Monday, 21 September 2009


This week
Couldn’t agree more with your comments fellas. We knew we’d have to hang on and give it our all in Fergie time after three stirring fight backs but just couldn’t do it. My question is – where did the FOUR minutes come from, never mind the seven? At Chelsea they had two players stretchered off and only played 8 minutes extra. only one more than us.
Tell you what, if I was a rag I’d be a bit worried about that ‘England class goalie (remember Watford?) and centre half.
The Burf ’says “what a surprise that the F. A. appoint a ref who fell out with baconface the last time he reffed at the swamp and would thus be determined to worm himself back into rag favours….. he also predicts an F. A. incitement charge for Neville (a reserve right back who won’t be missed anyway) so they can justify banning Adebayor as “part of a wider crackdown”!
Oh and can I raise this one yet again with our club (I will) – at O/T away fans are in a corner away from the cameras with rows of disabled fans in front so no chance of an Arsenal/COMS situation AND we’re let out at the same time as the mutants, again unlike at COMS where our own fans have to circumnavigate the cossetted away fans exits/coach park.
I haven’t had the heart to read today’s papers yet but notice that the front page of the manumirror has a full page spread of Bellamy apparently twatting that twat on the pitch when the video shows it was quite clearly a little slap. Blimey, he could have had a knife!!!


  1. Why is he a clown Mark? Do you want to justify the statement with any reasons and facts or are you just another typical rag? Reading through various chat boards since the result I have seen nothing but arrogance and gloating from United fans. The difference between us can be summed up in this result and the way it was achieved. If the result had been the reverse, Blues fans would have welcomed the win, we would have said it was a great game, but admitted that perhaps we were a tad lucky to have scored so late in injury time. Reds fans have spent the last 24 hours telling us how they are still top dogs and how insignificant we are. But then why should I be surprised at their attitude when they hear their manager using the same disrespectful terms. Ferguson has been in charge so long that there have been two generations of reds fans who have grown up with him in charge, so let's liken him to a father figure. But unlike a father figure who brings up his kids to respect others rights and have common decency for those around them, instead Fergie has been like one of those feral dads, we have all come into contact with, who encourages their kids to tell their teacher and neighbours to F**k Off if they don't like what they're being told

  2. Oh what a constructive post by saddo Mark!

    Well said, Tony.

  3. Welcome to Manchester Sparky. You've finally discovered what most of us have known for years.
    I watched the second half of the Arsenal match this morning after listening to Jeff Winter justifying the added time.
    The Van Persie injury took ninety seconds and the Adebayor celebration lasted just over a minute. The celebrations for the Van Persie, Bellamy and SWP goals all lasted around 45 seconds. There was also five substitutions and an injury to Micah Richards.
    Why was there only three minutes of injury time, yet seven at the Swamp.
    Well said Garrido.The atmosphere on Sunday was bordering on hysteria with demented smackheads spoiling for a fight ( and that was before the kick off )
    United's best player on Sunday was a thirty five year old. Their last minute jubilation has papered over the cracks. The gap is closing and they all know it.
    Don't even dream of playing the reserves against Fulham

  4. The picture on the back of the Sun this morning says more than a thousand words. The 4th official sharing a laugh and a joke with Smart Alex, just before the final whistle, whilst MH who has just been sent away by the same guy, looks on.

  5. fact is we werent lucky we were by far the better team on the day city played with good spirit and fought hard but go on and on a bout the time give me a break dont you remember gillingaham 99 play off you nearly got 8 mins that day if i was a blue
    id be blaming richards how got torn to shreds on giigs evraand wright phillips for not doubling up on giigs evra and owen

  6. You were the better team in the second half. We could easily have been 3-1 up at half time, sky said as much. Apart from the goal, I seem to remember your only two other chances in that first half were long range shots that sailed into the crowd. For Fergie to say you should have won 6-0 is ridiculous. We actually got five minutes against Gillingham and yes, we were lucky on that day, as most blues would admit but I would imagine the chances of a United fan admitting that they were fortunate on Sunday is about as likely as Smart Alex giving up the booze.

  7. Mark

    Don't be afraid of using a Thesaurus. It's there to help you...

  8. Anyone else been pleasantly surprised by the Daily Mail's coverage in recent weeks? Normally I'd not touch it, but I'm sick of the Mirror's insanely pro-rag coverage. The latter's interview with Peter Schmeichel on Sunday was sickening, the Dane really is a simpering fool.

  9. I don't wish to sound like an Old Tory, because I aint, I gave up believing that any political party cares two hoots for me long ago. But I have long said that the Daily Mirror has only two objectives. The first is to ensure that New Labour is re-elected however bad they may be and the second is to act as the written wing of MUTV.

  10. And as for Peter Schmeichel, I like most other blues wiped the slate clean when he signed for us under Keegan, particularly after that Maine Road derby, but I was a little concerned that young Casper was reported to have jumped for joy after each United goal.

  11. Not read Schmeical's interview but can imagine what it's like. After Sunday's match the talksport debate was interrupted for an interview with Alex Stepney. I commented that this would hopefully be a bit more balanced than the normal interview with an ex-rag as Stepney was on our coaching staff for quite a while. How wrong I was.

    Quite apart from the fact he sounded what he is -a has been with nothing worthwhile to contribute, when asked what he thought of the injury time issue all he could say was "as a united fan you had to laugh."

    No doubt this cockney red is welcomed with open arms by staff at City. I'm damned sure he wouldn't be at Old Trafford if he'd dared to laugh at their expense. Perhaps we should follow Ferguson's example.

  12. Read what REALLY happened at the derby. Or at least a slightly different version of the events

  13. Nice one boredstudent, that has cheered me up a bit, I still feel suicidal but I only feel like hanging myself now rather than jumping off a tall building.