Wednesday, 2 December 2009

TRhis week

This week
Well we’ve heard that the Youth team were knocked out of the Cup on Saturday at Preston, they’ve done really well since Jim Cassell left haven’t they?
Papers are full of the news that we’ve paid £12M in fees to agents for the record signings in the summer. We’ll try and get an interview with an agent to put things in perspective. I’m told that the exams they have to pass these days on European Law etc are extremely difficult. Keep you posted.

Yesterday we attended the service at COMS for Steve Kay for which there was a brilliant turnout which did Steve proud. There were many tributes read out for Steve from friends and family which were touching and often amusing. It was a moving humanist sevice and a great tribute to a massive Blue and family man who will be sadly missed.

Tonight we take on Arsenal at COMS where Leslie sets out to become the most successful City manager in the past 28 years. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK 174 :
A tough one, obviously, and all the nastiness of the recent league fixture stoked up by the press is still simmering. Arsenal are currently on top form, doing well in Europe but now sit 4th in the table after being put firmly in their place by Chelsea, with 25 points from 13 ames. No doubt they’ll play the talented youngsters plus a few ‘old’ heads like Silvestre, Arshavin, and maybe Fabregas. They’ve not won a trophy for a few seasons so expect them to put in a very serious challenge. Hopefully we can do the same and ‘do ‘em ‘ again. If not there could be repercussions so level heads are needed..
In the League Cup we’ve met on five occasions and lost every single one :
1977/78 5th rd : 0-0 home, replay 0-1 away
1985/86 3rd rd : 1-2 home
1986/87 3rd rd : 1-3 away
1990/91 3rd rd : 1-2 home
2004/05 3rd rd : 1-2 home
We haven’t done much better in the F. A. Cup winning only one out of three in 1904!
So, Arsenal are expected to bring around 5,000 fans, none of whom seem to have been banned after some of them disgraced themselves in the recent game. Adebayor will get some more stick so watch out for mass ejections……or not!


  1. What a breath of fresh air that was.

    I've been one of SWP's fiercest critics recently but hat off to him. He was superb last night. Then again it was a great team performance, my only disappointment being that Adebayor and Toure didn't score to really rub it in.

    I can't believe a year or so ago when Wenger was being slagged by Gooners I suggested we appoint him as Manager. When Arsenal were coming to our place year after year to give us a spanking, they always got a great reception and total respect from officials and fans. What pathetic cry babies they are now they don't get things all their own way.

    Refreshingly, the media coverage I've heard to date has been universal in its condemnation of Wenger's unsporting storm-off.

  2. Good afternoon all.Last nights game did at least dispell some of the doom and gloom that has been evident lately,it was a really fine team performance,can we have some more please?
    Wemgers Arsenal have always impresed me the way they almost always stick to their principals,pass and move,pass and move,I think all the great managers have a vision of the way they think the game should be played and devote all their energies towards achieving this end, I am not totally convinced MH such manager yet, but he must be given time. Aint it nice to see Arsene upset,sorry Mr. Wenger you got beaten by a better team on the night and as New Yorkers say "just suck it up". OK. whose next for a good thrashing?

  3. Correction.Sorry Mr.Wemger that should have read "Whinger".

  4. ........This is an automated message.........

    Tony Petrie will not be available for any discussions for the next three hours as emergency services are still trying to prize him down from the ceiling after last nights result.

  5. If the emergency services don't bring Tony back down to earth,I am sure the team will,I just hope he is back up there on Saturday night.

  6. Can't remember such a one sided victory since the 2-0 win over Millwall under Keegan. Strange, as I can immediately think of a dozen one sided defeats.
    In a way the game said everything about our season: Adebayor only appears to show hunger and desire against Arsenal and the goals were spectacular as opposed to simple tap ins.
    I don't wish to be a killjoy, but despire all the money spent, City still lack a selfish twenty goal a season Centre Forward. How many times do we have three players on the wing and nobody in the middle?
    SWP had his best game in ages. Will he be as confident against Ashley Cole on Saturday?
    Lescot has started defending on the front foot and his whole game has improved as a result. Even Bridge didn't appear quite so one footed.

  7. Right, I'm back. Sorry about that, they finaly brought me down by telling me the semi final draw. What can I say, I am so used to City making a town halls of things that I really couldn't see them winning last night. Though as Neil said, it was pretty one sided. When you look back at it the day after, we were totally in control. Arsenal, according to this mornings papers had 55% possesion, to our 38%. Yet we had eight shots on target to their one, which is a strange mix. The Bummers kids certainly looked skillful, but looked lightweight, a team of 11 SWP's if you like against a team of 11 Dave Watsons. They were easily muscelled off the ball and their inexperience showed in their wayward shooting. Most of their shots went sailing over the bar. I hope that Ferguson plays his full strength team in the semi because can you imagine the headlines if our team costing £200 Million is beaten by their youth team. My wife (a United fan)thinks that Ferguson will cover himself by continuing to play the kids. That way if City win, they can argue that they weren't taking it seriously and if they win,, well see above for that scenario. Shame that the draw couldn't have been delayed for a week or so to allow us to savour the prospect of our first semi final since I was a young 24 year old, just about to get married. Well done to the boys.

  8. So how come Mrs P didn't tell you about the draw, Tony? She must prefer you stuck on the ceiling to the top of the wardrobe tee hee.

    Good to have you back. Hope it's you and not your wife waiting for Wembley tickets in a few weeks time.

  9. I did hear her shouting something, but all I could hear was the roar when SWP hammered in that second goal. I wont be going to Wembley, but my son, Charlie has said he wants to go. He has been to each of the home games in the Carling Cup and this game was the most exciting. I think he really is getting the bug. I told him after the Arsenal game was drawn out of the hat that if City won, I'd pay for his ticket, an agreement that I kept. In fact I have it in my head that he is something of a lucky charm for the blues (Oh what straws we clutch on to) and have told him that I'll pay for his ticketfor the United game. So if we make it to Wembley, it will have cost me upwards of £40, which I imagine I can claim back from the club. In fairness, he has given me his flag from Wednesdays game. As for Anna, it's been so long since she watched Ubited, she still thinks they play in Newton Heath.