Friday, 11 September 2009

this week

This week
It’s been a busy and exhausting one at KK Towers – we finished the zine off at 4am on Tuesday morning, after much editing and a few omissions saved for next issue and it’s still 56 pages!
Just picked it up from the printers and delivered to Urbis and Aleef on Cross Street/ Market Street. As you’d expect some really good stuff – Colin Shindler article responses, comment on the media preservation of the big four campaign, premier prospects, curses etc etc.

So England qualified for the World Cup, Brazil were inspired by Elano, Tevez’s injured and just when we’ve got money to spend we may be prevented from spending it as we’ve allegedly ‘poached’ a French wonder kid who is actually reputed to be no good! You couldn’t make it up.

There’s a Bert debate going on the blog. I, of course have a goalie’s jersey and when I asked the lad in the store with a City tattoo on his arm to put Trautmann (two n’s) on the back he asked if that was my surname! I kid you not, and yes, it’s true Bert isn’t so well known in Manchester never mind Germany. Garry (two r’s) Cook should know of him though as he’s a Birmingham fan and it was against them in the 1956 cup final that Bert broke his neck. Bert did open the new Kippax stand a few years ago at Maine Road, but yes it is an item to bring up at the POB meeting next week.

Tomorrow it’s the Arse, here’s the It’s a Fix extract :
Last promotion was in 1915 (fix), and last pot was the F. A. Cup in 2005, 4 seasons ago. Most recent connections are Toure and Adebayor. Big name supporters are Roger Daltry, John Lydon and Alan Davies ….
One of the big four doing it the right way : Cheated their way into division one in 1915 when they finished 5th in division 2, poached Huddersfield's manager Herbie Chapman in the late twenties to become successful in the thirties. Introduced a bond scheme to rip off their fans, picked a foreign manager who flooded the team with foreign players, charge exorbitant prices for season tickets, had a new stadium built for them which now costs a fortune in interest rates, oh, and pay their players high wages…
Last season, it was trophyless again, finishing 4th with 72 points, 18 behind the leaders with 9 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses away from home.
City won 3-0 at COMS in November, 44,878, (2842 Arses), but lost 2-0 at the Emirates in April, 60,097, (3,004 Blues), with a certain Adebayor scoring their goals.
Our form in Manc v Arsenal : In the last 3 games we've had 2 wins (1-0 in 06/07, 3-0 in 2008/09) and one loss.
Arsene Wenger’s squad, has lost, notably Adebayor and Toure, gaining them £40 million of which they’ve spent £11.3 million on Vermaelen, Martinez, and Edge to complement the existing big names.
This season so far : They’re 6th with 6 points from 3 games had a great start winning 6-1 at Goodison, then bear Pompey 4-1 at home, lost to united 2-1 at the swamp unluckily but knocked Celtic out of the Euro Cup, at a cost, Eduardo now banned for a couple of Euro games because of diving.

Comment : This is the real test. Whilst we beat them here last year they’ve still got a phenomenal record against us, but with our upgraded squad we should be able to give them a real game. No doubt Ade and Toure will get some stick but a couple of good performances should shut them up. Bring it on.
Wind Ups : Well we won’t be hearing any of those disgusting rag type Arsene Wenger chants
Stats: 64 pre-war and 98 post-war make it our (massive) 163rd league meeting,
Wwtwtw shite? Averaged 23,824 in ’85.
Their current average home attendance: 60,040

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