpool. Looks like he’s finished at Newcastle, and his career could be over, unless big Sam steps in again!
Todays Guardian had a good interview with Nigel de Jong, who’s confident about tomorrow.
Today we were looking forward to a Liverpool win at West Ham, which we got, meaning that the rags can’t clinch the title tomorrow, and we stay above West Ham. We wanted Villa to win at Fulham, which they didn’t, and Everton to beat Spurs, which was a draw. So that means we’re in tenth place, but a win over the rags will put us up to seventh place, and why not?
Here’s the It’s A Fix Extract for tomorrow :
This season so far : At COMS in November they caught us on the hop after our win in Germany over Schalke. Frankly we didn’t turn up and Hart popped one up for Rooney to follow up and score in the 42 minute.
Ronaldo was sent off, eventually for deliberate hands, though he should have walked earlier for fouls on SWP, and sarcastic applause for referee Howard Webb, and you should have heard the excuses.
They’re currently in second spot with 80 points from 34 games and 15 wins 1 draw and 1 loss at home. In the Carling they beat Spurs on penalties to win it.
In the Chumps league they’ve reached the final v Barca. In the F.A. Cup they lost to Everton in the semi-finals on penalties, so they’re not on for five trophies this season (Fergie out!). It is however the same old story of dubious penalties, off side goals, intimidation of officials, wind ups, media bias, tapping up of players, Fergie time, sulks, tantrums and now spitting, in fact every dirty snidey trick in the book to gain an advantage. They really are despicable.

Our form at the Liverpool Warehouse in Trafford : Last season we won 2-1 much to the media’s disgust in an impeccable performance on and off the field, despite severe provocation. Vassell opened the scoring in the 25th minute and new signing Benjani made it two just before half time. Carrick scored a 90th minute consolation for them as we got bored so six easy points for the season. Pity other clubs couldn’t have taken advantage. 75,970 (3,022 Blues) This probably prompted Fergie to suggest that “money isn’t everything”
That made it 4 draws and a win in the last 7 lg visits.

Comment : Strong and expensive squad, but rely on refereeing decisions. First time they got decent ones v Liverpool and Fulham they had players sent off and lost. Says it all really. Don’t forget that it’s exactly 51 years 3 months and a couple of days since Munich so that should be worth some media vitriol against us. We can do it, c’mon City

Groundwise : Record attendance is still 76,962 for the Wolves v Grimsby semi-final in 1939. It’s ugly, but we made it beautiful in our corner between the main and north stand at the last derby, so let’s do it again.
Old Trafford, Capacity : 76,000 (still only 3,000 for City)
Stats : 44 pre-war, and 95 post make it our 140th league meeting, and at O/T post war it’s : Played : 47 won 9 drawn 18 lost 20, so 27 results to their 20.
Last pot : Do we care? Are we bovvered?
Their current home average att : 75, 270
WwtwtwShite : Averaged 11, 685 in 1930/31
Away Day Zines ; united We Stand, Red Issue, Red News, Red Shite, Red Toss, Red Cheats
Pubs/parking/route : You know the drill by now?!


  1. I thought the derby performance was a very poor display and I wont accept any arguments about injuries etc. We rarely troubled United whereas everytime they got the ball, any one of five or six players were prepared to run at our defence gaining thirty yards and causing panic. Strangely, before the game I felt confident that we would do well. Hughes, better than anyone should have known what to expect playing at Old Trafford, yet our tactics seemed to be to play for 0-0. Both Brazillians were anonymous whereas you would have thought that they would have relished playing on that stage. Is a United side containing such superstars as O'Shea, Fletcher, Evans and Park so much beter than we are?

  2. That old City favourite David Pleat comments in today's Guardian that we were too reliant on Stevie Ireland to create and support our lone striker. On the City website, Hughes believes "we haven't got the option of 4-4-2 on a regular basis away from home" Surely, this match cried out for a more attacking approach rather than, as Tony says, playing for a 0-0. How many matches at home do Manyoo fail to score. We finally play 2 strikers in the 89th min!
    Pleat also comments on the way that Bridge and Richards failed to push on down the wings. Neither of them get much cover for forward runs especially when SWP isn't covering Micah and Robinho is not a defensive option, neither should he be.
    Richards said recently that he thought he was getting back to earlier career form. Well, he might be kidding himself but he's not fooling us or Capello. (Ned is being tipped for a full England call- quite right too). Part of Dunneys problem this season seems to be his uncertainty over what Micah is likely to do or fail to do. For example, as the ball was played to Berbatov, Dunne looked first at the approaching Tevez but then at Richards marking of Berbatov. Consequently, he was caught in 'no mans land' desperately trying to get a blocking tackle. Also, where was our defensive mid field tracking back at this point? So often this season when we try the slow midfield build up we finally run in to 2 lines of defence as we did in this match or the ball ends up with Dunne/Given for a punt up field to our lone striker. Arguing about the fairness of the free kick (Stevie I our attacking mid fielder tracking back yet again!)is pointless. The Sky experts took several slow motion replays to decide that it could have been a fair tackle but I think we'd have wanted a free kick if it had been on one of our players - we wouldn't have got it of course, not at OT.
    I see that Robinho is doubtful for the weekend with muscle strain - he really will have to learn to take it easy and conserve his energy!

  3. I had to record the game, so after their deflected goal from a free kick that never was I fast forwarded,I thought we did trouble their defence up to that point but without getting a shot on goal.The tactic we used seemed to be to send the ball wide which has worked for us but it requires a lot of supporting runs from midfield which I do not think we have the players capable of doing this.I expected a bit more from us but they are probably one of the top teams in Europe along with Liverpool at the moment.A problem with premiership is that talent has to combined with work rate and some players like Robinho and Elano just do not have the physicality no matter how hard they try. Games like this will allow Mark Hughes to assess the squad so if we are not hovering around the top 6 after about 10 games I think along with a few thousand others our patience will start to wear very thin.

  4. Geoffl.I have listened to David Pleats footy "technobabble" for many years and only understand about half of what he says,(maybe I'm thick) I believe players played in the right positions win football matches not systems.Apart from the tackle that led to their first goal I saw two tackles prior to that, that looked fair (one given in our favour) where the ball was won and a trailing leg caught the player,apart from cases of dangerous play this seems absurd.