Sunday, 8 November 2009

this week

This week
Ooh, a cold and rainy day. Minutes silence for Remembrance Day, again beautifully observed. Settled down to watch us put Burnley in their place and halt the number of drawn games to put us back on track.
Blimey. Two goals down, first a soft penalty. What did I say? Second, oh dear. Two new tall and strong fullbacks in January please.
Shauny had a goal disallowed for offside. Was it? Then he stroked one in off the heel of Jordan, so a bit more respectable at half time. We fought back well to go 3-2 ahead and just as we thought we might not do anything silly. We did.
Murder getting home with all the diversions around Eastlands. Settled down to watch MOTD later and to check out Sean’s ‘offside’ goal. Guess what? It wasn’t even shown. Surely MOTD should show important incidents in games.
So we drop to 6th, which could be 7th if Liverpool beat Birmingham tomorrow night. Not looking too good but if we can continue in the Carling…..At least the rags lost at Chelsea! The next KK is coming along nicely. 28 pages so far, keep em coming please.


  1. The minute silence which lasted about 15 seconds, what an absolute disgrace, once a year for a minute and City feel the need to cut that short disgraceful. But not as disgraceful as the chants of United United that I heard on the TV before the Chelsea v Man U game.

  2. Don't get me started on this one Jon. The number of people who don't wear poppies at all these days is what really annoys me. Walking through Stockport Precict yesterday, those of us wearing poppies were outnumbered by about 5 to 1. OK, I can understand that the current generation have been all but encouraged to forget the wars and so they don't wear one, but the number of people over the age of forty who also don't wear one is disgraceful. I feel very strongly a sense of deep sadness at that generation of young men who believed their politicians on both sides and walked into machine gun fire. OK so it was almost 100 years ago, would it hurt society to part with 50p or £1 once a year to buy and wear a poppy to show some respect. They are quick enough to register their votes for the X Factor or come Children in Need time happily walk round in a bear costume to earn money for kids, many of whom will grow up into the disrespectful morons we all know. Sorry, Monday morning and I'm still smarting from conceding in the last couple of minutes against Burnley. Still glad the Clarets are back in the big time though.

  3. Whilst I understand your sentiments, Tony. I believe many people part with their cash to buy a poppy but find it impractical to actually wear it every time they go out. This is certainly the case with me and I would be pretty annoyed if anyone ever accused me of not caring or contributing.

    Turning to matters on the pitch, the points thrown away against Fulham and Burnley left me even more depressed than I was after Owen's late winner at OT. We've wasted a marvellous opportunity to move clear of Liverpool, Spurs and Villa and I find it difficult to share the optimism of fans pointing to our game in hand. In theory this is against Everton, who's style of play is just the kind we STILL seem incapable of overcoming.

    Liverpool on Sunday-week will be as fired up as they were against United and I feel the match at Anfield could define our season league-wise.

  4. When Mercer and Allison arrived in 1965, the first thing they did was sell the Top Scorer from the previous Season. It's that type of tactical insight that our current manager appears to lack.
    By my calculation City have at least four players who appear most comfortable when playing as a second striker. They'll all good players, but to play them all is simply stupid.
    Even more worrying was the couple of occasions when the supposed corner taker was lining up in the middle of the penalty area. That sort of shambolic body language will get Hughes the sack.
    Also,could someone explain the logic behind Petrov and SWP switching postions for the last ten minutes. That was SWP's best game for a long time so why complicate matters?

  5. But Glyn, surely the whole idea of buying a poppy is to wear it and SHOW that you have supported our old soldiers. It may very well be that in your case you did contribute but don't feel the need to wear it, but believe me there are an awful lot of people who care not one jot for poppy day, like my two teenage kids for example, who despite me encouraging them to wear a poppy when they were younger, they just don't bother now. Anyway let's not worry about Rememberance Day now. Like you I am upset that we have reverted to type just at the wrong time. Others will argue that we have drawn games we would have lost last season. That we still have been beaten only once this season. That we are still close to the top four. But if we had done the business in the games that mattered such as Fulham, Wigan, Birmingham and Burnley, we could be top or second now. I understand we are still gelling and learning as a team, but surely to God the teams that Hughes sent out should have been able to beat Fulham, Burnley, Birmingham and Wigan.

  6. I understand the frustration but I think we're overeacting. Chelsea lost to both Villa and Wigan away from home. Admitedly, Fulham and Burnley were disappointing results, but when all was going well at the beginning of the season surely we knew at some point we would hit a rocky patch. You've got to give a team more than a couple of games to work through poor form.

    Having said that, clearly the defence is a shambles. I was unsure of Toure and Lescott before we signed and even more so since. But I still think we need to give them time. With hindsight we let Dunne go too easily. As for Wayne Bridge...

  7. Re James's post, it really is one of these glass half-full or empty situations and I totally respect the opinion expressed.

    Personally I don't think we're guilty of over-reacting. It's not just the 10 points dropped in the 5 drawn games. It's the fact that we seem as incapable as we were last season of overcoming hard-working teams who, on paper, should not be able to live with us.

    I've no complaints about the Villa performance - a point was acceptable and was the least we deserved. The other four matches are quite another matter. As Tony says, we should've been more than capable of winning these matches. OK, Chelsea lost at Wigan but can you imagine them, United or Arsenal dropping points against ALL of those teams?

    I thought Bridge was a great signing and the answer to our long standing left-back problems. I felt sorry for him last season playing behind Robinho. Recent performances show what a crap judge I was but hey, it seems the England manager is as stupid as me!

    Having said all of this, I agree with James that we need to give them time. The last thing we want is players being singled out for abuse.

  8. I go along with what Glyn said. No one is shouting Hughes out (yet) but after spending £200million, we should be able to beat teams like Wigan who rely on hard work and high balls pumped into the area. When Abramavich took over and gave his bosses £200million, they were league champions within two years. I can wait, will our new owners though. They have made it clear that it's top six or the sack for Hughes. Unless we can turn games like Wigan, Birmingham, Fulham, Burnley etc from draws to wins then Villa and Tottenham will both finish above us and we not even make top six.

  9. To be perfectly honest, I'd rather win the League Cup than finish in the Top Four. Once a Trophy arrives the rest will follow.

  10. Tony,I was quite fortunate to be able to buy a poppy at the British Consulate but Like Glyn I did not wear it.It is interesting and sad that in this part of the world (Thailand) Rememberance Sunday is not observed which is disgracful as without the sacrifices made by so many the Thais would be speaking Japanese.
    The first 45 minutes against Burnley was very poor and what makes it worse is that we can have no excuses.I would pose the question, were they playing according to MH's instructions,or do they go out out and do their own thing?Either scenario has sewn the first few seeds of doubt about Mark Hughes abiity to manage a team of superstars.