Monday, 20 July 2009

This summer

This summer
Well it’s almost over, the close season that is. Some more exciting buys – Tevez and Adebayor – the bloke I gave the V’s to at The Emirates when he scored. Wonder if Noel G did too? We’re still after Terry and Lescott, so we just need two full backs and we should be OK!
At the mo we’re putting together the next KOTK, 44 pages so far so you’ll have to be quick if you want something in.
Been busy on the ‘Us V Them’ special. Just about done all the research and had a good response on fans stories so just about there now, except for editing, illustrations etc. Thanks to everyone.
Quite positive pieces in the Observer by Paul Wilson and Paul Hayward. Patrick Collins in the Sunday Mail continued with the (yawn) preservation of the big four campaign. Obviously I had to e-mail him on the subject and he got a bit prickly. What about that Diane Cooke in the MEN? Didn’t like the Tevez poster. Wouldn’t be a bitter rag would she? I think we need to know! Believe the Doves gig went down well, despite the weather. I see we lost to the Pirates, let’s hope we do better against the Chiefs. Hmm Sturridge scored for Chelsea and Jo got a couple for Everton. So what will the next few days bring? Hopefully a flurry of defenders.
Stay happy and excited, I think I'll set off for Blackburn tomorrow!

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