Tuesday, 29 September 2009

West Ham

Another good result against the 'ammers. We look like we can score goals every time we go forward. Only problem is, we still look fragile defensively. It's early days yet, but Lescot is giving me as many nervous headaches as Dunney did. We were extremely lucky (did you catch that admission all you reds eavesdropping on this blog, we were extremely lucky) last night that the linesman spotted an invisible foul on him, as West Ham's disallowed goal looked good to me. It was worrying the way the WHAM forward brushed him aside so easily. Big test will come at Villa in a weeks time, although in a way every game is a big test for us.


  1. i actually thought that Lescott and Toure showed signs of improvement last night. Cole will always be a handful and they won most things in the air.. and apart from the "lescott bit of luck" werent really troubled that much.

    defenders take longer to gell and understand each other. Going forward you can get out of shape a bit and still cause problems. You have to know your defensive partners incredibly well to work as a team. It will come.

    I also agree. Every game feels like a big game now. 3 points at villa and then fulham at home should be a real possibility. I've got everything crossed anyway.

  2. I agree about Toure, he has looked strong from day 1. I'm prepared to give Lescott time, but I do think we paid far more than he is worth. Hopefully in most games we'll score enough to make the fact that we do concede irrelevant - I hope.

  3. It's our best start dince 1961 so I suppose we're doing something right.
    It was a bit similar to the Arsenal game last night. Total domination without killing the game.
    Another big concern is the lack of presence from Given when defending set pieces. He's got to assert himself in front of his own defenders.

  4. I agree Mark, perhaps whoever is our goalkeeping coach should have Given practising nothing but corners. Oh for another Joe Corrigan at set pieces.

  5. The Lescott/Cole tussle was a bit worrying but I still believe Lescott will prove to be a cut above Dunne - did you see the Blackburn Villa match on Saturday, Tony?

    There was some breathtaking attacking play and the individual performances of De Jong, Petrov, Zab, Bellamy and Tevez were superb. However, I was again disappointed in SWP.

    He was fortunate against Arsenal in that his continual failure to beat Gail Cliche was overlooked after he scored. In that game he was up against a quality fullback but I would've expected the young lad marking him for WHAM to have been given a far sterner test.

    As I've said before, to me, SWP seems to be acting the 'cool dude' in interviews etc and this carries over into his game, where he seems to be quite casual about losing possession. It was good to see MH substitute him for the 1st time this season and I'd go a stage further by leaving him out. Such a shock might motivate him in the same way as Petrov.

  6. Hi Glyn,
    I couldn't agree more about SWP. He will persist in running down too many blind alleys. A wake up call is long overdue.

  7. Lescott really can't be any worse than Dunne, even if he only makes half the mistakes and scores only half the number of own goals per season, he will be better. I don't mourn Dunney going, but I look at the impression Distin has had over at Everton since he replaced Lescott and I wonder if at £3 million or so that Everton paid for him, we may have been better spending our cash on him as a short term solution.