Tuesday, 24 November 2009

surday night 'do'

This Saturday night the Blue Mooners are hosting a 'do' in one of the suites at City. It starts at about 8pm, includes a hot pot supper, comedian, band and tickets are £12.50. Sue and I will be there along with Col and Margaret from Spain so if you fancy it - would be nice to put a face to some of the names, Tony P etc,. - let me know asap. You can't go wrong at that price! It's smart casual.
Dave and Sue


  1. Thanks for the invite Dave/Sue. don't think I'll be able to make it. Are you thinking of having a KOK contributers Christmas meal this year? Didn't you have one last year at the Curry Mile, or am I thginking of somethig else?

  2. Meeting some of the KOTK contributors and any blues would be really great, alas the journey is not possible at the moment,but if any of you guys want to come over here I could organise a bash,well I can dream can't I?
    There are very few things I miss about England but talking and meeting City fans is definately one.

  3. I echo Steve's comments.

    I live in Scotland and can't make it Saturday, which I really regret. It would've been brilliant to meet what seem to be such a great bunch of lads - and hear Dave singing Ernie!

  4. Perhaps we could have a cyber Christmas Do for all that contribute to the KK blog!!