Friday, 12 June 2009

New Man United Song

To the tune of Volare

When the ball hits the goal, it’s not Giggs it’s not Scholes - or Ronaldo

Monday, 8 June 2009

this week

This week
International day and how ironic that we managed only a couple of goals from headers this season and at the highest level we’ve notched two on the same night- Gareth Barry scoring England’s first and Dunney Ireland’s - sweetly outjumping the O/T sulk to put them ahead.
Michael Calvin’s turn in the manumirror to have a pop at City, this time over Gareth Barry’s wages, which are apparently upsetting everyone in the UK except the likes of Ferdinand, Rooney, Ronaldo, Lampard, etc. I’ve e-mailed him so we’ll see what response we get.
Onto the ‘us and them’ KOTK special – I’ve completed the research on the 140 odd teams we’ve played competitively and I’m now fleshing out with contributors stories generally as printed in KK 170 as a guide
At the mo I’m a bit short of B’s (Birmingham, Blackburn etc) C’s, P’s, S’s and W’s so if you’ve got owt on those please send them in. I’ve got a bit of a lull before the next zine so I’m working frantically on this special (bugger doing the kitchen etc) Hopefully if and when when it’s published I’ll be able to recompense contributors after expenses are forked out!
Anyway off for a bit of a rest now, will blog again in a couple of weeks

Thursday, 4 June 2009

this week

This week
Attended the funeral of Stephen Hewitt which was very sad. Stephen was only 45 and it’s difficult to comprehend that he won’t be around any more and there’ll be no more of his contributions to KK.
In the evening I was invited along with others to a pre-view of the new City shirts. Garry Cook led the proceedings and it does look as if the club are making an attempt to connect with City fans who have been banging away on various topics over the years. A very impressive presentation was given and the three shirts on display do look very smart, but not out until mid July, so too late for our hols.
We also got the news about Gareth Barry which delighted everyone – our next captain? Why not.
As for Daniel Sturridge well the Academy staff despaired of him some time ago. Yes he’s got potential, and Chelsea may bring that out of him but at City he was too happy to cry off with the slightest injury, imagined or otherwise, so if he does spend time on the bench at Chelsea he’ll be quite happy. A complete arse.
Did an interview for TV, haven’t seen it though, I never do, then popped up to the Social for a coffee and the whole unit is closed for refurb – the museum, the Social and the store – there’s a temporary one outside the ticket office. Sadly the B of the Bang is on its way out. Moscow State circus is up and running in the East car park, Oasis are on at Heaton Park and we’re linked with the Wolfsburg striker. Sign em both, they looked good in the title clincher v Bremen. So things are looking promising. Good that we’ve signed a class player without having weeks of speculation and procrastination.
David Anderson of the manumirror phoned me up after my e-mail tirade for a chat so hopefully their City coverage will improve!?
Sean tells me we’ve got Rangers away on August the 5th . So if it’s true it should be good. Keep The Faith, and keep posting, I read every one.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A message to Danny Sturridge

I understand that Daniel Sturridge has been signed by Chelsea today for free - Thanks Bosman you prat. I can't find anything on the City web site, but if this is correct then can I just say to Danny, on behalf of all blues that I hope you enjoy your stay on the Chelsea bench, if you actually get that far. OK, you are probably thinking F**k You, Tony as I am now being paid £60000 per week to do nothing. All I know is that when I was at school and pretending I was a goalkeeper, I would rather turn out for the under 12's second team and get a game than go along with the first team and stand around. If you are simply motivated by money then you and Chelsea deserve each other. MH has given you a fair crack this season. Look at players like Johnson, Ireland, Onuoha and Richards who are all recent youth academy players and who are first team regulars, you had more chance of making it with us than at Chelsea.

Phew... ETIHAD does NOT mean "United"

It's very trivial, of course, but some City fans have been perplexed by the true english translation of the arabic ETIHAD, the clubs reported new sponsor. Especially as some have given "United" as the correct translation.

I guess many fans could not be seen walking round on match day with "United" blazened across their chest. Rightly so, methinks.

I decided to e-mail my mate Ashraf, born, bred and raised in the UAE for a definitive answer. Does it mean "United", "Unity", "Union" or something else? Here is his reply.....

the word "Etihad" means Union....variations of the word mean slightly
different words...."United" from the name of the country United Arab Emirates is
written a slightly different variation of the word Etihad to mean united, which
is a variation of Union...

I'm taking, from this, that "Etihad", written in it's native Arabic, has slight variations to the word and I'm trusting my mate Ashraf that our version, ie the Airline, means nothing more sinister than "Union".

So, if it happens, you can wear your shirt with pride!!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Stephen Hewitt

We have recently been informed that fanzine contributor and City fan Stephen Hewitt passed away at 6am on Sunday morning May 24th after a massive seizure. Stephen returned to the KotK fold this season after contributing to other City zines, notably BTH and his witty and sometimes biting humour will be sorely missed.
The funeral will take place at 10.30am tomorrow, Tuesday June 2nd at Rochdale Crem. Directions are junction 20 off M62, down to the traffic lights, straight on and up to the next set of lights approx ½ mile turn left and sharp right which takes you into the Crem. All are welcome and the wearing of blue or City ties would be appreciated.