Wednesday, 1 July 2009

All seems to have gone quiet on the Tevez and Eto'o signing front. The Eto'o saga is an interesting one. Barcelona clearly want to cash in on him, but the player is in no hurry to leave and would rather see out his contract. A compromise between the two clubs is the likeliest outcome as in another year he may be a free agent, but he will be nearer to 30 years. Anyone heard any more on either signings?


  1. I don't think the deal between the two Clubs is the major issue.
    He obviously feels that Barca are trying to force the issue and isn't that bothered about coming.
    I suspect that Tevez is still in Argentina enjoying his summer holiday. We just need to be patient.
    Everton will cash in on Lescot if City match their valuation.

  2. I accept that Eto'o isn't too keen on coming and normaly I would say, get lost then (or words to that effect) but I will excuse his reluctance to sign as I think he could be a great player for us. Caught the sky news an hour or so ago and MH seemed to suggest that City were still after four players but that patience would be the watchword. Just hope I can be as patient as him. The new City site is up and running and looks great with video clips.

  3. Just been on the Site.

    It's almost as if someone at the Club actually knows what they're doing.

    I'm in severe danger of getting optimistic.

  4. I think frm what I see, the new shirt is ver 'Retro' and very reminiscent of the Championship winning shirt of 1968. Very plain and neat.

    White shorts, yep, no probs.

    However, white socks ????? jeezus, no, please not. Why not Navy Socks with a sky blue top ?

  5. The Eto'o deal hangs on whether Barcelona get Villa. Laporta and Guardiola have got to be canny because they can only afford Villa if Eto'o is sold but they dare not sell Eto'o without being sure of getting Villa.