Monday, 2 November 2009

this week

Birmingham. This was a tester for the KK team. Initially tickets were highly priced at £42, it was on a Sunday and on the box. Talk of a boycott on the message boards, so we deliberated. Chance of calling in at St Andrews on the way back from a weekend in South Wales, Then the ticket prices dropped, so we couldn’t really say no. Then we found we’d have to come back from Wales on the Saturday morning, and travel down to Brum and back on the Sunday. Then we had a spare ticket, and zine sales at Brum are always poor (did better than predicted though!), but the object of the exercise is always to support our team so we risked it, grandson Joe using up the spare ticket. M6 worse than we thought but made it after two and a half hours! Oh, and it was cold and windy.
One minutes silence for Remembrance Day impeccably observed by ‘The Impeccables’ Bit of noise on the concourse by late Blue arrivals who obviously weren’t advised by the Stewards of the silence. Once again, they’re very good at stopping us selling zines (which we were!), but doing anything other than the easy option gives them a major problem.
Our view was crap, right behind the goal, with the crossbar obscuring the main action on the pitch.
Hmm. Poor performance again – and what did I say about us not conceding soft penalties? It was a bit harsh, to be honest and Given excelled of course. Good support from the Brummies, I thopught and we were given a tough game.. After booking Bridge for booting the ball away in the first half the ref had no choice but to send off Ferguson for a second yellow late on. So, a clean sheet, and another point taking us up to fourth place….somehow. Not clear of the chasing pack, but falling behind the big three.
It was a better drive back after the game, and we settled down to watch MOTD 2. What a farce. No City attacks shown in the second half, but punters Sir Les and Mark Bright were allowed to comment on the attacks which were shown in the summary only.

Picked up ex Chairman Eric Alexander’s book ‘Please May I Have My Ball Back’ at Borders which should have been the best book on inside stories on City ever written but, although good, doesn’t go quite far enough as friends and mates etc have to be protected. More on that later. This adds to the list of books for review in KK – The Big Book Of City, Cheesy’s, Sully’s, Rodney’s, The Alliso/Mercer books, Tony Book etc etc. Any volunteers?

Today we attended the funeral of Dante Friend’s father Jack which went as well as any funeral can. Jack was much loved by his family and friends and was a very special and respected person who will be sorely missed.
Condolencies, in particular to Dante, Coral and Carmel.

It’s that time again! Just finishing the ‘Us v Them’ book in draft and now having to break off to start putting KK 174 together, so any early articles will be appreciated.

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