Friday, 24 April 2009

this week, again

This week (again)
First a response to Steve and Tony : I have stated strongly my view to the club at POB meetings re the media and will do so again at the next one. I wouldn’t ban the manumirror but I would stop players talking to them until the reporters changed their tone and angle as Tony suggests. After every nasty snidey dig I would be on to the relevant reporter about it, without getting all mardy, (I do this by e-mail now but don’t have the clout the club have!) and let them know in no uncertain terms that it won’t be tolerated. As for The Sun, Tony, I have never read it since their despicable reporting of Hillsborough.

Now then, the Youth team sadly lost to Arsenal in the semi second leg as expected, but well done for getting this far, and let’s hope their’s a few players who can break into the first team – we need two full backs, a tackling mid-fielder, centre half and centre forward!
Tomorrow it’s Cup Finalists Everton, and here’s the It’s a Fix update/extract :
Currently they’re in 6th place with 53 points from 33 games and 7 wins 5 draws and 4 losses at home., having just drawn at Chelsea.
They went out of the UEFA to Standard Liege, being a bit miffed that even though they qualified on merit they drew a ‘proper’ team, whilst we got in through the back door and drew unheard of teams. This years Carling Cup exit was at Blackburn 1-0. In the F.A. Cup they’ve just beaten the rags hilariously at their own game and deserve a round of applause for that.
Our form at Everton : Last season it was a dour 1-0 loss in January, Lescott scoring in the 31st minute in front of 38,494 and 2,893 Blues.
We used to do really well over there but have now not won since the 3-1 in 1993. Since then 6 losses and 4 draws.
Comment : Off we go down the ASBO (A580, thanks to son-in-law Brian, Everton fan!?)
So the millionaires of the sixties meet the billionaires of the noughties. After dodgy home form they’ve picked up and with the help of Jo who’s been made to feel wanted, are settled nicely into 6th place. So they can afford to lose one and it’s time we had a win there.
Stats : 60 pre-war and 91 post make it our 152nd league meeting, and over there it’s :
Played 45 won 10 drawn 14 lost 21.
Wwtwtwshite : Averaged 19,343 in 1983/84 season
Their current average home attendance : 35,296
Groundwise ; No changes, but could be on the move soon.. We’ll be in the Bullens again, upper and lower, with nothing to recommend it in the 21st century. Tickets : £29 lower, £34 upper
Goodison Park capacity : 40,260 (3,066 for City)
Away Day Zines : When Skies Are Grey (cracking mag. pick it up if you can) Satis; Speke From The Harbour
Route : A580 to the end and park up.
Pubs : The Elm Tree, 5 mins from ground, and a few at the Liverpool end of the park

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

This week

This week
West Brom home and at last a lovely hot Spring day. Blues were a bit down hearted after Thursday night, but the boys soon went into a two goal lead, Robinho on the score sheet at last and we even scored a headed goal from a corner. Well done Ned (the head!) . Then we went to sleep, and it was a ‘Desmond’ in no time. Elano showed how to take a penalty again and Dan S sealed it at the end, but no celebrations, what’s happening there then?
Sunday was also the second semi and how funny was that? Moyes doing a Fergie, putting pressure on manurefriley who spotted Wellbeck’s dive in the box, and then we had that penalty shoot out. Fergie out and Berbatov should never kick a ball for ‘em ever again! Glad we hiked his price up.
Alan Nixon in the manumirror couldn’t resist a dig at us though - “Somehow City’s ‘triumph’ in moving ahead of such world powers as Stoke City and Wigan Athletic into tenth place…..” Why does our club entertain this paper and its reporters who if met by any Blue would surely be given short shrift?
Anyway, good luck to Jim and the boys tonight as the Youth team try and overcome the 1-2 deficit v Arsenal at the Emirates. Tall order but you never know, and it’s a rest for our first team squad this week before taking on Everton who play Chelsea tonight, on Saturday. Oh and enjoy the rag bitterness which has amused us thus far this week.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

this week

This week
Picked up KK 169 from the printers but was a little disappointed with the printing quality this issue, so words will be had. Hope it doesn’t spoil too much the overall enjoyment of the great contributions in the zine Dropped some off at the outlets, and made our way to the ground via Shambles square and the Slug and Lettuce for a bite to eat.
Good atmosphere building up outside the ground, good sales of KK, long queues at the turnstiles and then oops a soft goal after ten minutes. Heads did not go down though and with the vociferous backing we went two one up and I really thought we could score a couple more and go through. But it was not to be, but at least we gave it our best shot. So that’s that. 1976 is a long long time ago now. Looking on the bright side we did better than last time we were in Europe and we had a better team then. It’s been a great adventure, there’s been some fantastic trips, and it’s a shame we won’t be off to Werder Bremen for the semi-final.
This mornings Manumirror had an article on Micah Richards, who’s had a poor season, supposedly saying that in the summer those at City who don’t wanna do the biz will have to go! Presumably he includes himself in this? Last week it was Dunney, this Micah. WHY IS SOMEONE AT THE CLUB ALLOWING PLAYERS TO TALK TO THE MIRROR – we all know what angle they’re after and it is not pro-City. Sort it out.
Tomorrow it’s West Brom at home and some folk think it’ll be an ant climax. I don’t think so and I’m looking forward to a win – bloody Stoke have gone above us now. Oh, and we have to be patient, but hopefully not for another thirty four years!
Here’s the It’s a Fix extract :
This season so far : At The Hawthorns in December we went one nil down to a Moore goal in the 66th minute. As Blue tempers off the pitch rose Caicedo came on and squirmed one in 6 minutes from time (but given as an own goal). Relief then as we pressed to win, but from our corner they went upfield and Bednar headed home as we dozed. Infuriating. Crowd was 25,010 with only 1200 Blues owing to the outrageous ticket prices.
They’re currently in 20th place with 25 points from 32 games and 1 win 4 draws and 11 losses away from home. They went out of the Carling Cup 3-1 at Hartlepool, and to Burnley in the F.A.Cup.
Our form at home to WBA : Last meeting was in 2005/06 season, with an opening game of the season at COMS resulting in a 0-0 draw. 42,983 (2,897 Baggies).
Last 4 in Manc they’ve drawn 3 and won 1. Prior to that we’d won 8 and drawn 1! Last win was in 99/2000 2-1
Comment : it’s been a difficult one for the Baggies and they’re almost certainly going straight back down, swapping places with Wolves (well done Mick) which won't go down well! We must take the points today and gain revenge for that result at The Hawthorns, and build on Thursdays performance.
STATS: 48 pre-war and 77 post-war make it our 126th league meeting, and in Manc it’s:-
Played: 38 – won 21 – drawn 7 – lost 10.
Their current average home att : 25, 963
Wwtwtwshite? Av’gd 9,134 in 86/87.



When URBIS first opened I was massively disappointed with its contents, especially as the building itself is utterly awesome. A museum of the city, in the heart of a city, but full of gimmicky button-pressing exhibits about the superficialities of city life - which were blindingly obvious as it was all around us OUTSIDE THE BUILDING!
A smattering of information about the history of Manchester and - the ultimate of crass - too much about MANU and precious little about City - a factor highlighted by many of the remarks on the 'how was it for you'-type comment wall.
Many of the gadgets failed to work, there was no way of viewing the actual city through the masses of opaque glass, and the whole experience was a total let-down.

So how is it I have now become a regular visitor?
It started when someone had the wit to set up a small photographic exhibition of City fans. A collection of pictures of all things City sent in by City fans - for the fans, by the fans. It was a delightful exhibition and could have been much, much bigger. But it was a commendable start, and it marked the beginning of a relationship with the Urbis shop and its manager, Benedict.
We asked Benedict if he would consider selling KOTK in the shop during the City exhibition, and he was happy to cooperate. It has been a regular shelf-filler ever since.

The shop itself is a delight. It sells publications you just don't find in regular book shops: Manchester histories, architecture, culture; Goth and Emo stuff; Japanese cartoons, graffiti, plus a separate section for Manchester City books and, unfortunately but inevitably, Stretford's MANU stuff.
Wacky greetings cards, off-the-wall gifts, plus original, locally sourced jewellery complete the selection, and it's rare for me to leave without buying something.

After visiting the shop the Ed and I head for the ground floor Cafe (there's a posher bar/restaurant on the top floor where diners can actually look out on the city landscape, and one day we intend to dine there in style), where we enjoy excellent, imaginative, reasonably priced food and drink as we sit and watch the Mancunian world pass by, or gather on the grassy space between URBIS, the Triangle and the cathedral. A wonderful mix of shoppers heading to the station, gatherings of Goths and Emos (Why oh why are they so often moved on? What harm are they doing? And what happened to the skate boarders who used to provide such brilliant entertainment?). Here we also read about present and forthcoming exhibitions, regular city walks of various kinds - which we intend to do, one day! - and we are frequently tempted to wander onto the exhibition floors, now thankfully devoid of the original charmless paraphenalia.

Two current very different exhibitions have disturbed and delighted me.
Disturbing, yet inspiring, is the exhibition of work by the revolutionary artist, first and only Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, Emory Douglas, relating the story of the Panther movement in America, its efforts to gain civil rights for black Americans, the achievements gained and the stunning artwork produced in the process.
In the current climate where much is made of the 'Swinging Sixties' in terms of music, fashion and 'retro' design, it was spine chilling to realise that in parts of America at that time the only swinging some black Americans were doing was from a tree, with a rope around their necks.
A must-see the exhibition, bearing witness to the long road travelled from that point of subjugation and despair to the position of fighting for freedom (the Panthers chose the name because panthers only fight when they are totally cornered) through education, self help and protest.
It was certainly inspirational for me. I have visited a few times, there is so much to learn from it. Sadly it finishes this weekend - get there today, if you can.

Having been inspired, I was to delighted by the exhibition on the 3rd level, 'Hidden Manchester', which did literally take me to other levels - like the top of Manchester Town Hall, and the subterranean abandoned bogs below the cathedral, plus other inaccessible niches we are generally unaware of - the sort of thing I expected to see when I first walked into URBIS. This collection of photographs by Andrew Brooks isn't merely a pictorial record of 'hidden' Manchester but a selection of dramatic visions which are compositions of light and colour making even the bowels of the Arndale centre look exciting.
My parents' generation used to value the quality of a painting by the remark "It's just like a photograph!".
Well in this case they would say of these photographs they're "just like paintings".


BTW:- URBIS is also home to Channel M TV - the local channel which is inaccessible to KK Towers, except via the internet - not my favoured method of viewing, as the computer is in the Ed's 'office' (junk cupboard), which doesn't provided the necessary comforts for telly watching - a comfy sofa, chocolates and a coffee table to rest my feet on - so I don't watch it very much.
I recently sang the above virtues of URBIS to someone who consequently paid a visit, and complained that it was dusty and untidy! I have never noticed that, but if it's true maybe the administration should get the Henry out and tidy the place up a bit, for the more sensitive amongst us..... And I thought I was picky!

Friday, 17 April 2009

The Morning After The Night Before

Back in 1999, I was 11. City were 2-0 down at Wembley and I was crying. I had travelled from Anglesey, from a school trip, to London, before knowing I was going to have to return to a tent full of United fans. United had, a week earlier, won the European Cup, coming back from a goal down in injury time against Bayern Munich, and I was getting myself ready to face the jeers and taunts.

But Horlock scored on 90 minutes. And suddenly, those tears started more. Why did he have to go and do that? City were never going to come back from two goals down. All he had done, the selfish sod, was put more false hope into the crowd's hearts. Belief that something might happen in the five added minutes that would change the score. Change the outcome.

But then, from a long punt forward, the ball lands to Dickov, via a blocked Goater shot. Dickov set his sights and he found the top corner. And the tears carried on. 2-2.

That night was the best atmosphere that The City of Manchester Stadium has ever seen. The team battled hard and played football that was miles better than most of the football I've seen in that stadium. Far better than most of the football I’ve seen them play in my lifetime. They deserved to win the match that night. They deserved, in my albeit biased opinion, to win the tie. But they just, just missed.

Not one player on that pitch didn't give all they had. Elano was a force I don't think I've seen since October 2007. Zabaleta was fierce, Richards was running on empty at the end. Bridge lost a tooth. Onuoha was a beast in the air. Kompany was strong in the tackle and played some superb passes.

Realistically, few of us City fans expected us to get a semi-final place. We hoped and dreamed, but didn't expect. And we came so, so close. We were one goal away from forcing a team who are three points from the top of their league into extra time. A team who, even when playing badly, are better than most of the teams in the Premiership.

In fact, it wasn’t even one goal. It was two inches, twice, from Elano free kicks and one yard on a Caicedo run for an offside goal. And then a whole host of chances that could, and perhaps should, have been goals. On another night, they would have been.

And after Hamburg scored, our hopes were dashed more. 80 minutes to find three goals against a top team. Ten seasons ago, we were 30 seconds away from another season in Division Two. Had we stayed in Division Two, I'm pretty certain we wouldn't be where we are now.

‘Pride in Battle’ is the club’s motto. ‘Superbia in Proelio’. If that night wasn’t pride in battle, then I don’t know what is. Hamburg hadn’t lost away from home in Europe all season. And City were twice inches away from not just beating them away from home, but dumping them out of the competition.

City may well be out of the UEFA Cup, and it doesn’t look like they’ll qualify for it next season. But I don’t care. Normally, after a cup defeat, I usually feel let down. But not this time. We went down fighting and I’m proud, this morning, to call myself a City fan.

I love this club.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

this week

This week
Massive turnout at the Anfield service yesterday. (Wonder why they didn’t play united last Saturday?) Most moving moment was when Leigh MP Andy Burnham mentioned the Prime Minister’s message, loudly booed and followed up with a spontaneous and deafening chant of “Justice for the 96” which the editorial team at KK support totally.
Tonight it’s the return leg with Hamburg. I’ve just about managed to put last week and Fulham behind me. Don’t know what team Hughes is going to put out with injuries ‘n all but whatever let’s hope we do our best, don’t do anything daft, and give it our best shot going for a 2-0 win. If we do go out, well another massive disappointment, but we’ve gone further than we thought we would, we’ve had some good trips, and it’s whetted the appetite of us fans if not the players. Oh and KK 169 is out tonight. Have a good one.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

this week

This Week
Saturdays Guardian had an interesting headline from Daniel Taylor : Ireland directs ire at team-mates after Robinho goes awol again – then goes on to say : though he did not mention Robinho by name, the Brazilian will inevitably be implicated after another listless performance. So there you go, Taylor just makes up a headline to suit the angle he’s after. Pathetic.
Spurs win leapfrogged them above us and Fulham, but a win would have taken us up to 8th place just 3 points behind West Ham, who lost to Spurs, in 7th place.
Sunday mornings Manumirror’s page 52 headline was : We’ll shut you up, Dunne blasts critics, claiming that we’re being laughed at now but that ‘s going to change over the next few years. It didn’t start today though as we went down to an average Fulham side, with an appalling away record. Schoolboy errors from Zab, de Jong (Hamburg saw us coming) and Dunney himself gifting them their three goals. No consolation that it was the first warm matchday for months, and we sold out of KK168 prior to the game. .
Tomorrow it’s the twentieth anniversary of Hillsborough, or, as Neil Shaw puts it, twenty years since Ged Taggart at Blackburn, though it was Machin’s blunder for putting him at right back.
In 1995 as Fan on The Board I like to think I was influential in persuading the City board to pull the game forward at Maine Road to the Friday so the service could take place on the Saturday at Anfield with players present. Sue and I attended the service and hope to be there tomorrow also.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

This week

This week:
Hamburg, good trip, good craic, lousy result. Peculiar team selection and formation, plus injuries leaves us a mountain to climb at COMS for the required 2-0 win.
Fulham tomorrow and here’s the it’s A fix extract :
Cleverly moved to Easter Sunday for TV, and the time is now ten past four?. Disgraceful. : .
Currently they’re in 10th spot with 40 points from 31 games and 0 wins 7 draws and 7 losses away from home. Spurs win today helped them leap frog over both City and Fulham.
Comment : Coupled with their 2-1 win in 2005/06, last seasons win made it their second only win in their last 8 visits. Thankfully they’ve already notched up their first away win of the season, so it’s not going to be down to us this year. Roy Hodgson’s put together a pretty tidy team even though Jimmy Bullard’s no longer there. They’ve just beaten the rags, narrowly lost to Liverpool and will be a stern test for the Blues, even though they’re probably safe already.
West Ham are 7th on 44 points so if we can put a run together they're catchable, have we the balls?

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

this week

Well we lost at Arsenal, and picked up a few injuries so we wait with baited breath regarding thursdays team for Hamburg.
Here's Neil Shaw's he It's a Fix extract from KK 169, now safely at the printers and hopefully out for the home game with Hamburg :

Now here’s a funny thing: the last time Manchester City featured in a UEFA Cup quarter final, Liverpool were League Champions and Hamburg won the German Bundesliga. At the time of writing, both clubs are mounting a late surge for their first title success in decades.
Alternatively, City were knocked out by the eventual winners and didn’t face European opposition for another twenty four years. Clutching at straws is a City specialty, but surely it won’t be 2033 before our next overseas venture?
HSV Hamburg are the only team in Germany to boast continual top flight football since the inception of the Bundesliga in 1963. They have a clock on their website which tallies up the time down to the second that they’ve spent in the Bundesliga! They were formed in 1887 and their logo, Die Raute (The Diamond) is universally recognised. History has it that British sailors first introduced football to Hamburg, as they used to have a kick-about at the waterfront while waiting for their ships to unload.
Indeed the club have an affinity with Rangers dating back to the early seventies and strengthened by Celtic’s link with local rivals St Pauli. The Rangers logo is sometimes unveiled at European away games and there is also a friendship with Hannover who have the same initials HSV.
Current coach is of course Martin Jol
Ground is the HSH Nordbank Arena, capacity 57,274, 50,000 for UEFA games. City get 2,800
City connections are Emile Mpenza, Vincent Kompany and Nigel de Jong
Friendlies were played in 1909/10 a 2-0 (Hamburg Vic?), 2002 and 2008 both 1-0 losses.
Famous players from the Figurini Panini football stickers album include Uwe Seeler, Manfred Kaltz, Horst Hrubesch and a certain Kevin Keegan.
Ironically, considering his reputation for disappearing when the going gets tough, Mighty Mouse is still revered in Hamburg for his battling qualities and never say die attitude.
Hrubesch scored the winning goal for West Germany against Belgium in the final of the 1980 European Championships. He also netted the winning penalty in the dramatic World Cup semi-final shootout against France in 1982.
In 1977 Hamburg defeated Anderlecht 2-0 in the final of the European Cup Winners Cup. Indeed the next ten years provided their most successful period with three Bundesliga titles in 1979, 1982 and 1983.
Hamburg’s finest hour arrived in 1983 when a spectacular Felix Magath volley destroyed Juventus and broke the English monopoly of European success. Hamburg were also the losing finalists against Nottingham Forest in a dreadful 1980 Final.
For those supporters who didn’t attend the friendly fixtures in 2002 and 2008, the nearest station to the stadium is called Stellingen and can be found on the S3 and S23 lines from the Haupbahnof (main railway
station). Be prepared for a good twenty minute walk through dimly lit woodland.
At both the World Cup and the 2008 friendly, there was a fan fest outside the ground selling hot food and
alcohol. Typically, the away section is diagonally opposite your point of arrival.
In 2005 I witnessed a UEFA Cup encounter at the AOL Arena. Ironically, Hamburg’s opponents were Danish in the shape of FC Copenhagen.
Hamburg are commonly known as The Red Shorts and last November I joined their supporters club, in order to obtain tickets for their home fixture against Borussia Dortmund. Not surprisingly, the whole experience proved to be cheaper than watching City at Stamford Bridge.
Hamburg won 2-1 and their star player was the Croatian, Miaden Petric. Together with the Peruvian Jose Guerrero he usually leads the attack. Indeed, it was Guerrero who kick started the Hamburg recovery at Galatasaray (0-0 home, 3-2 away after 0-2) in the previous round. Other star players include Ivica Olic and Marcel Jansen.
Hamburg are impressive, but beatable. They are currently chasing a possible treble, but injuries are beginning to take their toll. Petric is struggling and their Brazilian defender Alex Silva tore his calf muscle during their recent victory at Shalke. More importantly, Hamburg face a tricky fixture at Stuttgart on the Sunday before the second Leg at Eastlands. In true sporting style, I hope Stuttgart kick them to bits.
A night in Hamburg is like Blackpool without the binge drinkers and the fight in the taxi queue. The Germans drink to excess, but somehow the alcohol tends to mellow the soul rather than trigger a violent reaction. Indeed, most Englishmen feel a hint of embarrassment when first exposed to the Stag Night capital of Northern Germany.
For nightlife and exotic cabaret look no further than the notorious Reeperbahn. The prices vary, but after three games in Denmark, most City fans won’t be complaining.
The Ninety Nine Cent Bar speaks for itself, but doesn’t open until 8pm. The other cheap bars are on the side streets opposite St Pauli Theatre. Lucky Star is a dimly lit grunge bar selling bottles of beer for two euro’s. For those arriving on the Wednesday, the best Sports bar in Hamburg is owned by a friendly Portuguese entrepreneur and is situated close to the main railway station.
Overall, HSV Hamburg are my favourite German team and I sincerely hope they win the Bundesliga. Their fans are friendly, but in the words of Howard Kendall, I’m married to Manchester City.
To paraphrase their Club song: Hamburg Forever, but not on April 9th or April 16th.
So there you go. To everyone who's going have a great trip, see you over there and let's hope the Blues can do us as proud as at Schalke

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Robinho is Innocent - OK

Just read on the City web site that the police are to take no further action in the incident involving Robinho and the Leeds night club from January. Let's see if the press give as much coverage to the fact that there is no case to answer for as they did on the allegations. I read that City had major injury worries for the UEFA Cup game following the Arsenal match. Are these just newspaper talk or can anyone confirm it. If there was ever a time we could have done without having serious injuries, this is it. Why didn't MH rest players against the Arse? After all, its not as if we had a cat in hells chance of winning. My son asked me when we last won at Arsenal, even I was shocked when I realised I was 19 years old when we last beat them at Highbury.

Friday, 3 April 2009

this week

This week
International week and most of our boys were on duty – Dunney scoring an early header for ROI, and Fernandez notching one for Switzerland. Craig Bellamy injured playing for Wales, Robinho for Brazil, brief England appearance for SWP and question marks over Bojinov, maybe.
KK 169 is coming along nicely. We’ve done an interview with Mark Radcliffe re his new book recently, and yesterday Big Bob the Blue gave us a guided tour round Risley, where everyone was most courteous.
Tomorrow it’s Arsenal, an early sell out, but we’ve managed to get hold of a couple of tickets. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract :
This season so far : At COMS in November we won 3-0 with goals from Ireland (45) Robinho (56) Sturridge (90 pen) in front of 44,878 (2,842 Arses)
Currently they’re in 4th position with 55 points from 30 games and 8 wins 5 draws and 2 losses at home.
They (their youth team) went out of the Carling Cup at Burnley, and in the FA Cup semi final they face Chelsea. In the Euro Chams Cup they beat Roma, on the pitch and are in the quarter finals.

Our form at Arsenal : Last season it was the customary 1-0 loss in August, though we put in a good performance but with decisions going against us, and Kasper saved a penalty. Crowd was 60,114 (2,990 Blues)
We won 3-2 in ’75, but since the 0-0 in 93/94, we've lost 6, drawn 1-1 in ’05 and lost the last three

Groundwise : It’s our third visit to the Emirates, not as good as Eastlands but not bad. We were in the lower tier and the view wasn’t great last season. Stewards stopped us selling after the game so eyes peeled for your KK’s. Tickets are £32.50, and they sold out quickly, wonder what allocation was requested?
Comment: A graveyard but now their injured players are back their home form has improved so a possibility for a point or three looks ominous. But we have to do something there at some point so why not today?
Emirates Stadium Capacity : 61,000 (3,000 for City)
Stats : 54 pre-war and 97 post make it our 152nd league meeting, and down there post war it’s ;
Played 48 won 4 (’54/555, ’/63, ’71/72, 75/76) drawn 13 lost 31.
Last pot : FA Cup 2005 (beat rags on pens)
WWTWTW Shite : Averaged 23,824 in ‘84/85
Their current home average att: 60,022
Away Day Zines : The Gooner; The North Bank, Highbury High, Up the Arse, Arsenal Mania

The Steve P Routemaster : M6, M1 to jn 2, take A1 Great North Way, then follow signs for Central London onto A406 North Circular, then across A598, then bear right to A1 Falloden Way, continuing along Lyttelton Road, Aylmer Road, and Archway Road then Holloway Road. After passing under the railway bridge by Holloway Road tube station, turn left into A103 Hornsey Road and the Emirates Stadium is on the right. Away end, as at City, is the south-east corner (Drayton Park). Residents-only parking all round.
Park and Ride: Holloway Road tube station is shut for matches; use Arsenal (Piccadilly line) as before. M25 jn 24 then A111 to Cockfosters or Southgate Big car park at Cockfosters station.
From central London by public transport, you can arrive at Drayton Park from Moorgate or Old Street but the last train back is 21 49. Otherwise use Highbury & Islington (Victoria Line) or Arsenal.
Pubs : The Drayton Arms, Drayton Park; White Swan 251-256 Upper Street; Tommy Flynn’s, Holloway Road.