Friday, 31 July 2009

this week

This week
Just a quickie to confirm that the magnifico KK 171 is out tomorrow at Barnsley, in all its majesty, some 21 years after it was first introduced in erm Barnsly. So we’re quite proud of that, what!
Sounds like Lescott could be staying at Everton, so we’re now looking elsewhere and no doubt, just like Terry he’ll be absolutely gutted.
Heard Ian (the nut) Holloway saying on Sky that City have"no tradition” Well we would NEVER say that about Blackpool Ian and it’s up to us to tell him so, and we will. Shouldn’t the interviewer put him right, or did he give the answer that was wanted?
So, off to Barnsley tomorrow, see you there

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

this week

This week
Well the boys have been in South Africa, but sorry Gary (Cook) typical City, we didn’t quite manage to win the trophy! Nice touch with Nelson Mandela. Now back to reality and what a joy to see Fergie wound up. Mind games, well he lost this one hands down to Leslie. Funny all that criticism for Keegan that time and Benitez but when Fergie does it not a peep from those fawning journalists.
Watched a bit of Celtic yesterday beating Spurs 2-0 with Willo Flood and goals from Chris Killen and Georgios, it will be nice to see them next week back at COMS. Today John Terry’s turned us down, nicely, so we’re looking elsewhere.
Well KK 171’s at the printers and should be out for the Barnsley friendly on Saturday. 52 pages again, after a monumental effort from our contributors and some really good stuff as you’d expect. Sadly, after the year John Burfield has had his dad has now died and I’m sure you’ll share with us our offer of condolencies to John and his family.

Barca Friendly : Spike, further to the recent European jaunts, is doing a day trip for the Barcelona friendly. Cost is £269 per person. depart Manchester 07.30 hours arrive Barcelona 10.30 hours transfers airport – stadium- -airport – back to Manchester after game. Contact Spike on 0771 0026300

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Loyalty Pledges

Those good old comedy writers over at Old Trafford have been busy writing some new material for the clubs comedians again this week. This time it was the turn of Teshin Nayani, a spokesman for the Glazier brothers, who said "Ferguson has about £60 million to spend if he can find players with the right mentality. The manager has a significant amount of money to invest if he wants to. The delay is because he has not been able to locate the players that he believes fit the Manchester United mindset - ones who are motivated to play for the club. You don't want mercenaries or to pay over the odds for players who are not willing to give their all." I see, so a certain Mr Rooney, who pledged his future to his beloved Everton one minute but couldn't run down the East Lancs Road fast enough when Fergie waved a wad of money in his face, is playing for United because he always supported them. And what of a certain Dimitar Berbatov, who was quite happily playing for Tottenham until United came knocking at his door. he also deserted Tottenham because he had always wanted to play for the reds. Then there is Rio Fiftygrand who is about as loyal as a feral cat. All three are hated by fans of their previous clubs because they deserted them after pledging allegiance and undying love. Sometimes I wonder if Fergie and United spokesmen are taking the p**s. I am beginning to believe that they are genuinely rattled.

Monday, 20 July 2009

This summer

This summer
Well it’s almost over, the close season that is. Some more exciting buys – Tevez and Adebayor – the bloke I gave the V’s to at The Emirates when he scored. Wonder if Noel G did too? We’re still after Terry and Lescott, so we just need two full backs and we should be OK!
At the mo we’re putting together the next KOTK, 44 pages so far so you’ll have to be quick if you want something in.
Been busy on the ‘Us V Them’ special. Just about done all the research and had a good response on fans stories so just about there now, except for editing, illustrations etc. Thanks to everyone.
Quite positive pieces in the Observer by Paul Wilson and Paul Hayward. Patrick Collins in the Sunday Mail continued with the (yawn) preservation of the big four campaign. Obviously I had to e-mail him on the subject and he got a bit prickly. What about that Diane Cooke in the MEN? Didn’t like the Tevez poster. Wouldn’t be a bitter rag would she? I think we need to know! Believe the Doves gig went down well, despite the weather. I see we lost to the Pirates, let’s hope we do better against the Chiefs. Hmm Sturridge scored for Chelsea and Jo got a couple for Everton. So what will the next few days bring? Hopefully a flurry of defenders.
Stay happy and excited, I think I'll set off for Blackburn tomorrow!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Now that's funny

What were the names of those two guys who used to write the routines for Morecombe and Wise a few years ago? I assumed that they were either dead or at best retired, but it seems that they are both still hard at work, providing material for Sir Alex Ferguson. Fergie, today hit out at the ridiculously high transfer fees being paid by clubs. Strangely enough, the biggest transfer fee paid by a club to date is £80 million, paid to Manchester United. There is no doubt that if any budding comedians out there are looking for a guy to play the role of "straight man" then SAF is the man for the job. Anyone who can deliver such comments with a straight face, would surely have no trouble taking a custard pie in his face.

Monday, 6 July 2009

City Terry-fied?

So, now that Wimbledon’s over, the whole country can remember that they never really liked Andy Murray anyway and that he was never realistically going to win it, and we can get back to the proper order of the day: Football.

The trouble is, not a lot happens during the close season that we can get excited about. Well, not unless you’re a Manchester City fan, anyway. And even then, I wouldn’t say I was excited. More… angry.

In true ‘just after Wimbledon’ style, me and a few friends played tennis on Monday – it’s fair to say that, while we all might have more of a personality than he does, Andy Murray is a bit better than we are. But only a bit – after all, one of us managed not to double fault for a whole game.

Anyway, while I was picking everyone up the radio was on and the discussion on the station I was listening to – and it would be unprofessional of me to give away their name on the internet: the last thing I want to do is libel them, but let’s just say they’re a talk station and the subject is mainly sport – was of John Terry transferring to Manchester City. Of course, it would be an excellent move for City, but would Mr. Chelsea himself ever decide to leave his club? More than likely, no.

As a talking point, you can’t fault it – Chelsea fans will spend their cash ringing in and complaining about City continuing to pursue a target, while City fans will spend their money phoning up arguing that it’s the club’s right. It’s a very clever money making scheme this unnamed sporting talk radio station uses: say something controversial and get people’s opinions on it for high rates.

But here’s the thing – the transfer of Terry isn’t particularly controversial. I doubt there’s one City fan alive who wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. It’d certainly surprise this one. City’s bids haven’t been controversial to say the least – cheeky, yes; audacious, most definitely; controversial, not really.

You see, my gripe is that a lot of the pundits on such radio shows suggest that players are moving to City for the money. Whether or not this is true can only be determined by one person – the player himself – so it’s a bit of a pointless debate to be having. But what irks me most about this line of argument is not the suggestion that all those moving to City are mercenaries, but that they’re moving to a club with no history who just happen to have got a bit of money.

City are a brilliant club. Those of you suggesting the club has no history, I’d point you in the direction of this link. Just because we have won no major honours in the last three decades does not indicate a lack of history. Hadrian’s Wall hasn’t been up to much lately, but it’s certainly got something significant going on in its past.

City have been league champions. City have won cups. Ok, it’s not as many as some other clubs, but the sole reason why the four at the top of the Premiership keep finishing there is the fact that there has been so much money available to them since BSkyB wanted a bit of the football cake.

It’s a vicious circle – you qualify for the Champions League and get a ton of cash, so you can buy players to qualify for the Champions League. Everyone else has to feed off the scraps that are left, but that’s ok because the top four can keep qualifying for the Champions League.

Up until 2007, City had a pittance to spend. If they spent it wrong, as they usually did – see Samaras – then there isn’t a stream of funds available to correct the error. For years the top four have had this ability that nobody else has. It’s not City’s fault that transfer fees are as high as they are for mediocre players, it’s those that have gone before them; yet that won’t stop radio stations, TV networks and the print media telling us we’re offering stupid money.

Debating the morality of City’s transfer bids, but not doing so for any other team in the past – AC Milan have smashed the world record transfer fee more than any other club and they’ve been propped up Abramovic-style for years, the English transfer record has been smashed by Manchester United on, no less, Andy Cole, Juan Sebastian Veron and Rio Ferdinand, but that’s ok – after all, United got lucky and won the Premiership at the right time to reap the massive Sky based rewards with a youth team they were fortunate graduated at once (incidentally, I don’t see that much coming out of their youth policy since).

City can bid high money for John Terry. There’s nothing wrong with them doing it and if Chelsea accept the bid, then it’s up to Terry to choose. If Chelsea or he refuse, then it won’t happen. Simple, really, but that won’t stop people making it much more complicated than it is.

David Mooney

These weeks

Just had time to attend Steve Parish’s big birthday (don’t ask!) bash before jetting off for a couple of weeks in Cuba, a relatively rag free zone, just one shirt on an unsuspecting kid in Havana, so not only did Fidel get rid of the mafia, but he’s almost had a clean sweep on the rags. Che Guevara, by the way, once edited a rugby fanzine in the 50’s called ‘Tackle’ ! We had a fine moment in Santa Clara when we boarded Louis’ cycle taxi “where you from” “Manchester” “ah Manchester, Manchester City” We were gobsmacked. “Oh, don’t you like football” “ yes, we’re City” we said, as I flashed my City medallion at him. So he got a big tip. Lovely people them Cubans.
Sadly, on the flight home, there was this two-ish year old kid in front of us who screamed all the way back to Manchester, for nearly nine hours. Not the kids fault, I blame the parents. When his mum, gawd bless her, picked it up to embark it was adorned in, and I kid you not, Man U regalia. Typical. Should they be allowed to have kids? No.
And what’s been going on at City? Roque’s been signed and there’s talk of Eto’o, Tevez, Lescott, and Terry, as part of the Sturridge deal. As always we wait with baited breath, excitedly.
Over the road they’ve made the Ralph Milne signing of the century, yet again, Michael Owen, and according to the manumirror he’s “better than Tevez” but football isn’t ruined by the rags not paying a fee to Newcastle, or is it a farce like the Kaka deal was, apparently>
Team full of scousers, they’re just a team full of scousers.
We’ve had the Confederation Cup starring Robinho and Elano, England u-21’s starring Joe Hart, on loan to Brum, and sadly missed in the final, Nedum and Micah. I’ve lost track of England but we’re nearly there surely, what a difference a manager makes!
The new City website is up and running, and looks good, for which we attended a preview, the club making an effort now to involve fans, fair do's. Chris Bailey, a new employee of the club was present having left the MEN and jokingly I asked if Stuart Brennan would be taking over as City correspondent. Incredibly, the man who has been ‘prick of the month’ in KK for more issues than I care to remember, for his pro rag anti City bias, who, if I was twenty years younger would have twatted on sight, IS the new City man, so far. Unbelievable. Well as Stuart Mathieson is a Blue they would surely have been better doing a role reversal.
Anyone else spot the manumirror putting in a pic of the wrong Arab Sheik? Sloppiness personified!
Also Eastlands has been flooded, and the B of the Bang is sadly no more.
Friendlies – the boys are off to South Africa soon, and after clinching Barnsley and Rangers away we’ve got Celtic coming to COMS. Can’t be bad.
Cheers, Dave

Friday, 3 July 2009

What a difference a day makes

Last year United fans had a giggle at our expense because we aimed for Kaka and got Bellamy. What a difference a day makes, from Ribery to Owen in 24 hours. - He who laughs last etc

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

All seems to have gone quiet on the Tevez and Eto'o signing front. The Eto'o saga is an interesting one. Barcelona clearly want to cash in on him, but the player is in no hurry to leave and would rather see out his contract. A compromise between the two clubs is the likeliest outcome as in another year he may be a free agent, but he will be nearer to 30 years. Anyone heard any more on either signings?