Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Further to Tony, Neil and Glyn’s postings I would add that Gillingham was TEN years ago. If you’d read the postings properly instead of coming out with “You’re a clown Wallace” you’d see that we have already expressed concerns about our defence. United were the better team in the second half against our patched up squad. Better teams don’t always win – Bayern Munich, Chelsea in the Euro Cup and Arsenal at O/T a few weeks ago – fact is, and not for the first time, you cheated. And don’t tell me you’re not concerned about Foster? Now take your monkey chanting, bottle and coin throwing bias elsewhere and if you wish to discuss further I won’t be down in London until December when we play Spurs, but I won’t hold my breath.


  1. That was actually Dave's comment aimed at Mark, Blue Tex. Sorry, don't want to come across like my old English teacher.

  2. im not from london im from clayton five minutes from the ground you currently play at so dont use your sterotypes on me mr wallace and dont be so touchy with your new found arab money

  3. Mark, you have me puzzled. I assumed Dave knew you, but I see he was now being sarcastic by suggesting he'll see you when he next comes down to London. But you are a United fan! Why then, are you so interested in this blog? I can recomend several United blogs if you wish, or alternatively, go and buy a copy of the Daily Mirror or M/cr Evening News, they have lots of stuff about United in them. But as you are here, you must see that most of the comments are not biased and completely one sided. We can see our faults whereas if you were to go on any of those United chat rooms or blogs, you will see nothing but hate and venom aimed at us. As for our new found wealth, we are only spending money as your club has done when it inherited all that sky money back in 1991. It's not our fault that our owners are richer than yours.

  4. Anyone agree that Petrov and Zabaletta should play instead of Ireland and Richards tonight?

  5. Never mind Petrov and Zabaletta, Neil. Book and Summerbee would be more effective than Ireland and Richards were on Sunday!

    Re our friend Mark, I visit the sanctuary of the KK blog to escape the trash posted on the likes of the MEN website by sarcastic rags. I hasten to add that City fans are often equally guilty and several times I've told them so.

    As you say, Tony, on this site we do not follow a blind faith and are prepared to admit our shortcomings.

    So do us all a favour, Mark. Get back where you belong.

  6. Watched the 'Sunday Supplement' this morning through my fingers as it's usually just a piss take of City. What a refreshing change from last weeks McGarry dominated disgrace.

    Living in Scotland I don't get to read the English papers but I always understood that Neil Custis was anti-city. This morning he was fantastic, heaping nothing but praise on us. A particlular highlight was when he relentlessly insisted a fellow scribe explain why Adebayor's goal celebration was a disgrace when Neville's against us was not.

    Apparently you can get highlights of the programme on podcast. As we took up a large part of the show I would recommend it as an antidote to all the negative crap we've been putting up with. Oh yes, Martin Samuel was also on the show so we got a fair hearing from that quarter too.