Saturday, 30 May 2009

this week

This week
Well it was a worry. The greatest team united, maybe the world, had ever seen. They would be the only team and manager to win the Euro cup back to back …erm in the modern era. There was never a question that they wouldn’t win it, but the worry was that after scraping through flukily previously, this time they might win it with style. T"he famous man united went to Rome to win the cup, big style they effed it up". Who the…..Just proving the theory that they only win most games with a dodgy penalty or free kick, and at last we’ve finally shamed Fergie into admitting that for once they were beaten by the better (if weakened) team. So there’s a first. Well done Barca, get your shirts on!
Wembley today on a hot day. Not only did they build it in the wrong place, took too long, cost too much, got the wrong colour seats, but they forgot to install air con when the roof closes. Tough luck on Everton, shame for Phil Neville.
So that completes the season, and now summer hols to look forward too, have a good one

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Play on the pitch

Take your chance to “Live the Dream” and support

The New Manchester Children’s Hospital Appeal

For a donation of just £350 you can play in:-

The Legends Match

An afternoon 11- a- side game between two sides each managed by Mike Summerbee and Mike Doyle. You will be provided with full Manchester City kit, which you may keep and will get a full set of team and action photos.
What we want is a goalkeeper and subs.
We’ll accept £150 for a goalkeeper and £75 for subs; game kicks off at 2PM tomorrow, be at the ground by 1:00 PM.


The 6-a –side Team Challenge and Dinner

An evening 6-a-side tournament also played on the pitch with a former Manchester City player managing each of the 16 teams followed by a gala dinner at which there will be speeches, awards and a charity auction.

Features include:
· Meet legends for photo and autograph signings opportunities
· Change in the dressing rooms
· Kit provided
· Run out of the tunnel onto the pitch
· Experience thrill of playing at one of the country’s greatest venues.

Any one who wants to participate must ring me asap with credit/debit card payment.
For further information on this unique opportunity,Call us now Simon Clarke on 0845 888 0002

this week

This week
Firstly, I was telephoned by the BBC to see if I would do a programme from a pub in Manc on united and City’s season. It just happened to be on the night of the Euro Cup final and I told them in no uncertain terms that there was no way I would be in Manc that night (tonight) with those gloating bastards, or risking any abuse I’d get if they lost. Come on Barca.
What a lovely day it was for Bolton, their fans arriving a bit embarrassed in fancy dress. Sadly someone had organised a funfair on the East car park, so the North car park was full of free parkers inconveniencing City fans who had to park miles away. No fun for the elderly, some of whom subsequently gave the game a miss. As for having to see kids in rag shirts walking past - give me strength.
I must give out some admiration here for us Blues on a full house day making it a carnival atmosphere despite the hype of those over the road. Brilliant, we all deserve medals. Surprised but pleased to see SWP on the pitch and was that a hallucination or did Berti appear? Good to see Vlad given an appearance too, and didn’t he look promising? So a neat little win to finish off the season for a change. Cast your mind back a year and we went down 8-1 at ‘Boro who, along with Newcastle have got their cum-uppance.
Gillingham pipped Paul Simmo’s Shrewsbury, Scunny did for Millwall, very funny, and Burnley as Tony has pointed out licked Sheff. U. Any town that bans rag shirts will do for me, so well done to the Clarets.
Mondays manumirror was true to form, this time it was David Anderson’s turn to have a sly snidey dig at our lovely Blues. I’ve e-mailed him and it’s bounced back so I‘ve had to stick it in the post.
Finally the shirt debate. Obviously you can take it from me that the 1955 shirt has never been surpassed, and I have translated the Arabic on the front which quite simply spells ‘Kippax’ True! Oh, and A.I.G probably translates as ‘City’ so that should shut the f**ckers up. Fourth kit will be announced tonight in the unlikely event of Barca beating the Stretford bullies

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Congratulations to Burnley

Congratulations to Burnley Football Club on their promotion to the Premiership. I was at the game at Maine Road when we last played Burnley in the top flight, a 0-0 draw if I remember correctly. Wasn't this also the season that Burnley beat us in the Charity Shield game at Maine Road, 1-0? They sank even lower than we did and it wasn't long ago that the club faced relegation from the football league and were only saved on the last day of the season. Just goes to show there is always someone worse off than you.

This is the new kit...... I think

Ok, So I guess the image below is a fake. Quite a shame really. I sort of preferred that one :-(

Above, you can see what is supposed to be the new city kit alongside the second kit (L) and third kit (R)

Oh, By the way... does anyone REALLY know what ETIHAD means? Ask any Arabic mates you have and let us know

Monday, 25 May 2009

The New City Kit

As seen on
Blue is the colour: Apparently the new Manchester City home shirt
The usual sky blue, if the shade is a little more eye-catching (which City hope to be next season), with white on the top of the sleeves.
The Etihad Airways logo, appropriately enough the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is arguably a classier replacement for package holiday company Thomas Cook across the centre of the jersey, while the badge is in traditional position across the left breast after a stint in the middle.
Any Comments about this shirt?

Saturday, 23 May 2009

This week

This week
Spurs was a decent trip and we are indebted to Christine and Raymond for their hospitality. I had a Spurs arse come up to me whilst selling “ope you’re ganna pat samfing in der about your fans supposedly being de best in the cantry but sending tickets back? I tried to explain in a gentlemanly fashion, my speciality, “don’t rise your ‘and at me “ he said. He wasn’t having any so I’m afraid I had to tell him to fack off. Then I realised that we’d already explained in ‘It’s a Fix’ the situation, so if he’d bought a zine (??!!) he’d have understood. Must say that I was surprised to find that we’d got part of the top tier too, but still a smaller allocation than normal.
First half we were absolutely dire. Their goal was offside. described in the Manumirror as a Tevez type backheel. Eh? Surely there’s only ever been one backheel of note.
1974 vintage. Then they got a didgy pen and Benjani missed a sitter.
Monday’s manumirror didn’t disappoint with a vitrioic article by Tony Galvin, taking over from MacDonnell as prick of the season.
Sunderland’s loss at Pompey meant that they’re still in the mire and everyone’s worried that the rags will deliberately lose on Sunday at Hull like they did to West Ham and Derby that time. No wonder everyone hates them.
Liverpool had the luck at West Brom which put the Baggies down, and in the UEFA final (sob) Shaktar beat Werder Bremen 2-1 in extra time aided by a late disallowed goal. Platini was smiling as he handed out the medals to the team in orange shirts (sob again) owned by a multi billionaire, which is fine unless it’s us, of course.
Hughes is staying, Ireland could sign a new contract and Sturridge will be leaving. Oh and united are going to dominate Europe just like they did in 1968 and 1999.
Bolton tomorrow, carnival atmosphere, SWP out again awaiting a knee operation, here’s the It’s A Fix extract : This season so far : Over at the Reebok in November it was a 2-0 defeat, Gardner notching in the 76th, and Dunney sealing it in the 88th with an own goal, when it looked like we’d get a point. Crowd was 21,095 with only 2434 Blues owing to Gartside’s ridiculous ticketing arrangements.
Currently they’re in 13th place with 41 points from 37 games and 4 wins 3 draws and eleven losses away from home. They went out of the Carling Cup 2-1 at home to Northampton, and the F.A. Cup 2-1 away to Sunderland.

Our form at home v Bolton : Last season we managed a 4-2 win. We went ahead through Bianchi in the 7th minute, but fell behind to goals from Diouf in the 31st and Nolan in the 40th. We were back in it with an own goal from Mikhaik in the 48th then two late ones from Vassell in the 87th and Etuhu in the 90th making the points safe for the Blues. Crowd was 40,056 (1,986 Trotters) That win put an end to Wanderers sequence of winning the previous three at COMS when we couldn’t even score a goal. Give young Lewis Burfield, one of the mascots a big cheer.

Comment : No draws at home this season, and none since 1958/59 (3-3) at home to Bolton. We know what we’re up against so let our skill win the day. A win or a draw could put us up to 9th if West Ham lose, but a loss could mean a drop to 11th if Stoke win.

Wind Ups : OK they’re a small town in Horwich/Bury and have the cheek to think they hate united as much as us - but let’s have some joint anti rags stuff eh?

STATS : 48 pre-war, and 57 post make it our 106th league meeting & post war in Manc. it’s : Played 28, won 15 drawn 4 lost 9
Their current home average : 22,243
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 4,847 in 85/86

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Here we go Again

I notice that Paddy Power, the bookmaker is taking bets not on whether Manchester United will win the Champions League final, but in what way fate will decree that they win it this time round. The betting that I saw was as follows.

evens - Barcelona will miss a penalty in the last minute and United will score with shots one and two in extra time.

2-1 - The Barcelona goalkeeper go blind due to a genetic virus causing him to fumble a Ronaldo free kick, allowing Rooney to score in extra time.

5-1 - The ghost of Matt Busby and all those who perished at Munich will form an invisible wall in front of Van der Sar, meaning that despite their 107 attempts at goal, the Spaniards don't score.

10-1 The Barcelona team will be sucked into a worm hole, leaving player of the year, Ryan Giggs (making in his 15th start of the season) to run 110 yards and score the 2009 goal of the century.

20-1 The Barcelona team contract swine flu and run around squealing like pigs whilst Ronaldo falls over himself chasing Wayne Rooney (obvious mistake that one) - anyway United still win.

1000-1 United win fair and square without any help from ghosts, players having heart attacks just as they are about to take penalties, balloons on the pitch, alien invasions etc.

Friday, 15 May 2009

This week

This week
It’s been the usual hectic fanzine weekend, interrupted by the O/T derby where we contained them pretty well apart from a couple of lapses, but no penetration. Didn’t see any bother meself but I understand it got a bit nasty in the cramped exits from the Swamp and Warwick Road in particular. The tackiness of the place never ceases to amaze. Theatre of Dreams, glamour club, don’t make me laugh. Ugliness personified and did you see ONE normal looking person in red? No, neither did I.
We attended the meeting at Reddish branch ably run by ‘Sir’ Howard Burr and the club were represented by Nigel de Jong, Garry Cook, Danny Wilson and Vicky Kloss. There was a great turn out and it was an enjoyable and informative meeting. Nigel came over really well and Garry Cook's learnt a lot this year.
Picked up the zines on Thursday afternoon, then off out to see a Pink Floyd tribute band, who were excellent. We’re off down to the smoke today so subs and outlet distribution won’t be until Monday I’m afraid.
Anyway here’s the It’s a Fix extract :
This season so far : At COMS in November it was an extremely disappointing 2-1 loss, particularly after Robinho put us ahead after 16 minutes. Spurs equalised through Bent after 27 minutes and then he put them ahead in the 64th. Dunney and Fernandez got themselves sent off followed by Ekotto for Spurs but in truth it wasn’t a dirty game. Crowd was 41,893, with 2,613 Spuds
They recovered from a terrible start under Ramos (ironic that Martin Jol’s done so well at Hamburg) and after appointing ‘arry, have crept up the table and are currently in 8th place with 48 points from 36 games and 9 wins 5 draws and 4 defeats at home. In the Carling they lost on pens to the rags in the Final, went out of the F.A.Cup 2-1 at O/T, and opted out of UEFA, so should they be allowed in if they make the 7th spot?

Our Form at Spurs Last season we lost 2-1 at WHL in December to a Chimbonda (scoring an offside/handball) goal in the 44 th minute, Bianchi equalising in the 61st minute with a great header. Then Ireland was sent off and they promptly got the winner through Defoe in the 83rd minute. Crowd was 35,646 with 2,508 Blues.
WHL used to be one of our favourite away trips, but after our 1-0 win in 91/92 we went 5 games without a win until the 2-0 in ’03. Since then we’ve had a draw and four 2-1 defeats, a league cup loss and an F.A.Cup win (4-3!!).
Wind Ups : 3-0 up and you f**ked it up …but they still go on about that bloody Ricky Villa goal, 25 years ago, give it a rest. Now it’s “you won 4-3 and won eff-all”
White Hart Lane Capacity ; 36,257 (1,800 for City!)
Groundwise: No change to the Lane since our last visit. It’s been developed impressively, though the capacity’s only 36,000, but generates a great atmosphere. We’ll be in our usual corner, lower tier only, tickets (£32.30) weren’t selling well so City turned down the extra allocation?.
Apparently there’s a plan to redevelop the whole ground to increase the capacity to 60,000 and local properties are being bought up to accommodate..

Comment : Could be a crunch game for two of the teams chasing 7th place. It’s Spurs' last home game so the atmosphere will be cracking, until we knock them out of their stride.
Robbie Keane is always their man to watch but they’ve plenty of other options and the way they cracked at O/T recently gives a glimmer of hope for the Blues, especially if Corluka has a lazy day and Gomez an eccentric one!.

STATS: 28 pre-war and 91 post-war make it our 120th league meeting and at the Lane post-war it’s:-
Played 45 Won 12 Drawn 12 and lost 21.
Where were they when they were shite? Averaged 20,859 in 85/86, so not bad.
Their current home average: 35, 930
Away Day Zines: My Eyes Have Seen The Glory, One Flew over Seaman’s Head.(?)
The Steve Parish Routemaster: M6, M1, M25 to jn 25, A10 toward London, cross A110, road bends right twice then to left. Turn left at lights, B154 Church Street, to Edmonton Green, turn right into A1010 Fore Street, and continue into High Road to ground on left (behind Paxton Road). Expensive but nearby parking at school on right, otherwise pot luck on side streets. Could get a quick getaway if their crowd stays in at the end.
Pubs: The Antwerp in Church road, The Park by the station, The Three Compasses in Queen Street.

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Firstly I forgot to mention pal Joey at Liverpool. Looks like he’s finished at Newcastle, and his career could be over, unless big Sam steps in again!
Todays Guardian had a good interview with Nigel de Jong, who’s confident about tomorrow.
Today we were looking forward to a Liverpool win at West Ham, which we got, meaning that the rags can’t clinch the title tomorrow, and we stay above West Ham. We wanted Villa to win at Fulham, which they didn’t, and Everton to beat Spurs, which was a draw. So that means we’re in tenth place, but a win over the rags will put us up to seventh place, and why not?
Here’s the It’s A Fix Extract for tomorrow :
This season so far : At COMS in November they caught us on the hop after our win in Germany over Schalke. Frankly we didn’t turn up and Hart popped one up for Rooney to follow up and score in the 42 minute.
Ronaldo was sent off, eventually for deliberate hands, though he should have walked earlier for fouls on SWP, and sarcastic applause for referee Howard Webb, and you should have heard the excuses.
They’re currently in second spot with 80 points from 34 games and 15 wins 1 draw and 1 loss at home. In the Carling they beat Spurs on penalties to win it.
In the Chumps league they’ve reached the final v Barca. In the F.A. Cup they lost to Everton in the semi-finals on penalties, so they’re not on for five trophies this season (Fergie out!). It is however the same old story of dubious penalties, off side goals, intimidation of officials, wind ups, media bias, tapping up of players, Fergie time, sulks, tantrums and now spitting, in fact every dirty snidey trick in the book to gain an advantage. They really are despicable.

Our form at the Liverpool Warehouse in Trafford : Last season we won 2-1 much to the media’s disgust in an impeccable performance on and off the field, despite severe provocation. Vassell opened the scoring in the 25th minute and new signing Benjani made it two just before half time. Carrick scored a 90th minute consolation for them as we got bored so six easy points for the season. Pity other clubs couldn’t have taken advantage. 75,970 (3,022 Blues) This probably prompted Fergie to suggest that “money isn’t everything”
That made it 4 draws and a win in the last 7 lg visits.

Comment : Strong and expensive squad, but rely on refereeing decisions. First time they got decent ones v Liverpool and Fulham they had players sent off and lost. Says it all really. Don’t forget that it’s exactly 51 years 3 months and a couple of days since Munich so that should be worth some media vitriol against us. We can do it, c’mon City

Groundwise : Record attendance is still 76,962 for the Wolves v Grimsby semi-final in 1939. It’s ugly, but we made it beautiful in our corner between the main and north stand at the last derby, so let’s do it again.
Old Trafford, Capacity : 76,000 (still only 3,000 for City)
Stats : 44 pre-war, and 95 post make it our 140th league meeting, and at O/T post war it’s : Played : 47 won 9 drawn 18 lost 20, so 27 results to their 20.
Last pot : Do we care? Are we bovvered?
Their current home average att : 75, 270
WwtwtwShite : Averaged 11, 685 in 1930/31
Away Day Zines ; united We Stand, Red Issue, Red News, Red Shite, Red Toss, Red Cheats
Pubs/parking/route : You know the drill by now?!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Reddish branch

The next meeting of the Reddish Branch of the Centenary Supporters Association is next Wednesday 13th May at Reddish Working Mens Club, Greg Street, Stockport starting at (doors 7.00pm).
Our confirmed guests are Nigel de Jong and senior officials from the Club.
Admission, which includes a free raffle, is free to Branch Members and just £2 for adult non-members and £1 for juniors.
You're advised to get there early as we're expecting a full house.
As always everyone is welcome.

This week

This week:
Blackburn at home and a bit of a tedious game in the end but another welcome win – our fourth on the trot, and there’s not been many of them.
Elsewhere, Fulham lost at Chelski, West ‘am won at Stoke, and Spurs beat Albion, so that put us up to 8th spot and just a point behind West Ham. in 7th place.
The rags won at ‘Boro, though how they got away with a double handball in the box is anyones guess.
The manumirror was quite reasonable to City on the Sunday but on the Monday David McDonnell, far and away, KOTK’s prick of the season, couldn’t help himself, having a go, and this time at Elano in particular.
European week of course and the rags won at Arsenal who were pitiful, players falling over in the box and falling asleep at free kicks. Media’s made a big deal of it but don’t forget that WE beat Arsenal 3-0 this season. On the Wednesday morning got an early knock on the door and guess who? Yup the ‘Golbourne Gob’ postie and worst form of rag imaginable. Haven’t seen him since the Munich derby but there he was on my doorstep trying to talk to me about the rags. As if I’m interested, as if anyone’s interested. Fletcher was rightly sent off for taking the ball and man which they’re appealing against. If they win this one it will prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the whole thing is a fix and we all might as well all stay at home.
Chelsea were robbed in the other semi, having three pens turned down and got a bit rag style nasty at the end.
Over in Germany Werder Bremen went through at Hamburg, ballongate style, and will play S. Dometsk in the final, oh what might have been!

Friday, 1 May 2009

this week

This week
Saturday morning dawned with the Guardian’s Daniel Taylor taking the opportunity to have a pop at our Blues regarding a training ground bust up between Hughes and Micah. Something of nothing we were told, as the youngster was picked to play at Goodison. A lorry had ploughed into a house on Walton Road, but it didn’t affect our journey and we parked in the Stanley Park car park and had a sandwich in the park whilst watching youngsters kick a ball about. One of them had a rag shirt on, so shame on you Liverpool.
Felt reasonably confident before the game (honest) before taking up our position in the lower restricted view area of the Bullens in the shade. Hey, we looked pretty solid and Robbie, with the night club incident now off his shoulders, and playing freely, clocked in a beauty. Second half aways haven’t been good but Superman popped in the second and we strolled to victory despite a late scare during the seven minutes of injury time. Some good chants from City – "we’ve got Robinho, you’ve got Phil Neville", and "Istanbul, Istanbul we’re not coming" …. Everton were quiet.
Both sets of fans were let out at the same time and I didn’t see any bother Evertonians still basking in the glory of their cup run no doubt.
Sunday dawned and I wondered if we could get a decent write up in the press? The Observer put a stop to that with a piece on the torture video involving the half brother of Sheikh Mansour, from ‘before 2005’
Elsewhere the manu farce continued with them 2-0 down and out to Spurs when Howard Webb, of all people, succumbed to Fergie’s bullying and awarded them a ridiculous penalty even by rag standards, which changed the game. As it happens the rags win MAY have done us a favour. Fulham beat Stoke and West Ham lost to Chelsea, putting us into 9th place with 44 points, just three off the 7th spot.
Mondays manumirror (David Maddock) couldn’t resist a dig saying “they were not as poor as usual away from home, and could actually give the ball to their talisman for a change”
If you thought that the rags’ penalty was farcical, then it was followed up by Ryan (12 starts) Giggs getting Players Player Of the Year. I jokingly said that he’ll be getting knighted next and fuck me if there’s not a campaign going on for just that. How long can this keep going on and no wonder EVERYONE hates them?
Ashley Young got Young Player instead of Stevie Ireland and the votes were cast in February, which is daft.
Attended a ‘do’ at Lancs CCC on the Monday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our cup win in 1969, which was very enjoyable, then it was the POB meeting on Thursday. More on that when I get round to it!
So, tomorrow it’s T’Rovers, who had a good win over Wigan last weekend and here’s the It’s A Fix extract :

This season so far : Over there in December they went 2-0 up through McCarthy in the 44th minute and Roberts in the 84th and looked to have won it with the crowd chanting Hughesy, Hughesy what’s the score. City had different ideas though and stormed back with goals from Sturridge in the 88th minute and Robinho in the 90th to ram their chants back down their throats which is always nice.
Currently they’re in 15th place with 37 points from 34 games and 4 wins 4 draws and 9 losses away from home.
They went out of the Carling Cup at O/T, and to Coventry in the F.A. Cup.
Our form in Manc v Blackburn : At COMS last December (2007) it was a 2-2 draw, Vassell opened the scoring in the 27th minute with Santa Cruz promptly equalising. Then Nelson put through his own net on 30 minutes before Cruz got a controversial equaliser on 84 minutes. Crowd was 42,112 with 2160 Rovers)
Since our 2-0 win here in 1999/2000 it’s been five draws and one loss.
Comment : Struggled at the start of the season under Ince (boo) but have picked up the points steadily since Sam took over and look to be safe. Nothing much else to say about t’Rovers really, no great rivalry with City or the fans, though they’re still smartin over Mark Hughes coming to us. Again, we’re due a win
Stats : 60 pre war and 45 post make it our 106th league meeting and in Manc. post war it’s :
Played : 22 won 9 drawn 6 lost 7
Their current home average : 23,244
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 5,826 in ‘85/86