Friday, 30 January 2009

A New Football Dictionary

Anybody who has been watching football for years will know that, sometimes, there are occasions when something will happen that can’t be explained in words. The correct noun, verb or adjective doesn’t roll off the tongue, often because a word doesn’t exist that can adequately describe an event.

So, in order to help you explain what has happened, I’ve compiled a dictionary of brand new expressions that you can roll out as of Saturday at 3pm – although, there’s going to be matches on Friday night and Saturday morning before then, so that expression’s down the pan.

ABRAMORICH, adjective; ‘Man City are Abramorich’; describes a football club who can match any asking price.

BLOWN GOAL, noun; a goal scored as the direct result of the wind changing the direction of the flight or path of the ball.

COLOGNE GOAL, noun; a goal scored by any footballer currently advertising perfume or aftershave on television or otherwise.

DANGEROUS GAME, noun; ‘he’s playing a dangerous game’; one or many footballers playing the game next to or on a minefield.

DARIUS, noun; ‘he’s a right Darius’; a footballer who tries hard, but there’s no end product or any real quality.

DIRK, verb; ‘to Dirk something up’; describing when a football team has been in a winning position before losing the game to one or more goals scored by Dirk Kuyt.

EARLY DOORS, noun; the event of the clubhouse entrance refurbishments finishing before the rest of the building.

FLOWN GOAL, noun; the event of a bird, plane or any other flying body directing the ball into the goal.

FOWL THROW, noun; when a player commits a foul by throwing a chicken onto the pitch without both feet on the ground, behind the touchline and having taken the chicken fully behind their head.

IN JURY TIME, noun; when a footballer is called to sit on a jury in a criminal trial.

KICK IT OUT, 1. verb; the action that should be undertaken by any football player at any standard when there is any reasonable level of doubt; 2. noun; campaign that tackles the fashionable prejudice of the decade, beginning with racism, soon to be followed by homophobia.

MOAN GOAL, noun; a goal that causes two or more of the defending team to have a major argument.

OFF THE VINE, noun; when the ball is prevented from entering the goal by plantlife.

OFF THE WINE, noun, when a well publicised, former alcoholic prevents the ball from entering the goal using any part of their body.

PENALTY SHOOT-NOWT, noun; a match that has no real value being settled by a penalty shoot-out.

SLO-YO CLUB, noun; a football club that has slowly fallen from grace before slowly regaining their position in the top league on a number of occasions.

STONE GOAL, noun; when a bobble or bump on the ground is the direct cause of the ball beating the keeper and going into the net.

SQUAWK EYE, noun; ‘he’s a bit of a squawk eye’; a fan who regularly and loudly voices their disagreement of introducing video technology into football.

TEAM TORQUE, noun; friction between two or more team members.

THREE MATCH FAN, noun; a football fan who supports a team only whilst they are performing well, before leaving when performing badly – they become a ‘three match fan’ after being given a red card at another club.

THROWN GOAL, noun; ‘he’s got away with a thrown goal’; any goal scored with a hand and not penalised by the officials.

TITUS, noun; ‘he’s committed a Titus’; action that has directly led to a goal for the opposing side, often with there being little to no pressure on the footballer in question.

TRANSFER WIDOW, noun; a person whose spouse has died because of a sharp intake of too many rumours during January or the summer.

TWELFTH MAN, noun; a referee who blatantly awards decisions for one team and doesn’t give equal measure to the other, often with malice.

UNKNOWN GOAL, noun, a goal that could have been scored by any number of people because of a goalmouth scramble.

David Mooney

This week

This week
Rags had a big win at West Brom so you thought something fishy had happened. Sure enough Albion had a player sent off early doors – decision later rescinded – just how long can this keep going on? Then Vidic gets a one match suspension instead of a three match. Unbelievable.
Good win for the Blues over Newcastle with new signings De Jong and Bellamy on show. SWP getting a welcome goal and Craig notching nicely on his debut. We let a late one in when Bridge dropped one, which ruined my 2-0 prediction to the Newcastle zine True Faith and we await the outcome of the Robinho incident in the Leeds nightclub.
Incidentally I have it confirmed that dreaded anti Blue journo Michael Henderson is indeed a Blue – which is unfathomable.
Transfer news is that we’re still thinking about Given and Santa Cruz, who would both be good additions but we’re not desperate and shouldn’t be held to ransom, even though we can afford it. What do you think?
Tomorrow it’s the short dash down the M6 to Stoke who’ve added Beattie to the squad.
This season so far : Robhino’s hat-trick in October saw them off to the tune of three comfortably nil as we moved up to 8th place, and silenced the Delilah song.
Currently they’re in 19th place with 21 points from 22 games and 5 wins 3 draws and 3 losses at home.
In the F.A. Cup they went out at Hartlepool.

Our form at Stoke : Last meetings (other than the friendly a few years ago) were in season 1998/99 in the old 3rd division with a 1-0 City win courtesy of a Gerard Wiekens goal in front of 13,579. Prior to that it was the 5-2 end of season win, when we both went down to the old division 3. We’ve had the odd win there otherwise, 3-1 in 87/88 and in 81/82 the unforgettable debut of Trevor Francis, in the same season as the 9-8 penalty shoot out win in the League Cup second round.

Comment : We surprised ourselves with the win in October thinking that they’d be the sort of team to outmuscle us on the pitch, so it shows we can do it when we put our minds and body to it. They’ve had good results, and bad ones, a bit like us, but they’ve also had problems between their own players, Fuller and Griffiths, on the pitch. Again, Delap’s throws will need to be watched if we’re going to keep a clean sheet, but we should and need to get something from this game. Off the pitch it has sometimes been an unpleasant place to visit so let’s hope everything is under control today. The Manc cops rounded up a load of their fans in Trafford recently and sent them back to Stoke which I’m told was out of order, and a court case is pending, so hopefully there won’t be any repercussions on that score today. Obvious wind ups of the pansy Potters is – going down, going down (them not us!) and Stoke you’re a F**kin joke
Groundwise : The Britannia Stadium - Capacity : 28,218. It’s been a while since we were last here so we’re assuming we’ll get half of the stand behind the goal for an estimated 2,500 Blues. The pitch, I’m told is the narrowest in the league and wouldn’t it be ironic if WE scored from a long throw!

Stats : 28 pre-war and 51 post make it our 80th league meeting, and in Stoke we’ve won three of the last five.
WwtwtwShite : Averaged 8,288 in 1985/86
Their current home average : 27,137
Away day zine : The Oatcake (buy it) and an actual Oatcake if you can find one!
SP Route: M6 to jn 16, then A500, under the new flyover junctions, then left onto A50 (signed Uttoxeter) and first exit left and back on other side for the stadium. In previous years, away fans have been directed to Trentham and the A5035 entrance to the ground. (Leave M6 at jn 15, at the roundabout take A519 right, then left at lights (B5038 Whitmore Road) down to A34 and turn right, then left at roundabout on A5035, road to stadium on left after about a mile. Check City FC website in case of recommendations.

Public transport: £11.10 any train off peak return from Piccadilly to Stoke or £4 advance singles on specific trains, then a long walk or a special bus to the ground – may be hard to get to the return bus if there’s any post-match trouble (not unlikely at Stoke).

Sat Nav : Mathews Way ST4 4EG


Thursday, 29 January 2009

Pratts of the Week

My nominations for the "Pratt of the Week" award has been won equally this week by Steve Bruce and Brazilian "legend" Zico. Firstly Bruce (I can't call him big nose as his is only slightly larger than mine) announced that City had unsettled his "star" player Palicos forcing the player to demand a transfer. How we unsettled him is a little vague, but Bruce insinuated that both we and Tottenham teamed up to arrange that we would get Bellamy so they could sign Palicos. He went on to say that our behaviour was disgusting. I hope Mark Hughes has noted the comments from his former team mate and I wonder if there is any way City could threaten legal action against Medium sized nose for slander or something.
Then we had Zico, who congratulated Kaka for turning down a fortune and not signing for "losers" Manchester City. Cheers Zico, your comments have been noted by 100,000 or so blues.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Oh Oh!

Now we know why Robinho made a quick exit from training and headed back to Brazil. Let me state that I doubt the player did anything wrong and that most likely he is a victim of his own naivety. Surely in Brazil there are girls eager to make a name for themselves by alleging that some form of sexual misdemeanour happened, when none did? I hope that is the case, because if these allegations are true, we got problems. As Dave pointed out we are all really fed up of the way the media is treating us at the moment, not that it has been any different for the last fifty years. My memory goes back only as far as the sixties, but I'll bet things took a turn for the worst after Munich. The fact is that there are so many TV presenters, journalists and media people who support ManU that they constantly put the knife in. Before any one says I am being paranoid, I recall back in January 1991, United were trailing 0-3 to QPR and eventually lost 1-4. Tom Tyrell reporting from Old Trafford could not believe the way the game was shaping up. He announced that "many of my colleagues in the press box are going to have a hell of a story to write about tomorrow and although I shouldn't say this, most of them are United fans" And there lies the problems we face, too few editors or TV bosses are prepared to take their employees to hand and demand a fair standard of reporting when it comes to City. What can we do? Let's just hope that Hughes and the owners turn City into something so big that the press are falling over themselves to get a story as they seem to do over the road.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

this week

This week
Reporting in the ManUmirror after the Wigan game was absolutely disgraceful. I e-mailed David McDonnell to tell him so but it bounced back. Anyone else have this trouble? (Today spending £100M is OK because Ronaldo says so - wankers)
We had the Points Of Blue meeting on Tuesday night at COMS and there was a good attendance which was pleasing. Minutes hopefully will appear in the next KOTK.
Sadly the KAKA deal fell through and I now have to wipe the additional A’s off the two K’s on my number plate. I’m not that bothered he’s hasn’t come though (Good debate on the blog). I thought the last KK was out of date almost as soon as it came out but the front cover and editorial sentiments seem to stand up, i.e. we need a few proven Prem players to stiffen us up. So far we’ve got Bridge, De Jong - I know he’s not Prem but plenty of Dutch caps (!) and Bellamy. Inflated prices but far from ruining football we’re pushing money other clubs way. Garry (two R's!) Cook is coming in for criticism and Robinho’s now back from sorting his granny (s) out or whatever he went to Brazil for whilst our boys sunned themselves in Tenerife. OK for some, and worth getting knocked out of the Cup for!?
You had to feel for Burnley in the League Cup semi, and how the bloody hell did we lose to Spurs? Pompey went out of the cup at home to Swansea, so there’s a chance of us playing them on the Saturday of the 5th round of the Cup. Oh and we’re down at West Ham the same day that the rags play in the League Cup Final. Let’s hope Spurs put out a proper team.
Copy for the next KOTK is coming in, though the deadline is not ‘til next week, but always good to get stuff in the ‘can’ early doors. So far, the media is getting a pummelling.
Also I picked up a copy of 4-4-2 and there’s a Robinho interview by astoundingly ….Andy Mitten, editor of the rag zine United We Stand…so naturally it’s full of anti City jibes like : Be honest, did you think you were coming to Manchester United, and : City haven’t won anything for 33 years (32 actually)…. unbelievable, it’s bad enough with the Mirror rag writers but this is out of order and a City fan would have done a better interview.
Next up it’s Newcastle at COMS :
This season so far : On an October Monday night we managed a ‘Desmond’, Robinho putting us ahead from the penalty spot in the 16th minute when Beye was sent off by Rob Styles, a decision they’re still moaning about. Get over it. Then we had some kami-kazi defending gifting Ameobi the equaliser just before half time, then in the 63rd Dunney continued the buffoonery with an own goal and it was left to Stevie Ireland to save our blushes in the 86th minute. 45,908 (1359 Blues)
They’re currently in 14th place with 23 points from 22 games and 1 win 4 draws and 6 losses away from home.
In the F.A. Cup they went out to Hull after a replay at St James’s.

Our form at home v Newcastle : Last season we put on one of our best performances in years, winning 3-1 with goals from Petrov, Mpenza and Elano, after Martins opened the scoring for them. We’ve lost only once (0-1 in 00/01) in the last 11.

Comment : Joe (terets) K’s steadied the ship at troubled Toon but Ashley’s finding it hard to find a buyer. Given may be coming to us, Owen’s unsettled, and Barton’s lost it again (Paul Tyrrell’s his new advisor) so it will be interesting to see if they’re in the team tonight. Wind up will no doubt still be “where were you….etc

Stats : 66 pre-war and 81 post make it our 148th league meeting, and p/w in Manc it’s :
Played : 40, won 22 drawn 11 lost 7
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 16,001 in 1980/81
Current average : 47,733

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Gary Cook

I think GARY COOK must be sacked instantly, before he destroys
the Club and our Owners' credibility. His comments indicate that he thinks he is
Marketing a "Cereal" or similar product - not individual persons, the Club or the
Owners. He obviously has little knowledge of Football in this country and has
now become a laughing stock in the Media. How City can employ someone who is
disrespecting to all and sundry, Italy's Prime Minister and owner of one of the
Worlds biggest Clubs, Milan is very serious, as over time, our Club and
owners will be pariahs and will find it impossible to have any relationships
in business or football.
Our Owners are very private individuals, and will not be pleased at his latest
rantings in the media.
What do other City fans think?
Eddie H.

Friday, 23 January 2009

I hope the original poster has no objections to meet reproducing this, only I think it sums up how I and many other blues feel at the moment. This is from the M(U)EN City comments section and posted by a gentleman called "Armchair Arthur" from Aylesbury. Well put Arthur!
There has been noticeably more solidarity and less bickering between blues on this forum since the media has gone into overdrive over the last couple of days. Let them say and print what they like, none of it will change the truth. As others have said, it really is time for us all to draw the wagons into a circle and adopt a siege mentality. By US, I mean our esteemed owners, Management, all working at City, Players and supporters world wide. We all know what is going on in the media and why, so when provoked by jealous idiots lets take our lead from MH and respond with steadfast dignity. I believe in Karma and our detractors are surely storing up a world of trouble for themselves in the future. As supporters, we all have duty at this time to actively encourage ALL our players when they put on a blue shirt. Also whatever our individual views on the manager we also need to support him right now. Remember any rumbling of internal discontent is the oxygen that our enemies need to perpetuate their current firestorm against us. Don't give them that opportunity. When you see a fellow blue anywhere in the world enjoy their company. When you hear others repeat ill informed rubbish about our great club patiently explain the truth to them even if they can't or won't hear it. The more bigoted abuse we get, the stronger we will become. Rest assured, as results improve and success follows, attitudes will change but we will not forgot how badly we are being treated now.

Armchair Arthur, Aylesbury

Sunday, 18 January 2009

this week

This week
Well we soon got over the Pompey postponement with the youth team winning 1-0 on Wednesday. They face Newcastle or QPR in the next round which is at home for the first time in yonks. Portsmouth won their FA Cup replay at Bristol City and face Swansea at home in the next round so the re-arranged game won’t be on 4th round cup day and probably not 5th round cup day either.

After the news that Hamann is out for the season, then the perfectly worded Benitez response to Fergie’s rantings, the week’s been dominated with the Ka Ka story, for which we await the outcome. If nothing else it’s enraged the rest of football, which is very funny, even if it doesn’t come off, and it’s livened things up so we look forward to seeing if this fantastic deal comes off – plus whoever else comes in. Enjoy the ride.

Wigan then and a shuffled formation looked more balanced. We worked hard to get ahead and then Dunney retaliated to Zaki’s foul (free kick given their way?), getting himself sent off for the joint record 8th time in the Prem. Doh. Still we hung on for a precious 3 points in an entertaining game. Bruce thought we got every decision after the sending off so which game was he at? OK they should have had a pen but so should we in the first half and that evens up the one they got and we didn’t at the JJB. So a happy ending to lift the spirits.

Just a reminder that the next POB meeting is on Tuesday night at half six, meet at COMS main entrance.

Finally, sad to hear that Dave Dee’s died and also actor Patrick Mc(Googly) Goohan, who reputedly lived in Worsley for a while. Here’s a little tribute to Paddy, from memory :
Woe to you oh earth and sea
For the devil sends the beast with wrath
Because he knows that time is short
Let him who hath understanding
reckon the number of the beast
For it is a human number
It’s number is……six hundred and sixty six….
Paddy’s introduction to Iron Maiden’s the Number Of The Beast, as if you didn't know!.

Oh and if you think that Slumdog Millionaire is a ‘feelgood factor’ film’ you’ll get a surprise, and well done Mickey for his part in The Wrestler, both films superb!
Have a good week and weekend, and keep the blog as lively as it's been this week!

Friday, 16 January 2009

City Have Destroyed Football.... Again.... Apparently

Hold the back page – a £107m bid for Kaká by Manchester City is out of order because it is just ‘ridiculous’. Just as their £32.5m capture of Robinho was. And just how Chelsea’s £30.8m Shevchenko deal and Manchester United’s £30.75m transfer of Berbatov wasn’t. You know, I can understand that people think £107m is a bit much, but certainly not £32.5m, when others have paid slightly less – and one of them was for a total flop.

But, first off, the transfer fee for Kaká (and he’s not even signed a contract yet, so it may never go through) is coming out of Sheikh Mansour’s pocket. It is his money and his right to spend it how he wishes, so if he decides he wants to allow Mark Hughes to spend a nine-figure sum on a Brazilian player – who’s not half bad, in fairness – then he can do, just as you have the right to spend your own money on football shirts, items on eBay, newspapers, DVDs that you never take out of the cellophane, Sky TV or internet porn.

Saying that you could build x number of hospitals or y number of schools is irrelevant. It’s privately owned money – your savings don’t go towards local amenities and so neither does Sheikh Mansour’s. Your tax does. And so does Sheik Mansour’s.

The fact that he has decided to do it in such a crunchy credit world seems to have upset a lot of people. But I don’t see their problem – he’s spending his money how he chooses, just as everybody else is. He’s just got the good fortune to have more money than most of the people on the planet. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t buy who or what he wants for a price he deems to be reasonable.

The real question is, why should City curb their spending, when no such limits have been placed on any other football club? The top four have been spending what they have liked for years, but now it’s somebody else’s turn, they don’t seem to like it.

Moving on to Kaká’s proposed wage: Reports have estimated it to be either £100,000 p/w or £500,000 p/w, depending on who you believe. And this has sent the majority of non-City supporting members of the public into outrage – how can he earn such a wage while people who do much more important jobs and save lives earn less? It’s a sentiment I agree with, but it’s the way of football. It’s not City’s fault football as a whole spends so much on wages and it’s certainly not Kaká’s fault, either. If you want to stop City paying him up to £500,000 p/w, then you have to stop Manchester United paying Ronaldo £119,000 p/w – unless it’s ok for them to do that because they’re in the top four?

The problem is that every footballer earns too much, just as film stars and pop singers do. Actors generally get paid more than footballers and they just pretend to be a character doing something else. But they’re only human, and if somebody offered you £500,000 p/w to do a job you loved doing, would you turn it down? Did anybody complain when it was reported David Beckham would be earning something in the region of £500,000 p/w at LA Galaxy?

And bear in mind here that if Kaká does sign for such a weekly wage, he would have to live in England to play for City. He would, therefore, have to pay tax on his earnings. Lewis Hamilton has earned a hell of a lot of money from his Formula One career thus far, yet there’s been no criticism of him for moving to Switzerland – where he claimed he’d be less hounded by the press, but, oddly, he’d be able to reap numerous tax benefits (to the tune of roughly £4m p/a). Kaká would pay up to £10.3m tax p/a, just to put that into perspective.

And that’s on money that currently isn’t being taxed.

Keanu Reaves earned roughly £22.3m for the final Matrix film (15% of the gross plus $12m). That film will have been less work for him that it would be for Kaká (assuming he’s not facing any long injuries and plays most, if not all, of City’s matches for 2009), who would earn roughly £16m for the year, minus tax.

Blaming City for the current state of footballers’ wages is wrong. If the owner has the money, he can offer those wages; if he doesn’t, he can’t – it’s as simple as that. It’s the way football was working before City and the way it will work after City. All they have done is raise the bar, that so many others, mainly the top four as far as Britain is concerned, had dominated.

And now they can’t have their own way, they’ve gone for a little sulk.

David Mooney

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

this week

This week
Bust a gut to get the zine to the printers last Tuesday and Bob (the printer) bust a gut to get it done by Thursday night so we could zoom off down to Pompey on the Friday. I had a feeling the game might be in trouble as I know they’ve had pitch problems over the past few seasons so it came as no real surprise that the game was off. Barmy to go to Portsmouth especially when there’s a doubt about the weather but it was our choice. Took the next exit from Steve P’s route on the M27 (ignored the M275) then along Eastern Road which was much more direct.
Friday night, after a drive round, noticing that the Blue Moon bar at Southsea is now, sadly, a Pizza place, we partook of the karaoke at The White House, spotting the sign from 30 yards at 50mph. Didn’t get in until quarter past ten so not much chance of a song but I scraped one in and played it safe with Wherever You Will Go, which went down well. Then the lady presenter said if you fill in a slip quickly you can finish the show off for us. I duly did and gave them Halleluyah, very fitting, and the Pompey folk in there were very kind and we had a great craic.
Like at Hospital you always meet someone worse off than yourself. In this case it was Barry and Yvonne who were staying down for the Youth Cup game on the Wednesday, and were good company on the Saturday night. Referee Mike Dean was in the Hotel but we didn’t get chance of a chat!
Popped down to the ground on the Saturday morning to pick up a programme and the pitch looked lovely and green and fine to me. I contemplated standing on the centre spot and singing Blue Moon but thought I’d better act my age. So there you go. Undersoil heating which we’ve had at City for about thirty years hasn’t reached Pompey yet and Blues fans in particular have suffered, even though we had a few players out and minimal transfer activity. First time since Crewe a few years ago we’ve travelled and the game’s been called off en route. There are worse places than Portsmouth to spend a couple of days though so we made the most of it. Re-arranged fixture could be on the date of the 4th or 5th round of the cup depending on Pompey’s progress so maybe the club can do something for the fans re transport or something.
Saw our first rag shirt on the way back – Stafford services at 4pm on the Sunday. (rags home to Chelsea, ko 4pm?!)
Not much action on the transfer scene yet and none of the targets impress – Given, Bellamy, Parker, Cruz, so, as usual we wait with baited breath.
Good debate going on with Tony, Neil etc. and don’t forget it’s about opinions and ideas, so no need to be insulting eh!
KK 166 is in the otlets, Urbis and Needbest. plus the subscription copies have been sent out! hope you buy and like it.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Transfer Dealings

City appear to be being given the run around by one or two clubs over the past couple of days. Firstly, the Santa-Cruz farce continues. What puzzles me here is that Hughes would have insider knowledge as to what the fee is, in the players contract that allows him to move as he would have been involved in the negotiations setting it, £18 million has been quoted. Blackburn say they want £20million, but if Hughes knows that Blackburn wont sell for less than £18 million, why offer less? That prat Allerdyce seems to have come back to haunt us, he is obviously still smarting at us asking for an extra £500.000 for Barton and is upset that we sold him a lemon whilst he was Newcastle boss. Newcastle too are being cheeky, asking over £12 million for that world class goalkeeper, Shay Given, now West ham are apparently asking for £16 million for Bellamy. I personally would rather we told them all to F*** Off and rough it out till the end of the season (I honestly don't think we will be relegated) and start again when the recces ion has bitten further into the other clubs finances and the players are a little more closer to be out of contract, then we will be in control. If it were world class players we were talking about, OK go the extra inch as they would be worth it, but I have yet to be convinced that the transfer targets that Hughes has identified will improve us much. Also Portsmouth have tabled a bid for Benjani of £6 million, provided we throw in Michael Johnson. So we not only lose £2 million on the deal in less that nine months but one of our prized youngsters too. I thought it was too good to be true that we actually came out on top on that deal.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Footballers and Cars don't Mix

In 1998, Georgi Kinkladze escaped unhurt after totally writng off his car following a smash whilst racing with team mate, Nicky Summerbee. A few days later, the Manchester Evening News, in its usual unbiased way added to City fans worries (we were going down under Frank Clark) by writing a story stating that Kinkladze, if found guilty of dangerous driving, could be deported. Nonesense and City baiting of course, but let's see if they revamp the story for the Ladyboy. Somehow, I don't think they'll risk the wrath of the Scotsmad by doing so.


This was sent to me by a mate who is a United fan - who says they don't have a sense of humour.
Cristiano Ronaldo escaped unharmed after writing of his Ferrari yesterday - rumours are that he dived from car before it hit the barrier! The first thing he said to the police was that the wall was not 10 yrds away! Alex Ferguson is claiming that Ferrari does not give Ronaldo enough protection. Witnesses at the scene of Ronaldo's crash say he was only lightly tapped from behind, when all of a sudden the car flipped and rolled over 10 times!! Apparently witnesses in other cars who saw the incident, said that Ronaldo's car was accelerating towards the tunnel, when it suddenly and inexplicable seemed to flip over, with absolutely no contact with any other vehicles. The police arrived, and immediately following directions from Ronaldo, arrested the nearest car driver. Police are investigating why a player voted the worlds best, and earns ?140000 per week cannot take a corner. "Anyway he was all right, he was walking, added the witness?, confirming that Ronaldo is the only man in Manchester who walks away from massive car smash but spends five minutes writhing in agony if someone pulls his socks down! Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has delivered a scathing attack on Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo. The Barcelona star has named his own personal World XI for 2008 for ? and rival Ronaldo does not f eature. The young winger gave a contemptuous analysis of United's number seven, saying: "He's a diving, preening, mummy's boy who goes missing in big games and is slowed down by the weight of his own ego. All real football fans detest this loathsome brat and the sooner he becomes an expensive prima donna at Real Madrid the better."

it's a fix

Just about getting over last Saturdays disgrace. KK 166 is back from the printers but as we're off down to Pompey not yet in the outlets. Sorry. we'll get it there on Monday. So as you won't see this til next week we thought we'd plonk it on the blog, so if any of you are off down there in the morning it may be of interest, otherwise see you hardy Blues on the south coast.
shame about Ronaldo?

Here we go with Pompey :

Promoted in 2003, so in their 6th season in the Prem. and their last pot was the F.A. Cup last season.

Most recent connections: Benjani, James, Distin:.
Big name supporter : KK subscriber Ian Cunningham

Tony Adams’, (not to mention Joe Jordan - boo) squad includes : James, Campbell, Distin, Johnson, Diop, Hughes, Kranjcar, Crouch, Defoe, Belhadj,
Davis, Hreidarsson, Nugent, Diarra (?!), Utaka, Kanu, Traore D & A, Little
Fratton Park, Capacity : 20,308 (2,000 for City) (forgot to tippex the stanchions out on the ground diagram!)
Our form at Pompey : Last season it was a 0-0 draw (19,528, 1269 City, Sunday on TV) In our last 6 visits we’ve had 4 losses 1 draw and 1 win (04/05 3-1)

This season so far : In September we had that wonderful 6-0 win at COMS, the goals coming from Jo (13), Dunne (20) Robinho (57) SWP (68) Evans (78) and Fernandes (83) 40,238, 853 Pompey. Course we then went and cocked it up by going out of the Carling at Brighton then losing at Wigan! They were rocked with the departure of ‘arry to Spurs, and it remains to be seen if Tony Adams can make it as a manager. Currently they’re in 12th place with 23 points from 20 games and four wins two draws and four defeats at home.
In the Carling they went out 4-0 to Chelsea at home in the third round.
In the F.A. Cup the defending winners drew at home with Bristol City.

Comment: Good chance of a result though Ireland and SWP are out, as they’re wobbling a bit since ‘arry left and there’s problems with Defoe, in fact he's gorn back to Spuds..
Wind ups generally include : small town in Southampton, If you can't talk proper...
‘oh when the Saints’ , Shit ground etc., Distin, Distin what’s the score (with a bit of luck!) but I’d have him back tomorrow.

Groundwise: The away end was covered last year at long last, but there’s a few stanchions to dodge! It’s still the same old dump though, and the catering and toilets are a disgrace. Stewards very bolshy on our last visit, and the move looks as far away as possible.

Stats : 22 pre-war, and 53 post make it our 76th league meeting, and down there p/w it’s :
Played : 26 won 8 drawn 5 lost 13
Their Current average home attendance : 19,508
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 8,544 in 81/82 (highest in div 3 so not bad)
Away day zines : True Blue, Park Life (we think)
Pubs: The Newcombe Arms, Newcombe Street, The Shepherd’s Crook, Goldsmith’s Avenue, or down Hilton Road for the Brewers Arms, Travellers Joy, Mr Pickwick and the Milton Arms. Further down is the White House and then Barnacles Fish and Chip Shop. Connaught Arms, Guildford Road, And, if it’s still open, don’t forget the Blue Moon Bar on the sea front at Southsea – karaoke on Saturday nights
Route: M6, M42, M40 (jn 9), A34, M3 (jn 14) to M27 jn 12, then M275 into Portsmouth – take first exit off M275 (to Rudmore roundabout). Take 2nd exit at roundabout (Kingston Crescent A2047), then turn right at end into A2047 Kingston Road, continuing into Fratton Road. Cross railway bridge and turn left into Goldsmith Avenue, and ground is on left (Frogmore Road). On street parking (but watch restrictions).

Public transport: now the West Coast Main Line is fixed, train in a day is more doable, but cheap through tickets are all gone, so it’s £87.50 off-peak return Manchester to Fratton (any train, book on the day) – though from London you can get advance tickets with Southern Railways at £3 each way from London Victoria, or with from Waterloo for £6 each way.

Sat Nav : Frogmore Road P04 8RA

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Stephen Ireland

I note that Stephen Ireland currently leads the poll as player of the year and deservedly too. However let's hope that the report this morning linking Arsenal with Ireland is just newspaper talk. If Hughes sells him, it will be the biggest act of betrayal to the fans since Kendal sold off Hinchcliffe.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Poll - Almost halfway... Who is player of the season so far?

Almost halfway... Who is player of the season so far? The Poll has closed and here are the results..

Joe Hart (2%)

Stephen Ireland (81%)

Shaun Wright-Phillips (6%)

Robinho (6%)

Other (3%)

Thanks to all that voted